The VP Debate

What did We Learn, Nothing



Written Oct. 5 8:30pm EST


   The American people are being insulted by the media. How many times do we have to hear pigs, taxes, Putin and rapists? This has gotten old and there is a need to address the real issues. All of you have seen this over and over again, but why? All of you seen Kaine put first, but after the opening it was Pence. All of you have seen the moderator cut the answers off from Pence and try and move on when a point was made, with out curtailing the interruptions. This is your subtle political bias.

   I ask you Black America where is the plan to change your lives? So street savvy, yet few of you realize that you are being played. They wasted hundreds of millions on solar energy. Just how are these manufacturing jobs going to come about without incentives? Millions in taxpayer money will be used to create the jobs for the few and politically connected. You wonít get these jobs, but they will say they were created. They spout income has risen between 2014 and now, but has not pass levels of 20 years ago. This is such great news for the uneducated. Speaking of education nothing has changed and now they offer a solution after 8 years in power? Their campaign takes you for fools.

   Clinton talks about alliances when it should be about that we are used. NATO obsolete, the truth is yes as they do not pay their fair share and this is the point. In life there comes a time for a friend to man up, or they are using you. As a politician do you know the difference in life lessons and common sense? Your job is to protect America first, then support your allies. Now your allies donít pay their bills. Your allies run from conflict. Your allies agree to trade deals that shift billions to trillions to them and you call them friends. Then you give speeches in the rust belt with promises of change. Where is the change after 8 years? White America knows they are being lied too, but you hope the rigged polls change their minds. Black America stills hopes, but you will kick them to curb, just like Bernie.

   Clinton talks about the need to address climate change, but it is a lie as she expects you to die in the coastal cities and earthquake zones. The media knows and it is only by rumor some are preparing. The Clintons, the Bushes and Obama do not have the courage to tell you the Truth; worse the first two manipulated this government for financial gain.

   Kaine addressed the attacks on Black men and this is a huge problem. Community policing is a band aid solution that is deep routed, for some areas this is positive step, others the few groups are in fear a show in protected areas as a faÁade. This is the Truth as nothing changes. The police need to observe first and calm down unless confronted. The Black community needs to learn how to obey orders like drop the weapon and you will live. Back talk that escalates only inflames the situation, but you donít talk about this. Not one of you would take someone spitting and scream in your face and they move towards you. This again is the Truth. Black police offers are shooting you and few ask why? Disrespect for the law increases confrontation all of you have learned well from reality shows by design, and Hillary allowing black lives matters on your Democratic stage were a slap in the face for Law enforcement for votes, coward.

   The Border is porous and your answer is more border patrols. How many, where and what do you do with them after capture? You have no answer as your sub was blank in his answers, but he knows about rapists as a broad brush when many do occur. This is a fact. You have your social plants state illegals pay 12 billion in taxes, there are far more than 30 million here that crush schools systems, infrastructure, public services and health care. Do the math. 2 million children times 10 thousand to educate is 20 billion, this is a joke. And you wonder why White America is mad? Incompetence from politicians like you, who spend our money and try to make those you want to rein this in look like fools. I bet you canít say illegals are criminals, because they are as they broke the law. Just another word you wonít say in order to attain power.

   Moving to ISIS, now you have a plan. Again you created the problem, and where was the solution over the last 8 years? ISIS is not Bin Laden. The American people need a solution as you have none for home grown.

   Kaine lied about Trump admiring the North Korean Leader, Qaddafi and his personal links to Putin. The point is, Putin was an elected leader and not a dictator. Voter fraud yes, so even your leader has something in common with Putin. Kaine, you should know the difference. Obama was elected and the Republicans called him a dictator. You are such the patsy for Clinton. If elected I hope you like being a puppet of the new world order as millions are killed as you stand by and watch if not, we shall pray for you. Think this is a joke, then ask your CIA insiders as Hillary lied to you as to the danger you face.

   The Russians took Crimea, invaded Ukraine, crushed Aleppo and tossed the nuclear agreement and you proudly state the start treaty? Poland, Ukraine and the people of Russia are prepping for war and your leaders have Americans in the dark as if diplomacy is going to turn this. They will lie with words of peace, then attack. Take your blind fold off Kaine. They talk peace while exploiting your weaknesses. The Joint Chiefs and Hillary know this and I guess you are out of the loop. Do you know why you were picked? The reason is you can be molded to carry out the directions of the elite aka new world order. Just know this; all that is rotten shall fall and I will watch eye to eye as you fall if elected.

   Kaine explained how not paying taxes that are not owed, equates to not supporting our troops. So you are saying the half of Americans who also do not pay taxes do not support our troops? Which is it Kaine? When you vote for war, do you go? No, coward. Write-offs in the tax code were put in place by you and other inept politicians to protect the elite that fund your campaigns. Only when a candidate who does not further their cause, do you to demonize them for using the loop holes that your colleagues either wrote or perpetuated into law. Which one of you would not use a legal deduction to save money or a business; do you take Americans as fools? How pathetic.

   You spoke about the Clinton Foundation, how noble. It is not about where the money is spent as this is the cover. It is the source of the money that counts. No one give millions to the poor when you exploit them in your nations. Charity starts at home. This is the Truth. Again Kaine is lying. You said The Clintons take no salary, why if they pay no bills for travel, meals, expenses, lodging, cars and many other luxury items in the name of the poor. Again this is a joke. No American is interested in what the Clintons do for others when so much is needed here. This is the bottom line.

   They both spoke about faith so where do they stand. Kaine a Jesuit boy really, then why have you strayed from the narrow path, but more important are influencing others? Kaine states he is for the death plenty, strike one. Kaine states he for the right for a woman to choose, strike two. You are encouraging. Kaine is for same sex marriage and the LBGT community as normal, strike three.

   The Almighty is the only one allowed to create or take life. No man has the right to terminate a life created by God. No woman has the right to terminate a life that her body supports for any reason. No acceptance of the abomination of homosexuality is acceptable in the eyes of God. Yet you are to treat them with respect, but hate their sins. It is leaders like you that will bring down the wrath of the Almighty during the end times. Heed this, Christians and Jews in this time of polarization as the wheat gets separated from the chafe. This is written and is the Word of God. A vote for these views is a vote against the Laws of God.

   Pence at lease stated he is against abortion and did not make other views public at the debate.

   A message for Trump for all to see, you know what is at stake. Ego is in your mind as it gets crushed like mine has been thousands of times, you rise and move on. Humility is a virtue, ask your daughters. This is the goal. With less than 40 days you need to deliver for the Almighty, if not, fire yourself. You knew the challenge of what you volunteered for and you thought it would be easy, not. I told you over year ago the new world order can crush you. Either you stay focused, on plan or default and whimper like a bitch, which are you? As the Almighty picks world changing leaders as you have been told, many are chosen, but few are called.


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