Global Warming Lie Will Now End

The Goal is a 90% Reduction in the Global Population



Written Aug. 21 11pm EST

Update Aug. 22 11:59pm EST


   The earth changes have escalated to where global warming will not continue to explain events on earth. You have been told the waters off the Pacific coast will warm beyond the air temperature. This will soon be a fact. Quakes are occurring constantly in the same areas like Lombok-Bali, now Fiji and just today Venezuela, but your science states the pressure is relieved by movement of the plates. This again is a lie as you look to Lombok-Bali where quakes are now constant, so much for your scientists and their false theories.

   What is needed is to realize the compression of the Pacific basin has started as there is a sudden rise and coordination with quakes on both sides as the basin compresses and reveals this. Check it and measure the width. Yes the West Coast will continue to heat up due to subduction, but the fault lines along the western Pacific plate will continue to escalate and fracture causing mega quakes that will inundate Japan and the Philippines. Your scientists will try to cover their bare asses and predict a big may be coming in the press when they know multiple big ones will occur, as they are muzzled. But it is the Cocos Plate that supports Central America that will break apart during compression thus when complete will link the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea when movement peaks. This will stop migration as you were told here. Compassion is needed, but when it overwhelms a system that cannot support it, then it is decisive. None of expect the earth changes and again the elite knows what is coming. They prey upon your compassion and when you cannot support what you let in, the migrants as shown to you in other nations as an example that you still pay no attention to will turn on you to survive,. This is what you do not understand.

   The Venezuela Quake was uniquely positioned as the fingers of connection between the plates of South America and the Caribbean plate was fractured, thus with future quakes silent or known allows the Windward Islands to sink when completely broken. This will stun the Western world. The side effect will be the stretching of the eastern coastline of the United States causing inland and coastal flooding especially in Miami during high tides and areas like New Jersey, Delaware and Rhode Island. In South America the movement to the west will not be as severe with quakes along its western coastline as the resistance is Australia. Its fate will be it western half pushed below the waves as South America moves westward due to the same compression North America faces. North America pushes against the Eurasian continent, South America pushes against Australia. It does not take a genius to predict the result in simple plate tectonics.

   Flooding that was under reported by the media that has occurred world wide is now here. On the west coast of southern India in the state of Kerala, over a million people are displaced. Wildfires will continue explode worldwide without reason, yet stories of arson surface as if a person in the forest lighting bush would be seen within the few seconds needed to complete the task. It is your hot earth and intensified lightning strikes that is behind the rise, yet will not be admitted to by investigators again by suppression of your governments to prevent panic in the financial markets.

   Your government has a secret that is above UFOs and the Hydrogen Bomb and that is Niribu. Its is about global extinction and most in your government such as Clintons, Bushes, McConnell, Ryan, Pelosi, Warren, McCain, Obama, the Deep State, the Illuminati, Google, Zuckerberg, Gates, European Royalty, Hollywood, most of the Media, the EU, The Russians, The Chinese, and many other sub heads of state like Merkel and May, oh I forgot Kissinger to name a few. All know what is coming.

   What is not explained is how the ocean temperature rises faster than the air. What they will not explain will be the coming sudden darkness over Europe, dismissed and then all will take notice when it occurs over the North East of the United States. They will have no answers for the rogue tsunamis inundating land 50 miles inland along the East and Gulf Coasts of the United States and Western Europe before the Great Tsunami that scours the lands of the UK and some areas of Western Europe of all life.

   There will be unprecedented lightning storms, freak straight line winds leveling all around, flash floods, and unusual earthquakes, where none have occurred. A confused and anxious population will look for guidance, but your leaders are under a gag order as the new world order expects you to die. The religious will have no answers allowing the faithful to stray. Again I forgot you cannot move as almost all live week to week on their paychecks. This is the goal.

   The Democratic Party knows the liberals live along the coast line and many will drown in an onslaught of tidal waves at night, freak coastal storms and will seek social help which they control. The Republicans just answer to the rich. This is your deceit. They also know God will punish will punish those behind abortion and homosexuality, yet they allow you to pursue this flawed path by design. Ask why? Do they answer to another as some in power do? It is up to you to discern the Truth. Watch as it unfolds rapidly.


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