The Viral Violence Videos

What is the Truth



Written Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick Day 


   Events now being captured are showing America the ugliness between the races and themselves. The gang attack in McDonalds in Brooklyn shows no regard for life as this incident with the right blow could have went from assault to murder. Now in Indianapolis another attack against a teenager and her little brother and this is the news. Now if I was a leader in the Black community I would have my face plastered against this. The powers to be allow the natural to happen, but facilitate the information to cause division to go viral. This is the plan. You have been warned and still your minds do not comprehend the total picture. Are you blind? It is no mistake that any injustice will be seen by all.

   How many of these high profile incidents will you let go by before the abuse explodes and you will shout race again as events explode out of control in a backlash? You should stand for what is right no mater where the chips fall because, all in America is watching, and they see your leadership as offering lip service. Again, choose your battles wisely. No one should witness a child being thrown to the ground as all watch. This is a disgrace to this nation. This is a disgrace that this child of color has no morals pointing to the parents or lack of. This is a disgrace in the eyes of God. And of course, the preachers who are screaming from the pulpit about sin for all to hear covertly want to increase revenue to their coffers are mostly silent.

   If you are a civil rights activist, it is up to you change the flavor of this nation. Oh, it is not your problem, but the parents as all know most are working to put food on the table and they, the children are raise by reality TV. This is another problem as ratings and money let the Blacks sort out the morals on their own. News flash, it is not working.

   I see almost all taking a safe approach. Again I ask, when Martin Luther King sought to change things he faced death and you face embarrassment, know the difference. The tipping point is fast approaching and again few of you are listening. Where are the leaders to shut this down? I ask, all point their cameras to film, but no one steps up for justice and human decency? Have we as a nation of many races let a certain element get out of control?

   This is not about race as there is good and bad in all and when you die God does not judge your color, but your actions against or for your fellow man. The elite in this nation steal trillions through the Federal Reserve national debt and stock markets and call it financial planning. The poor just steal and go to jail. Oh thatís right; jails have been moved to the private sector for profit years ago. This is your world and it is the Truth.


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