Voter Intimidation

Lawsuits in Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada



Written Nov. 2 12:45am EST


   Hillary has put out there that Trump supporters will intimidate voters, but this is not the truth. All are allowed to vote, thus voicing their opinion as to the future of this nation. Trump states he is asking those to observe voter fraud if created. So where is the Truth?

   Trump did instruct his people properly, but letís modify his plan. You, the energized are to remain outside of the legal spatial limits placed at voting places. Your people are to have two records videos of the total people in and out with a constant time stamp and moving clock. Second have signs for those exiting to state I voted for Trump to come over and profess it on camera and a sign if you did not for Trump then move on.

   The goal is to prevent vote switching due to fraud in these states with video records which the Hillary campaign does not want. Concentrate in the suburbs of Philadelphia and Cleveland. The polls in Pa are like in Michigan with Bernie are lies which he won down as much as 18 points. Stay focused. Hammer her with an increased expenditure of commercials in the key areas of Denver, Columbus, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. This will give you an opportunity to drive the final nail first by shunting vote switching as there is an increased change of exposure. Just one event if caught will cause an avalanche of defectors in the fear Hillary loses.

   With the exposure of collusion with a certain network(s) they are scaling back for if you win they are finished as unbiased. The firing of Donna is just the tip of the iceberg and many are nervous.

   By the way, exploit the delay in the response to Benghazi as to justify the lost of life. She is incapable of make a decision when seconds or minutes count to save this nation. She has no plan to offer America, just why you are unfit. W was unfit, as all of his positions were was on the merit of Papa Bush and favors. He was a C student at Yale and the Bush money bought that. He was in the air National Guard and was MIA. He read a book to pre-school class room as 911 fell. W could not run an oil company if it was given to him, it wasnít.

   Those who are evil have the right words and all the connections. It is when most in the establishment go against one, only then you know the status quo wants him to go away. It is all about the money and power. Who is better than one who has it and cannot be corrupted by a lack of it? This is your choice.

   Warning Trump, you were given gifts that can be taken away, never say you are the greatest president that God ever created as you are using His name to promote yours in vain. Get rid of the slogan from your pens and your speeches, those out there leave alone. Let us not have this conversation again.


Update Nov 2 11pm EST


   It is sad, that we had a church burning with the word Trump spray painted on the outside of the building, covered by CNN, but not pushed so much by the other networks. Maybe the media is getting wise. You were told as this election gets closer there would be mistakes made and this is one. I have told you with any incident always look at who it benefits.

   The Hillary campaign has let it be known to their insiders to secure the election and shift the news back to Trump by any means necessary. Words not spoken, but by innuendo as layers will be place if something goes wrong and it did. That church was picked as few if any would catch the arsonist in a secluded area of Mississippi and the fact that Trumpís name on the church was to appear as voter intimidation.

   Who intimidates Black voters in a red state? This is your clue. This was to increase the racial divide by those backing Hillary. Did she know of the event, no? What was done was to open the scars of racism, which that something has to be done against Trump that incites people to attack? But, it was one of their own, so that the news would gain the national attention, and shift focus. It failed. This is the deceit Black America you face. She calls Trump a decisive person dividing America. I call it a division of the goats and the lambs. Choose.

   I am so disappointed in our leadership, Hillary works for the dark one and you know this. Politics does not save your ass in the eyes of God as I told you. All will come out Obama and you will be seen as supporting an agent of Hell. She will get indicted and those that protected her will fall including some news networks except your wife, who was out of the loop.

   There will be no earth changes before Election Day to save your ass and you should have known this by reviewing my dossier. If the voter fraud is that overwhelming then it will be allowed, but all will know the election was stolen and the earth changes that follow, all of you will wish you were never born. This is a promise and we will start with the media.

   Just to let you know I am asking the Almighty to allow the true vote of the American people to be known. With this to allow the world to know do you choose the status quo or God. Shift some more as to the truth of Hillary and her crimes against America and millions will be removed as your laws go astray against the Word of God. Let not another unexpected event level the playing field as here you will pay a political price. Heed this.



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