The Woke Fad



Written Jun. 30 11:59 pm EST


   I have told you, that all will be exposed, yet you continue down the same path, that was laid out for you. You refuse to believe, that the policies now in place, come from another. Most white people in this nation are not the descendants of slave owners, as those were a select group of rich families and it was legal, though not right. Most whites came to America through Ellis Island, yet it is your policy, to blame all. Is that not what you hate when it happens to you? Over 300 thousand whites from the North died in the Civil War to free your slave ancestors. Yet today, you are so bitter towards that History. Biden said we will heal America, yet we see revenge that prevails. But your leader can hang with the KKK and no one says anything. If Biden can not continue, then you have Harris, who does not know where she has been when interviewed, and cannot even handle the leader of Guatemala. She was told, mind your own business. These are your leaders.

   We hear that whites should be ashamed for slavery and blame themselves. What I do not understand, is that some of you listen to this nonsense. Did you own slaves? Are you responsible for the sins of a few in the past, because of the color of your skin? Most had little to do with slavery, you let the UK off as they bought and sold captured Africans to America. This is an economic fact. You say nothing to change that history, yet you cancel what is here.

   America broke away from the tyranny of Europe, now the EU in some cases, have things changed? This nation has no idea of what racism was. Today they hold back jobs, home locations, education, healthcare and use words to hurt. Nothing has changed from the past. Democrats promised change 60 years ago and spent trillions. Now they allow millions to flood your schools, compete for starter jobs, raise rental properties due to demand they create, when they are trying to build. Create the problem, then offer the solution. This is counter productive. They will house, feed, clothe all those that illegally cross the border, but our homeless, f them. I guess they lied.

   If a black man looked at a white woman the wrong way or spoke, he may be lynched or severely beaten. The town would form a wall of justice, where you had no rights. How many black women on there way home from church or work were raped in the fields, during slavery and this continued through the nineteen fifties by whites and blacks? Look around at the numbers of light skinned blacks. Just how do you think they got here, when the slaves were deep purple black? There were many small events like Tulsa, but most removed from history. When you protested, dogs bit you, fire hoses knocked you to ground, clubs knocked your head, churches were blown up. You were spit on. Your woke culture knows nothing about racism, only what you read in books. Where is your old school support, I thought so.

   Your primary agenda is critical race theory. By demonizing a race, you create hate instead of mending. Where is Biden and Harris? I told you, this is a fad and will be short lived. Did you talk to corporations to give qualified minorities a chance at leadership positions, not those that are connected with little talent. Which I call political leeches, you know who you are. This is the problem in America. I told you the pendulum swings both ways. You consider building multi home dwellings on in expensive land, rather than reclaim areas in the cities, like the rich, now forcing you out. Look at Long Island City and Harlem. How is lowering property values going to work for you? I guess the same as defund the police. A Black Police Commissioner said it as clear as it can be, we have a criminal problem, not a gun problem. Take away the guns, the public is vulnerable and the criminals are still there, worse you let them out.

   So what about Pelosi talking about, it was the Republicans that has defund the police. After Covid started, many cities stood back and allow their police force to stand down during the riots, that followed the death of Floyd. There was overtime waste, police stations and cars burned. Crime was out control and they wanted the Republicans to fund political and waste directly caused by mismanagement and a loss of tax revenue, as the shut down business centers due to looting in Democratic run cities. Then now, they let all rioters go and we have to pay for this! They said no. You on the other hand made permanent reductions to police budgets. How is that working? That is the difference, as you think, we are fools to your false words.

   So with time, mankind if given, moves towards a more peaceful and equal society, so what would those in the future, say about these times? Would it be a pivotal point to where racial harmony was inclusive to all, or a quest to get even for the injustices of those who have not walk this earth in over 150 years? Remember many nationalities came to America and was hated, like the Irish, Chinese, Germans, Polish and many others. Instead, they worked hard and rose. Sometimes, you need to dismiss the excuses and just rise.

   In the future, the violence seen in the streets will be condemned, the leaders in charge incompetent, as they allowed riots to proceed with no repercussions. Business districts destroyed, many forced to close due to lack of insurance, all following a fad notion. Since when do the actions of criminals dictate the decisions of politicians? Yes, some police killed black people, many of them you forget were felons. If there was no crime, many would not be dead. If they did not run or fight, they would be alive. This is the truth you fail to realize. Others were completely innocent and the cops responsible should have went to jail, like that kid shot in a park with a fake gun. What responsible parent gives their child a fake gun to play in a park alone these days?

   Pick your battles, but you cant. You do not loot and burn your cities for any reason. You do not destroy the moral those who are sworn to protect your poor communities, because as the cowards you are, you only support what is popular at the time. What happens when popularity wanes? What happens when the first social worker gets shot? Criminals do not care who they shoot, unarmed so much better. Cori, really, this is your answer? America is not a place you experiment on, we need real solutions and few are coming from you and your friends. You are fools.


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