War Escalates


Written Aug 19

Updated Aug 21


   As time moves forward towards what will seen as the final battle, incidences you were told would be many. All to confuse the population of this world that how can there be one source, but there is. You in the media have some questions as to the complexity of this plan and need concrete evidence. Now that will never be provided, but you can be guided in a way where your questions will lead you closer to its source. Remember when you reveal the Truth to a disbelieving public consider the risks, to the goal of education. If he truth will make no difference, then you need to only educate your peers, family and friends quietly only. A dead reporter at the hands of the elite changes nothing, but the people they leave behind for the worse.

   The escalation is just beginning as you were told. Many events will befall this earth as this is the plan to where the many will not seem as one, but there are. Ask your self how does ISIS with little fire power take protected American equipment and more important where are their re-supplies of ammunition made in America, fuel and spare parts coming from? A Senator speaks from the Carolinas as if he has a solution. Hit control and command which has children and the world will condemn this nation. The CIA already knows this as this is why they stand down, but some of you know this and exploit this tactic as if it will succeed.

 The war in the Middle East will expand. This is not about respect for the rights of Muslims as Christians are being told to convert or die. But you are seeing once they do deny Christ they are beheaded to ensure the loss of the soul. The beheading of an American for all to see incites fear, hate, but the underlying goal to escalate war in the region as this will draw in more U.S. support. You see as there is no mercy as men and the weak are executed and the woman taken as sex slaves. They are well funded and trained now called ISIL sometimes again they answer to a global entity, but to the world they are a regional terrorist group.

  You have concerns for the rest of the hostages as news of a failed mission is now public. Those holding the hostages knew the US rescue attempt failed. The news today is only news, for the American people again you in the media raised unnecessary concern for the families of loved ones still there.

   Are you going to protect the region as war expands? I thought not! Where do you draw a line as to lives of Americans you send to their death and spend our tax payers’ money? Where is your time table? Oh you have none as you expect never to be call on it, as you bluff with shallow words. You answer no serious question, only to promote division as you are the problem. You can fool America, but you cannot fool God as He reveals to me, your true intent.

   All of you watch Gaza and know its people are under seize of a blockade that is starving a nation food and jobs, yet a flow of rockets to reach another distant land with their launchers seem to get through as the people starve. Am I missing something here? Know this, the there is a new player in the Middle East with connections, resources, more important money and the power to by pass an Israeli blockade. What you see is just the trickle. You will ask in the near future? How did WW3 start? Could we point its source as to prevent another war in the future? You now have your point of inception. Were you not told in the Bible, the Middle East holds the key to the battle of Armageddon? But you refuse to recognize it for what it is. The prophecies will be realized and the best defense is to accept and prepare.

   The goal of the dark side is to divide nations through a set of events enacted by weak possessed souls that seem natural as not to point to satan the source of all evil. This is how he works as few on this world, even the Catholic priest believes he truly exists. If you look carefully you will see the Truth.

   Many in America are concerned with Missouri. As the dark one, which has influenced the minds on both sides now divides the nation. This was the goal once the event occurred through the independent decisive actions of 2 people. Many at the point of incidence are polarizing as you listen to the inflated rhetoric of those who command the stage, but few want the Truth as anger and hate prevails. Yes, there are opportunists. The Democrats invite who there are comfortable with and the others say they are taking advantage of the situation. You, who accuse others for what you do, now are there for all to see. The event no matter how spin it, was a officer of the law requesting a young adult to remove themselves out of the line of traffic. The street is for cars and the sidewalk is for walking. This was a safety issue for them period. This is the Truth.

   Could there have been words said in a derogatory manner to invoke resistance? All need to consider if the arms were raised the bullet entry points would have shifted away from the front. Mark the points of bullet entry on your arms then raised them. Consider, why would someone shoot at raised arms instead of center mass if you have intent to kill? Fear creates a panicked response on both sides. Hate creates disrespect. We have seen this and both sides need to step back, while the jury is out. All need to look deeper at what is happening irrespective of what happened. No one has the right to take a life as the door could have locked and backup called. This incident was random, but is now being taken advantage of by both sides and a hidden party only to escalate. This is what you must see.

   Word to the wise, few of you question how is a small town has military weapons and their camouflage fits? This is not surplus, but was requested to prepare for what is to come. They have been prepared for a year and as journalists many of you know this. You do not win if you are cut down. It is a message being shown to the world and this country’s elite the police are ready at the local levels. Ferguson, your town is the current test bed for crowd control, during the upcoming Cataclysms now on your door step. You have no clue to the fire power of this nation to crush an uprising under the guise of martial law where you have no rights. Heed this warning. This is the beginning and how so many of you are falling into a trap. Yes an injustice has been, but you do not know the facts. No it is hearsay as to what happened. Ask his partner what the cop said? Ask him was there intimidation? Ask why he was not targeted? Ask?

   Not one of you notices, they have the true story and are holding it back to let events play out as the few incite riots, looting and burn properties tainting the peaceful experience, thus sealing its fate in the eyes of this nation. One unexpected twist and they have many; will crush your demonstrations and all who backs you. This is the plan. All while America is watching. Opportunists, some planted, fire weapons, burn buildings and loot all to divide this nation as hate builds instead of justice. Is this what you want, Martial Law? The end times will be harsh with no mercy for the innocent and no one will hear the cries of the massacred. Look at the tape your city resembles the Middle East and if one hot head that was suicidal like in St Louis today attacks, many innocents will get hurt in the confusion. This is what you will face in the near future. Pick your battles wisely or all that you stand for shall fall in waste.

   You have been told war will escalate and this has begun, just know events happening are still few in number, but this will change to where thousands of events will occur within days as society breaks down and polarizes. War will rage then peace will be offered and a new age will dawn with the New World Order as darkness covers this earth.


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