The Wall

Immigration Policy & Political Update




Written May 2 12:30 am EST


   The Trump Administrations needs to consider a different approach to immigration, as the left exploit your moves and executive orders only to divides this great nation. Federal judges from the left are actively impeding your progress by design. Now your political war is to be concentrated only on illegals and leave the children out of it.

   Last week, protesters pushed the day without immigrants, by the way they left out the title illegal as all legal immigrants are wanted here; illegals have no rights except due process. Some were fired and others saw events planned, fizzle. The workers who pick the fruit and vegetables are compensated with higher wages than their native home. This is why they flock here. The rich here exploits your labor only to get richer and depress the wage base of the poor in this country. Democrats offer social services by design thus adding to the deficit. The goal is to reduce the Middle Class by humanism and its working. You, the illegals are fleeing the poverty of your nations. As your leadersí strip the wealth of your countries, as capitalism is practiced, but they steal everything when shown the wealth of the West as a temptation and you flee north rather than change your nation, cowards. This is the Truth.

   This is not our problem. Nor can this nation change the world as the global elite would just exploit your nation as history shows us by the Empire. First, by taking your resources of your nation, then enslaving your ancestors and now today, financial slavery by the interest rates of World Bank, which is a proxy front for the Bank of England. Now we can either pay slightly higher food prices and lower property and health care costs. How has that been working for you in America?

  The IRS has the right to inspect all work places for tax compliance and social security laws for all workers. This is your control point and shall be enforced with heavy fines to employers. No work and they voluntarily go home. Emergency health care shall be provided for all, but they must register with ICE for a hearing and illegals skipping the bill can be sued for recovery or deported. All felons are to be treated, released medically and then deported or jailed immediately.

   Property taxes need to be modified for multiple families living in a home designed for one family as our education system is being overwhelmed without a tax base. You are not at home and this is America. It is about paying a fair share. If you say I am here to contribute then stand by your word. A job that you are being paid for is not a contribution. It is about paying your health costs, your taxes not sales tax, assimilating and learning English. You need to keep your culture and language as this is what makes America great. Many cultures that keeps traditions in their neighborhoods, but we are all the same, Americans. We pledge to one God, to our nation, and the rights of all who are here, legally, but illegals can wait their turn to come in. Wait in line is all we ask. There are laws and you can not skirt them no matter what the left tells you.

   As for restaurants and hotels, pay a fair wage and Americans will fill the jobs or again issue work visas that are temporary. For the Farmers let the government, not outside factions where fraud reigns, grant temporary work visas that are tracked, non working wives and all children stay home. Pregnant women over 6 months or hide their condition are not allowed to work and sent home. Anchor babies shall not allow the mother or father to stay here, but you can apply for citizenship or residency and wait your legal turn. Yes your child is an American and can stay as this is his or her right. You can take them home with you and your child when of age can come to America if they choose. Or you can leave them with relatives already here. This is your choice, to leave the family intact in your home country or sacrifice the family unity so they can live here for a better life as you chose.

   In the high tech field, visas are granted to foreign workers should be paid at the same rate as their American counterparts where talent is the reason. The hiring should not be depressing our current wage system by increasing supply.

   We have a legal process to admit those who will contribute to America. Your politicians have no right to promote or circumvent this system no matter the situation. Illegal immigration when compared to benefit cost to cost of services provided by the system is a drain on the American tax payer on average. Let this be the discussion in the news if you dare.

   Illegals have the right to due process and then sent home as economic benefit was the drive. The word is greed by skirting the law. What is so sad, is that the Black male has been displaced and few bring this up. Cummings and especially Waters need to focus on this if you want to truly help your own. The question is, do your so called leaders repeat the message of the elite where hope is offered and your place is stagnant? Consider this?


The Wall


   Now we address the wall. The wall should be built only in areas of easy access; high technology should be integrated in the more remote areas. Now know this; a back door system to override the sensors and will be sold to the cartels. You will be betrayed. Hire a new firm to modify the assets.  Heed this. You are to make a deal with Mexico to allow a 20 mile buffer zone in the semi to remote areas with ground sensors backed by infrared sensors to track incoming. You should granted access to 20 miles to apprehend, eliminate or extradite the transporters.

   You were told this country and world will polarize and now you act as if you are surprised? Your neighborhoods are in some cases in disarray. Your schools in the inner cities push the kids through without regard of the quality the education. This has not changed in 60 years; let you listen to the lies. The Republicans favored the rich. The Democrats hide their agenda where the connected get rich through the advancement of social programs. This is what is wrong with this nation.

   Minorities are brain washed by the media as most are too lazy to do their own research. The Truth hurts. The Democrats allow illegals by design to depress wages for the lower and middle class. You say they work hard and they do. The businesses get rich as they pay as little as half. On the other side billions are lost with unpaid health bill in the emergency room. Loved ones are lost in accidents of unlicensed drivers creating higher premiums. Crimes of murder and rape occurs, that would not occur, if they were not here. No illegal is worth one loss of life of one American. If so, then let it be one of your own. Again you say we need the help of the community to apprehend criminals. If they were not here, the need would not exist. This is the Truth.

   Look at the 15 dollar minimum needed for all workers. On the surface this seems to be the right thing to do, but that which is pushing this is sinister beyond your knowledge. Now laugh as I wipe that smile off of smug faces as if you think you can comprehend that which has existed from the dawn of time, the dark one. More important, those pushing answer to him.

   The goal of the elite is to shrink the Middle Class under financial debt. So to accomplish this allows wages from as low 7.25 on average to be raised to 15 dollars. Again, all see this as helping the disenfranchised to make a living and this is true. It is what you donít consider that will crush this nation.

   Humanism is being used to prey on weak minds, as they ponder they have forced the elite to empower the poor. You are so naive. What you donít contemplate is that labor contracts already in place involving those paid 25 to 50 dollars per hour are rising with 2 to 3 percent increases over every year? The deception is to hold the elite labor jobs at their current rates and bring up the bottom. It is not until inflation comes in to reposition the poor back into their place that you will realize the goal was to shrink the wage span between the poor and what was the middle class. You donít have a clue as the media continues to lie for the elite who employees them. I ask, can any one of you visualize their plan? Now letís address sexual harassment, which I despise in the name of the Almighty.

   The ugly truth is in front of your eyes, the window to your soul. For every woman and gay that exposes sexual harassment, there are many more that lay or go down, some promoted, for others, just it was a good night and the quote, ďI will recommend you to anotherĒ and the process repeats. Nasty old men and a few women with urges need to pay the price, but the traitors that sleep with the limp, blotched skin spots and wrinkles empower them. You overtly fantasize, as if is only a few nights of erotic passion is the answer, losers.

   Where, the touch of his callous, wrinkled hand caresses your the soft skin of your inner thigh that is now abrasive, but you pant in deceitful excitement to every touch as it approaches the zone between your legs. Wet is a decision. As you replace the vision (the creep) of your eyes with the man, you hope to adore one day, as you betrayed your present lover and with those thoughts. Your mind drifts far away from the reality. You and your company engorge, the sex becomes intense as the old man having years of encounters unleash seductive sensations. As youíre your bodies connect it awakens dormant passions behind your normal stoic faÁade, you release and become the pawn of the corporation. The Viagra does its job and for others, they cringe at the thought of who is on top them as there is no passion and repeative burning motion leads to desperation of a fake ultimate climax with screams and false passion. Just know, unless you can fake the wall contractions, you are busted. And some of you will think those warm touches have created an eternal bond. Itís a lie. I am famous and will be rich as I arouse the thoughts, of my peers, yet years after you are called and there is someone new as a favor. Your dream a nightmare as all reflect, was it worth it when the time comes, as you was just another. That time is almost here. Just know this; you all were taped incase you changed your mind and now you are compromised. This is the Truth.


Political Update


   Letís start with the WHCD (White House Correspondents Dinner), boring. Jeff Mason spent a lot of time defending the press against the label of fake news. Why is that Jeff? If innocent, there is no need to address this over and over again that is irrelevant. Guess what Jeff; America was not watching your dinner. I did. Judging from your lack luster applause many are defecting, but you donít see this. Soon all will be revealed, are you ready to take on the burden world wide for your fed lies? Play the fool once, the second time it is on you.

   Jeff (WHCD) states media does not really lie, but they slant, omit, and cover only certain approved stories. You say Global Warming is a threat to our world, yet extreme geological events are not covered, why? Strange sightings in the sky and your reporters are muzzled. This is why, you had a half hearted applause to your statements. Come October, the world will you and the media lied, as you are the front line for the Truth, but promise of safety for your loved ones, which is false. You sold out the American public. They will come for you, more important the loss of respect from friends and loved ones, traitor. This is a promise.

   You speak of the First Amendment where anyone in this nation has a right to an opinion, but the left violates this with violence and the press violates it with omission of the Truth. You have forbidden topics ďNiribu", again this is the Truth. This is why it is called fake news and judging from the guests at WHCD many were muted in fear of what is to come. As with any extreme action in the world, when the media moves too far to the left there is a correction, but you donít see this. Heed this warning or you can change this.


The 1st Amendment


   Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise therefore; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress (set right) of grievances.


   Moslems have no rights for religious push back in this nation or can be protected by a Federal judge rescinding an executive order. Protecting the rights of Moslems as religion is against the 1st Amendment, but not as a person. We are all children of God.


North Korea


   The world plays a game as tensions in North Korea escalate and you the common man are the fools. False cooperation with China as they could not just cut the electricity and food stuffs and it is over. Ask yourselves, where did North Korea get its Uranium? Yes from Russia who worked out a deal with Hillary to supply 20% of our reserves, remember? Trace it; the point any blast rogue or deliberate will have an American signature. This is planned.

   Russia and China talk peace, but prepare for war. This is written. Who is maintaining and supplying their centrifuges? The media is called fake news as they never confront the true problems. If a dirty bomb goes off where will 30 million Koreans go? Not Japan as their women were raped in WW2 and quakes or tsunamis will crush their country or China where death will meet western ideas. Not Indonesia, Singapore or the Philippines which are sinking. Not Taiwan, which will succumb to earthquakes. Where? Just know, if North Korea is pushed to launch, they will tell the Chinese and Russians to coordinate. Knowing when pushed the West will do nothing but intercept, but the Communists will short all the worldís financial markets. One strike hit or miss with a muted explosion by North Korea again by design will initiate the greatest transfer of wealth in the free markets to the communists countries from the West, suckers. A blast off target and muted in the kilo tons of force. Thousands will die, but transfers of assets is the goal. This is the plan.


South Korea


   In America your defiance to contribute to the Thaad system did not sit well, though our slanted media has not made you aware. We are not fools and if do not pay maybe we may miss that incoming to Seoul. There are Americans willing to die, if called only to protect your nation or would you rather go it alone. Yes there is a treaty in place, but where both contribute. We can remove the system and let things fall if you want. I am just saying, what some here are thinking. There is no free ride. If America was nuked by Russia and China you would cower in fear. You leech, but would never risk your nation to protect America. This is the Truth.




   Exactly what is behind the omission that Flynn was vetted by the Obama Administration? Flynn held a position in the Obama Administration with the highest security clearance. Only when Flynn appeared on Russian TV and the CIA found the payment was he fired. The point, the Obama Administration hid the truth and released a press statement of a disagreement between colleagues. This was a lie. When the Trump Campaign took him on, they saw only in disagreement, this was a plus, but the Obama Administration said nothing as to the true nature of the dismissal. He was a Trojan horse.

   The Trump campaign picked him up as an asset, the Obama Administration never expected Trump to win. It is with the intent to win in the House in 2018 that the information on Flynn was released. Will this revelation hurt the Democratic Party in 2018, no? There will greater pressing problems in this Great Nation.


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