Where Does the World Stand Today?


Written Jul. 7 10:59 pm EST


   On the World stage events are not going as planned. One, a UK minister is accused of groping two women and 60 ministers or MPs resign? Boris was not responsible for the actions of one, nor is this in the best government for the UK. You do not dissolve the Prime Minister, for the actions of one man. Many of you have done the same thing, but you have not been caught. This is a cover story for something much worse, as the rats are abandoning the ship for other reasons. Heed this.

   In Ukraine, Zelenskyy is out of his mind. I will not give up an inch of Ukraine territory for peace. Reality, your eastern and southern fronts are under control of the Russians and the territory is destroyed. Did you get the memo? Just how are you going to take it back? His soldiers are cowards and fled, as paid mercenaries are fighting the Russians. We are spending of 40 billion dollars every 2 months for what? Europe pays little to nothing while our poor starve, lose apartments and jobs. Yet Biden invites 3 million a year another 3 million who do not get caught at our Southern border. This does not count the mass numbers flowing in from Canada. Europe will fall, to the Russians one way or another, as all are looking for side deals. Heed the Bible.

   Biden, exactly how long do you think the American public will stay in place with the lies of Ukraine is winning? Guess? September, just in time for the Midterms by design. But know this, the flip will not be as expected. Yes the Republicans will win, but there will be a purge. You know who you are.

   Rumors again have the Q rising and Trump reinstated on a web site. Is this true? Q works for both the light and dark as a double agent. Trump being reinstated would start a race war, no matter the proof. America does not trust the SCOUS. This is in the hands of mankind.

   SCOUS with their abortion decision was to force a universal decision with souls. A woman’s right over her body or that life created by the Almighty is sacred? This is the choice. It is final.


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