The Whistle Blower


Written Sept. 27 6 pm EST

   What most of you have missed, is that the whistle blower is deep state with a mission to destroy Trump, but in turn undermine the Democrats as they will not be forgiven by the Republicans, most Independents and some Democrats, as their present attempt is seen as dirty and unworthy of impeachment. Did you not learn your lesson with the Russian collusion?

   Was Bidenís son investigated by the Ukraine, yes. Did Joe Biden interfere and arrange for the replacement prosecutor to look the other way? Yes, as he states there was no crime. This is a fact. Did Trump ask to reopen the investigation on Bidenís son with a new president ? Yes, as this is within his rights. Delaying funds for days is within his rights. Election interference, no, Biden has to be the nominee as he is one of many and not even the front runner in key first states. Why would Trump need to take Biden when his own party is already doing that? You puppies are getting ahead of yourselves. Again, reopening an investigation is not creating dirt as portrayed in the media. For this you will pay a heavy price. So Bidenís son gets paid 50 k a month and it is his talent? No, it is his connection to his father. Please donít lie, as all is not what it seems.

   Members of the deep state within the NSA leaked the tapes of a classified conversation to an expendable operative, now he knows. Exactly who knows what is stored on particular servers? This was a crime on how the whistle blower received the information. Did you not prosecute Snowden and crush Assange? This should raise eyebrows on how your government has been infiltrated, but you are busy on removing Trump.

   I told you that Trump was put in place as President, as he could not be compromised by the deep state. Pelosi wants a slow investigation and an even slower vote on the impeachment inquiry. She knows the Senate will never impeach, but there is hope Trump due to pride, will resign or enough noise made to turn off voters. This will not work, as almost see this for what it is. The DNC paid for a false dossier to discredit Trump in the election with Hillary, and asking a question to the Ukraine is impeachable? No one said make up dirt, they implied, if they is dirt on the Bidenís son release it. This is the difference.

   Now it comes time for me to interfere on earth in the name of the Almighty, God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I have requested to release information of corruption in your political system for all to see. It has been granted. I will start at the top, Hillary and Podesta. You reap what you sow. By the way, many parts of your earth will look like what Dorian did to the Bahamas other areas uninhabitable due to tsunamis, volcanic dust or earthquakes.

    I told you to change and you doubled down, you are so stubborn until you are brought to your knees. So be it.

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