West Coast Warming

Plate Subduction




Written Aug 14 1:30am EST


   Earth changes have accelerated as I have told you. The water and the land are now increasing in temperature along plate subduction zones as the Pacific basin contracts from its present width. The land in the Western States will absorb the heat first by drying out the vegetation from below and the ground producing extreme air temperatures, thus fires explode. The oceans are fluid and deep and currents transport heat south so changes here will be seen last. The media will still apply the thought that there is arson and few will ask? Why now so many wild fires are attributed to arson? Just how do they know a random person walking in remote woods and have proof that arson is responsible for a fire that incinerated all around and that a particular person did it? Suspicion, again how, as he is out of the woods before significant smoke? Their will be many scapegoats to cover the real cause earth changes.

   Waters along the West Coast of North America will quickly increase in temperature from their record levels as water vapor will rise above the surface of the ocean. Once surface level temperatures exceed 90 degrees reports will in end, due to national security. All life will die with the absence of plankton and small fish and wash up on the shores, but will be attributed to global warming, which is a lie. What will not be expected, but now is on record is a warm inviting ocean will have hot spots. When the adventurous wander into the extreme warm waters their skin will scold with anything between third and first degree burns causing alarm I particular areas. The news quiet at first as seen as unusual anomoly, but after several events the warning will come after many deaths and law suits.

   Currently scientists have raised an alarm as to how fast ocean temperatures along our West Coast from Alaska to southern California are rising so quickly within the last 3 weeks above the current trend. Since 2013 temperature variations attributed to global warming deviate within a half of a centigrade along the West Coast. This has changed.


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