New World Order Initiative



Written May 16 2 am EST


   You have been told, that the new world order through their controls, infests your governments, churches and primarily banking systems. The hope, to Financially and socially enslave the common man going into to the Pole Shift. The current plan is to use the Covid-19 pandemic to continue to keep you under Marshall Law. But you as common man, continues to listen to your leaders, who does not have a clue. You are doomed. Their goal is to continue the lock down at any cost. Yes, some in the media are addressing this, but not the sinister result.

   You as an American are led by the inept. The Corona Virus is about immunity. Social distancing means nothing, but if immune, you are safe. The current strategy, if you call it that, assumes social distancing will save your asses. Have they addressed, how the 5 million subway riders in New York will get to work? No, they lie to you, as hope is on the horizon.

   Look around, once the Federal unemployment supplement ends, game over. Extend it and dollar is worthless. Now that the service industries are crushed, the number of illegals will surface, as hunger and loss of residence become rampant. It is here you will know how much certain agencies of your government has lied.

   The Democrats do not want this to happen, so they are proposing aid for the illegals, and you will have to pay the bill. Taxes will fall short, as over 25% of the nation is on unemployment. If you get reemployed, and I mean if“, your bills are backlogged months. This will crush service industries, as you have no money to spend.

   School systems overflowing with children of the illegals are an overburden. Little is said about the illegal migrants and Covid-19 hot spots, plaguing your meat processing plants. California has extended its shutdown, thus will create shortages in the vegetable markets by design. You will pay the price. Just like in China, vital services are provided by illegals, as the Middle Class becomes poorer, the rich that employees them, amasses wealth, as they do not have to pay fair wages or other taxes. Illegals can not get social security cards, so they do not pay into the system.

   You have a choice. Those who will die no matter your precautions, will. This is what you do not understand. The current process is a slow death rate and destroy the economy, or let it run its full course. The lock down should only involve those over sixty. Hot spots were by design. God infected China, New York and New Orleans, China by design infected the world. You need to ask, why a blanket policy? It is by design.

   This nation will face many challenges, and few are prepared. Your leaders shipped 600 billion dollars to China, for over a decade, while you lost your jobs, again by design through both political parties. Until a rogue politician hated by the establishment, exposed it, and Covid-19 sealed it. Now dependency upon illegals in vital industries by American corporations in America. Meat shortages as infections run rampant and you pay the price.

   The cold war with China has morphed. Your economy has been destroyed, and they did not fire a shot. Their economy is rising, while we released 25% of the population from their jobs, due to a pandemic they spread. You were told, they eliminated millions of their own to contain the virus in order to obtain a strategic advantage, pushed forward by the W.H.O. Some of your leaders do not anticipate China to attack the West. You are idiots. It is written in the Bible. If I was running China, I would hit a weaken America and the Middle East with a 2 hundred million army. With politicians already bribed, they think they would be in charge of certain areas, once invaded. They will be killed. We shall see how this ends.

   Look to your history with the new world order. Wilson signed over control of your Federal Reserve, hundreds of trillions were skimmed from the American taxpayer. The interest charged to the banks, was kept by private individuals. They controlled interests rates creating stock market bubbles by design.

   They set up patsy Russian spies in the late forties, and blamed them for the transfer of Atomic Bomb secrets. The secrets and a working bomb were flown out of a New Jersey airbase by Americans (traitors). What you have to realize, the Military complex does not make money in peace time, so they gave it to the Russians, the Atomic Bomb secret. Knowing this, both sides would militarize, but not use them, as the Russians were far behind in numbers when Kennedy escalated our nuclear program. They were never a threat, but one we created by design. Not one of you asked, how did they acquire the yellow cake, when little was available? Where did they get the separation centrifuges to enrich uranium? More important how did they build a bomb and explode in 6 months? Your world is a lie.

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