Where are the Leaders?

As World Events Escalate




Written Nov. 16


   The world is reeling in the wake of the French tragedy as all reflect on those who were innocently killed as the forces of dark try to solidify there control over Europe to start. Exactly how did terrorist penetrate the security of a head of state at the stadium and why did he not leave immediately? If the bombs were crude, they would have been picked up by the bomb sniffers covertly in place. This is standard in all major public centers in France and the UK. Where is the surveillance feed from all sites? Someone is lying. This sounds like Bush when told of 911 and he continued to read. Your presidente sat and watched a soccer match as bombs exploded staying until the half as if he knew there was no real threat in advance. This was the feed from the French Press.

   Consider, the leads, a fingerprint from a terrorist that blew himself up. Now it does not a genius to know that the skin on fingers are severely damaged or blown away by the pressure wave liquefying and incinerating the flesh unless the bomb they used had the power of fire crackers. There were no fingerprints that could be positive identified so easily as a DNA match is needed first and because they were blown up, did you consider a plant like the passport, again they are lying. And again the press mimics what they are told and not question.

   President enough of your words as your country has been hit again and again and from the world prospective you are not winning sh_t. You speak of the being ruthless and then the politically more correct word merciless is used. You speak of the courage of the French and when fire crackers go off they all ran risking all in the panic. Yes your nation stands firm against terrorism, in unity, but there are human. God forbid if there were baby carriages near that site. They would have been trampled like the flowers and candles recorded for the world to see. I wish your nation the protection of God, but that is up to your people.

   Your leaders are weak as they have no cohesive plan, only one that is told to them to carry out by the elite or the money and PACS that back them. The goal is to divide a nation. In the United States one side states with proper vetting we can accept the Syrians. These are the same people who ran from their nation and expect us to fight for them and then offer asylum, cowards. Hillary states to admit them in the tens of thousands knowing this is not the will of the people. If there was a pandemic within the United States, the military in this nation would setup a quarantined area no exceptions to protect all. Now in your wisdom, Hillary as if you know who the moles are, and presumed all are safe. If even one gets through, what will you say to the American dead? Nothing, you will play the political game as you work for another. One incident will put the Republicans in power, the one bought and paid for, Jeb like you, although there are backups.

   So what do we do about the immigrant crisis? In order to stay a strong, we need not be divided by an engineered crisis forcing us to act with compassion. I have always told you, create the problem, and then offer the solution. You are being herded by compassion when common sense is needed. This is why your leaders are inept. It is our duty to help, but we need to set up a host nation in their region of the world to accept them and pay a far less price than bringing them here including transportation, housing and support. Look at Europe and the lines of millions fleeing. Is this crisis what you want to occur here, because they would rather run to riches than fight to save their country? Offer some help and the flood gates open from all in the world including South America, then what?

   Let them live among themselves and offer real support that is pennies on the dollars compared to bringing them here. It is safety and the escape from violence that are the goals not relocation to a country as if they won the lottery. This is leadership. Do not talk about helping another that is greater than those you help in your own country, Charity starts and ends at home first and when all is well, you then help others. Stop with the games politicians. You can lie to the world because of your power and influence, but the Almighty knows your souls, think about it. I told you to watch, as it unfolds and I beg you, do not get caught in the web of the Illuminati no matter how good it looks. They will rise and control this world for a short time and then fall to the power of Almighty God. Choose your side.


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