The VP Debate Rules of Engagement


Written Oct 10


   All are wondering what you, Joe are going to do against Ryan. The answer is simple step all over him for there are no rules for you. The big money in this country is backing them, who is going to stand up for the American worker if they win? It is up to you to make that step where you leave no doubt to who needs to run this country. Can you do this Joe? I know you can. You will not be soft, because there is protocol and there is an election to be won, but do it with respect for he is a child of God. Pull out all that is within in while focusing on no irresponsible gaffes to seize on a weak moment of your opponent. It is better to refrain with a solid answer on a mistake, than go for the obvious overkill. There will be opportunities presented were you canít lose and this is the trap, donít fall for it. Aggressive is your stance for you know the truth. Hit him hard off the cuff for he is rehearsed and as rigid does not adapt well to change. This is his weakness.

   Ask why does the rich support him if they are for the common man? How it is that he has planned a budget, but yet specifics are yet to be revealed? Take advantage of what he stands for and pit his ideas against Romney. Let America see that he caves in on his own principles for the partyís agenda. Show that we know Romney lies, but now Ryan if called to run this country has no backbone. A numbers guy lacking the skill to negotiate, as firm unwilling to compromise is their stance. How will that work against the Russians and Chinese? Know this, they have no time to retool the debate. This is why you are getting this now. This is your task. Now deliver for your boss, but more important your friend and remember to thank God in your own way for it is through Him that you are being given this.    

   For Ryan I ask you, what are your core beliefs? You are a Roman Catholic and you know the principles of providing for others while advancing the country. You know where your political money is coming from and you know what they want. There are other things which I need not mention, but you know. If you believe you have a soul, then know your choices if elected will affect this country. You need to make a choice you can stand by what you were taught, the laws of God or stand by the lies. You need to stand up.


Update 10/12


Great debate Joe!


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