The Voting Rights Decision

By the Supreme Court




Written June 25, 2013

Update  June 28, 2013


   As all you have watched this day pass in disbelief, your rights to vote is being taken away from you. Speeches and an agenda to change this, is now too little too late. Laws will change, voting sculpted. Those looking to suppress the voice of the people have struck the first blow, which is different from the votes of those you who do not know the true issues by aligning along party lines you are conformable with or easily lead by media.  In 2014, in which few minorities may vote will change the political landscape of the US. You were warned, but few of you paid attention. Do I have your attention now?

   What has not sunk in is that there is a time line for the opposition and they will bring this world to its knees. It is just under 4 years and the decision of the Supreme Court in their arrogance, but just pawns just handed them the keys to start the change in this nation of what still is the Land of the Free. You have no clue as the power that will control this world shortly, NWO. The states will move quickly to move many laws that seem as outdated under the guise of modernization. Yes the times have changed and the intent has moved underground, can you not see this today?

   Need you be reminded of the Diebold voting machines and the hackers that changed the totals in Ohio? Need you be reminded of the votes transported in Florida 2000 Presidential election that got lost, some found in the swamps with state troopers leading them? Need you be reminded of shifted columns on Florida voting sheets and the shards? You are only fooling yourselves. When you the people, lose power, there will be no time to make a change as this will be held up by partisan politics. Where the finger of blame points seemly nowhere, but you lose precious time. You reap what you sow. So, what can you do?

   As the signs you are given, the political picture and process will become clearer in its deceit, which shall shock you. You will know now to establish your own tight knit groups by word of mouth. There will be no written trail. Understand that you are being guided by a higher power, although many of you will not believe until the warning. The point is that we need a strong foundation to emerge just after the warning not to build from there in weakness. You will continue to watch as your rights are removed as for the good of the people. Will you allow these things that cut against your being as they are now allowed by law or place road blocks. You cannot stop it, but you can slow it. Just because someone states it is right does not make it so. Can you stand proudly in front of Jesus on judgment day and justify your behavior? Discuss this among your selves, you in the media, you in government, you the stars; change this, before the Almighty does.

   I am watching all you and have seen movement towards the Truth. This is great, but there is much work to be done. Many of you are picking and choosing what you believe here. Know this, everything you read here that comes from Jesus and the Almighty is the Truth. Know that your actions will save billions. Know that when you look back, your actions will be worth it and when you see the face of Jesus, he will smile. Welcome to the Remnant Army where fear is the oppositionís problem.

   To those who are talking about injustices and expect Congress to change things, dream on. Are you legislators alerting the people of your states of the new voting rule changes coming so counter measures can be put in place or are you waiting until 2014 election to access change, which is too late? What you are to do is enforce voting as a right to access. The same access that is available to the rural communities as to early hours and total number of machines available to the voting public must be equal in the high density districts. Fight this now and you will win using data already available as this is their plan which they expect you to act on after the fact. You have 12 months.

   Preachers in both the Black and Latino communities, have you set up transportation and organized trips to obtain the proper ID cards for those in need instead of complaining at the pulpit? Do not complain about something you can change such as an ID card. This is something all of you can get between now and 2014. Fees, take up a collection just like you do when you want to improve your church, but now you help the community and in the end as parishioners keep more, your churches will see more on Sundays at the collection plate. Sit on this and what little you have now will shrink as support for the poor and elderly wanes. It is about action instead of complaints; you say you want to do the Lordís work, then start now as the Almighty is asking you to stand up for your fellow man.


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