The Wild Weather




Written Dec. 29 10:00pm EST

Update Jan 24 7:25pm EST


   The nation will trust you (weathermen and women) as this nation will experience that which has been censored in the media now occurring around this world. The question is, will you move towards the truth or lie for the elite? Remember millions in this nation will trust your opinion as the truth, again will you lie? They will tell you panic shall come, but how many thousands of innocents will die for they were not prepared, because of your words and you see this now. The panic will set in only after denial and the lost of life when fright sets in is a constant only time is the variable. Advanced warning to the public on the other hand can contain losses in this nation as time the variable is optimal at its shortest. This is what you trusted souls now face. The floods now occurring in St. Louis will be pale in comparison to the New Madrid quakes that will level the city burying hundreds of thousands and your government knows this as a fact.

   Global warming is the cover story as all the elite have all prepped underground bunkers in remote areas. This is not El Nino. They are not hiding from a super storm. The current weather changes have been an affect of the earth wobbling, which movement soon will be to where almost all will notice. Strange signs in the Sun and Moon will be seen. The wobble forces warm air north and polar air south changing as it intensifies over a particular area for years now shortening to months. This shift allows an area to experience drought then shift as the air mass does to flood. You want proof look at the maps showing temperature variance from normal both hot and cold and plot as it moves around the earth. Next examine the areas the areas of drought to floods in relation to these stationary air masses and your puzzle will unravel the truth. Have I got your attention?

   What has changed is that the wobble has become more intense to where these same air masses are stable for months hovering over the same areas as you experienced here in the northeastern United States. This was meant by the blending of the seasons, which will intensify in the spring. Your flooding as water vapor in the atmosphere accelerates due to a warm winter. The delicate balance in the atmosphere has tipped the carrying capacity. The influence of heat has increased polarizing temperature differentials, which have allowed the winter purge to be delayed and this water vapor excess is carried into spring. This will flood America by all models, check it. Severe storms are just beginning as at least 25% of the nation will be destroyed or be unlivable from disasters in months to years to come. The peak is around 3 years from now.

   You ask why the increase in tornadoes? As air masses are forced to and from the poles there are eddies created along frontal lines of opposing air masses. It is this spin that initiates the hook signature you see now forming in greater numbers. It is these tornadoes that will level cities if the earthquakes don’t get there first.

   It is where the wobble intensifies after August 2016 that the coastlines need to worry as the ocean basin will rise up during wobble coupled will wave synchronization creating tsunamis washing miles inshore drowning thousands this is what you face in the short future. Again you have a choice, stand up for the cover and lose your soul or join the forces of the light.


Update Jan. 21 11pm EST


   You as a weather analysis are very concerned although when you speak to the people of this nation you appear to believe this is a phase. The data released yesterday from NASA and the NOAA showed that 2015 was the warmest year, the cover story is not important. You ask why? For the people you inform mimic your concern to the facts and you have little. I watched the Weather Underground last night and yes you did show that ocean temps are 5 to 7 degrees above normal, but it was in Celsius. You knew the Americans that viewed this would for the most part think Fahrenheit. So let’s tell the real temperature differential in ocean temperatures and how this will affect your world and eventually your jobs.

  Ocean temperatures have risen 9 to 12.6 degrees off of the Atlantic coastline yet there was surge of a colder finger far to the northeast Atlantic Basin not discussed. You are all familiar with the earth wobble so I understand why choose to look past this. This spring you will see an unprecedented amount of deluges that will affect the world as the water vapor content of the atmosphere increases exponentially. First, by the warmer atmospheric temperatures, as this will increase the carrying capacity of water vapor, more important the increase in evaporation in ocean basins.

   The intensity along frontal boundaries will unprecedented as all of you will be in a new territory. Intense lightning as the earth’s magnetic field energizes from an encroaching local source. What will be new shall be the signature hooks forming along frontal lines after a wobble shift takes place spawning hundreds or soon to be thousands of tornadoes during an event. What you have learned will be tossed out the window as your predictions will lead many astray and some to their death. The key coming from “upstairs” is to talk about total warming of the planet and redirect focus away from the oceans. For those who state global warming is a hoax you will eat your words. Not for proclaiming the hoax which is true, but allowing the public to be unprepared due to the earth changes, which are real.

   The increased water vapor will devastate your planet according to Biblical prophecies. Earth wobble hushed under Bush & Obama Administration will be ignored. Again you have a job, but when your ignorance lowers the threat and millions die, how will your family live with you, more important, how will you live with yourself?

   The temperature differentials have increased wind speeds along frontal lines and have you calculated the release of energy as molecular motion due to temperature affect the surface of the earth? Wobble will increase and with it spawn circular motion where normally there is none. You have been told that 2016 is the year of change to where you can still lie this is global warming. 2017 will be different as nations and their millions disappear. This is what you face.

   So, what tools do you have to see that change is here as a scientist, as all information going to the public is doctored? You will have a small window of time to obtain the relative disk size in our skies, the wavelength, and brightness of our Sun from 1980 until now. You will arrive at the truth, but alerting mankind is not your job. For the first will be killed as examples. Word of mouth among friends is the best route for now and preparation for change. You were told to prepare for the Second Coming. Then do so along with your shelters and supplies.

   For all of you that believe the Oklahoma quakes are due to water infusion from fracking, you are being lied to. There was an earthquake case brought against an oil company in the state and it was dismissed. They know the true cause. Common sense states the quakes would be near the wells, but you have quakes in Oklahoma City. The faults are shifting with a greater intensity when you were told a quake relieves pressure, which is it? Shortly the Oklahoma area will be hit with a series of quakes the will crush your capital only then will you know your leaders lied to you. Their motto as cowards, “let the useless eaters die save our best”. The truth is confronting you, as you cannot save all and choices have to be made. This will be their agenda and your words of concern will fall on deaf ears.

    I have a warning to all the poor of all races. Flint, Michigan this is your wake up call. When the quakes hit in many areas of the US almost simultaneously, you will be quarantined as your option when things don’t go your way is to riot. The stores will be closed in your areas and not reopen. Wal-Mart is getting a head start and that is a business choice in a free country. Your infrastructure of roads, bridges and utilities will not be fixed as no one dare goes into your area due to unrest. You cannot travel without any gas and on broken roads. I have told you when you bite the hand that protects you in a real emergency few will listen. Even though there are injustices, the current tactic is to elevate criminals and give weak support to the just. Why is that? Water mains will burst. Gas lines will rupture and fires burn. Oh guns will be the answer, just how long do you think hand gun ammo will last and they have rifles with scopes and thousands of rounds as they have prepped for this day. Hospitals, dream on all staff will flee except locals with a death wish. They will be killed by those seeking drugs. There will be no reporters, congressmen or mayors to back you as they will be hiding. Now what? You reap what you sow. No water. No food. No medicine. No future.


Update Jan. 24


   You as weathermen and weatherwoman have got caught up in the excitement of storm Jonas. Yes finally the Middle Atlantic States south of New Jersey had snow they could play in measured in feet in recent years and they did. It was a lot fun and your Weather Channel cameras focused on this. At this point, this was a good idea. But know this; you must analyze the dark side of the storm. There will be shortly an inversion as to what the public perceives. The floods, the cars slipping into valleys that drop off, isolation in a cars or trucks with no help coming, where there will be great losses of life as future events escalate. This is what you will shortly face as the main story, but those above will threaten you to minimize the truth. Prepare the public ahead of time as education. The storms will increase in severity and frequency, those happy faces yesterday you broadcasted to this nation will show fear and despair in the near future measured in months. Is this what you want? Promote when a storm is forecasted, have a full tank of gas, backup away from your homes in certified containers, water, beef jerky or a freeze dried alternative, granola bars, snacks, blankets and hand warmers. Conserve energy by turning off multimedia devices if rescue is in question. This may save the lives of you and your children. Do not lie them, as if they think they will be rescued and arguments will ensue destroying your authority as doubt encompasses your mate by design. They will stop and wait, then die when no one comes as the system is overwhelmed. This is the Truth.


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