As the World Plunges into Hell

The Raft of God Almighty will Befall your World





Written Jun. 9 11:59 pm EST


   Your leaders fell to their knees to protesters, cowards. I ask, both Democrats and Republicans had the power to reform this nation, but neither when in power did nothing. Now this nation thinks they will be healed with protests? They will modify. Democrats offered programs (Welfare, Job Corp., Stimulus checks) that keep you in bondage. You depend on them for survival. The Republicansí made sure corporations and banks keep you in financial slavery through debt. Most activist groups have been around for over 50 years, and did nothing to change your present fate. So Black Lives Matter will? I seen Jesse march just like the Rev. to offer hope through the same speeches in the past, but they are rich now, and you are still poor, opportunists, as they give back a fraction of what they receive.

   You need look no further than many pastors of your churches. They live off of you hard earned money (donations) and takes advantage (expensive cars and jewelry) of church girls. This is the quiet truth confirmed by whispers of the faithful. When caught, they say I have sinned. No, they have lied. They are dirty men, hiding behind the Word of God and Jesus. Sometimes just reading the Bible is better than a false church. You answer only to Him, not a elder, preacher, rabbi or priest. They are guides, and are subject to corruption. Not all are corrupt, choose wisely.

   There is no greater business than providing services for the poor, but they do not improve their lives. The Democratic had decades to improve your schools, did they? No, but they got rich. And now you are going to be led by protesters, that knows jack about government and your leaders listen, incompetent. Reparations, a fool and his or herís money are soon separated. Instead provide good schools, fair housing, but you wonít do that. Remove the police, as this is by design. All hell will break loose in the poor communities, and you think when you call 911, some one will take that chance, as you hate the police? As resources dry up shortly, they will come to your homes first, then try the suburbs where race riots leading to the death of most intruders will occur. I warn you, be careful, as the dark one has your ear. Is the temptation of power real? You are living it.

   I ask, do you really think the new world order, who will bring this world to its knees, cares about you? Your jobs are gone. Food processing plants infected by design, the poor will know hunger. Homes repossessed, are your Democratic leaders offering a comprehensive plan? No they blowing smoke up yourÖ.?

   Old Joe, who says you know him, really. His son paid millions for influence, as all thought Hillary would win. Had she won, not one of you be wiser. Did the Clinton Foundation deliver money for Haiti? No they keep 95% of it. You are idiots. Old Joe use a recorded message for the Floyd funeral, only because he can not put together a single paragraph of a live speech. Joe remember when I asked the Almighty to take away your cognitive ability, and it was granted? How do you feel now? The DNC knows you can not face Trump in a nationally televised debate. Will you fake an illness or the DNC just come to no agreement. I am calling you out now. Please go on stage, please.

   This nation has to realize, that the media claiming Trump as a racist, was to crush him in the 2016 election backfired. Your rhetoric in the media has allowed the hidden racists, to come forward. As those blacks in the South say, you know who is a racist as they tell you to your face. In the North, racists hide behind a smiling face. The media pushed this, and this divided the nation. Apologize for every racist injustice? Who is going to do that for 400 years of injustice. Black people drop everyday in our cities from each other, did the laws change in Democratic cities? No. When pressed, with mostly peaceful protests, they now cave 50 years later after hundreds have died. What took you so long? This is a good thing. Better late than never. The part that is frightening, is the shift to the far left, and solutions need to be mainstream. You destroy a police force for the actions of a few. Instead, you train, then fire, those who do not change. The Blue Wall of Silence needs to be modified along with their unions. Protecting bad cops hurts all. Start there, if you have the courage (balls).

   The key as this divide expands, is not about your demands, as this will take decades. So you are going to bring up to speed all minorities in education? No that is isnít your plan, but an inflow of money, as if that will change things. Little will reach the people, as all of you take your cuts as usual, through proxy help orgs, follow the money. They lie to you. Do you hear plans that truly change your life? 50 years, 50 years of promises, 8 years of Obama and Biden, and I have not seen sh.t that changes America.

   Millions of you have a poor education. Millions of you have no protection, as your kids are shoot playing in the streets and parks. Who calls the cops on a kid playing with a toy gun in a park with no one in harms way? The Democrats let that pass. He was a child. Millions of you have poor housing and a glass ceiling at your jobs. You voted for decades for Democrats and Republicans. Nothing has changed for you, nothing.

   I told you, all is not what it seems. Trump was placed in office by the Almighty. Yes, he does not have the qualities you think of a president by design. Behind the scenes, Trump and junta eliminated the Federal Reserve, who printed money and charged the American people, the national debt. The money went to the Bank of England, and your president Wilson sold this nation out. Kennedy tried to reverse it, he was eliminated. The Junta is taking out corrupt politicians and media, some die, others? Trump is stopping China from stealing 600 billion a year from you. When you trade it is for parity, and anything else, your leaders betrayed this country. There are many corrupt politicians in both parties. They are easy to find, as they get rich. There is a big picture, and you are fascinated with the small.

   The Almighty told you, it would be bother against brother and mother against daughter. This is happening now in the protests. There will be pestilence, Covid-19 to start. Plagues, the locusts invasions rampant in East Africa, Southern Arabian peninsula, Pakistan and India. But, you are still blind.

   Some improvements, riot violence has been quelled, respect for you fellow man is increasing, few words on the Russians involved with the riots. You need to respect each other as Godís children, that you are. There will never be financial equality, as that should be still based on talent. To say other wise, would be communism and only the politicians have money. Be careful for what you wish for.

   I want every politician and media person to think very carefully. Your world will be transformed, as you can not make the changes needed without lining your pockets. I have recommended to the Almighty to send you new a lesson, and so it shall be. It is here you will turn on each other when faced with the truth. Tik-Tok.


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