Witness 40 Furguson



Written Dec 20


   Many of you in the media did not grasp the significance of witness 40 as you were told the new world order is beyond any deceit this world has ever seen. This random incident was chosen to exploit and all key aspects were examined to maximize a herding of the population into a predetermined direction or response. So you ask, what does witness 40 have to with anything, this was just a crazy person? I say look closer.

    Several witnesses described Brown as charging after raising his arms while hearsay lead the Black community into believing he was shot in the back or with his hands raised, standing still. Witness 40 was a plant as FBI investigators analyzed through questioning. No one even considered the witness was given inside information as they were not at the scene when Brown was shot. If investigators knew the witness was lying, then why were they allowed to testify at the Grand Jury, who made that call? Who pushed witness 40 as key to Fox news knowing this witness would be later discredited giving the Black community a reason to discount what the true witnesses saw as this was the goal. If you start here and live what you will find is a shadowy connection linked to all events.

   Know this; polarizing events are just beginning and what seems like justice, if you look below the surface and see confusion, you know this is the work of the new world order. Who now have come out of hiding for this is their time.


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