NASA predicts Moon Wobble



Written Jul. 16 11:59 pm EST


   As events related leading up to the Pole Shift, the establishment pushes answers to explain current and predicted climatic anomalies. So now we have the Moon Wobble now pushed by CNN to be responsible for future shore and inland flooding. We are told, this is an established cycle, to get worse by 2030. This tactic was used with climate change, predicted to affect earth after 2050, but it is here now. So lets examine, what they cannot explain.

   What they do not state, is the specifics on how the moon wobbles. Is it, that the moon’s orbital plane, becomes more extreme by moving further and closer to earth? Does the moon just wobble within the orbital plane as mean distance remains basically unchanged? More important, why now have things changed, as sea level may have risen an inch in the last century, and tidal waves are now a threat? They are lying at NASA.

   It is reported that the moon expands its orbit about 1.5 inches per year, check it, as those at NASA did not, so much for that lie. Tidal rise and descents is due to gravity and is a function of distance from the earth’s oceans barely changes over time. Have these events been documented in the past? No. So a small rise in sea level, is now going to cause coastal flooding? Using your inept gravitational formulas, as small shift in orbit, changes little.

   The idea of the moon wobbling within its own orbit, makes even less sense. The moon’s core is not magnetic, so what has caused the wobble, has been in place, since its existence. The face of the Moon observed does not change its face. Your eyes do not lie, or you can believe NASA. Why now to raise an alarm? Do they know something, you do not? The moon wobbling within its own orbit can only affect earth by its gravitational attraction. So if distance to earth changes by inches, the water only rises and falls like a normal tide. In Nova Scotia tides fall and rise by greater amounts than the norm, do the inland locations flood due to tidal waves? They lie.

   Sea level has been rising due to the expansion of water heated by the earth’s crust, which is thinner below the oceans and more extreme at the poles. It is not the air. This is why the Artic and Antarctic are transforming at the greatest rates. This is why, the west is having extreme heat due to a slow rise in crust temperatures, as the pacific plate is being forced under our West Coast. They explain current events due to a heat dome, but weather observations does not conform to their definitions. So what is the plan?

   Fear has enveloped the Biden Administration, as the New Madrid fault has activated and starting to spread quietly and slow over time. The pipelines had to closed along the lower Mississippi, but you were told it was a Ransom ware hack. The I 40 bridge cracked, but is not an issue until several more, suffer the same fate. The east coast is being stretched and some shoreline areas have become unstable, as they fall in elevation. What are they to do? Continue to lie, as they trap millions that may die, they have minimal prep in place to save them. They have known for decades. You have asked, if Trump knew, why did he not say something? They would have destroyed him in the media, and there was a plan put in place.

   Will the 2022 election occur, before more of the population becomes aware? No. But most will still trust their leaders, who have no clue. It is only at the Warning, will the population on earth, be set free. At this point, there will be no doubt, for those who want to embrace, while allowing others to deny.

   The new Madrid fault will break, after so many false alarms. Europe will suffer grave losses in the tens of millions and the rebound waves, across he Atlantic will wash inland along the US east coast at least 5 miles and 5 stories high in some areas, scouring all of the land. Earth wobble is due to an outside magnetic influence, whipping the earth’s poles and the ocean basins rise against their shorelines. This will cause fear for those you live along coastlines, but most will relocate over a short time.

   Biden and Harris have chosen to keep you in place, so you die along coastlines and blame it on Moon wobble. They have lied to you using a name NASA. It is earth wobble that will initiate flooding and coastal tidal waves, not moon wobble. Heed this.


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