Written Apr. 16 5 pm EST


   On the surface, the video cam from the officer in Brooklyn Mn., showed a disturbing picture. A woman officer seemed to be in panic due to the warrants confronting Wright, who should have been handcuffed in a timely manner. Did you notice the Black officer? The vest cam clearly shows the police woman pointing her gun with sights, not for an instance, but many seconds shouting, “I will tase you“. Tasers do not have sights and a vast weight difference. None of the surrounding officers even corrected her. She knew she had a gun in her hand, as she aimed it. It is not plastic A trained officer does not make that mistake. Did she panic, yes. Did the a woman initiate a racist attack, no, but the national media may paint this. Be careful as a woman who is seen as normal, will be seen as the enemy due to bias. Do you really want to face that reality? What we do not need is a race war, and continue down this path with an out of control border, we may face this. It is you in the media that is ramping up the rhetoric. Again Trump is gone.

   This was a legitimate arrest on warrants, bottom line. The female panicked and shot Wright. She will be prosecuted, as an accident in this case is a self preservation lie or negligence according to the Almighty. You choose. This is a Democratic suburb just outside of where Floyd was killed, and there was no additional training that took hold or changed attitudes in the force. This is your leadership.

   You have been told, some of the leadership of your protest groups, are busy getting paid. Have they addressed the Black on Asian crime, no. So what are they doing with the money?

   Looting cost business owners 100s of thousands or they close, are you going to reimburse their losses as you stand down by design? Soon they will sue. Then what? What America sees is poor leadership. You are in control of your own police forces and you have no one to point the finger at this time. It falls on you. Biden will not help you, as he can barely help himself. Money can not change inbred attitudes shaped over decades. You are on your own.


What needs to change


Respect for each other


   If no one cares about you killing each other, then no matter what BLM and the woke message states, it means no to little change in the future. Yes, there is a problem with hot heads and a small amount of racist cops, that kill Blacks nationwide that maybe several dozen per year. The point, the number would be cut in half if the person did not run or resist. Sometimes it is better to conform to a request, instead of escaping. A loss of pride in an instance, is better than the loss of your life, and for what, macho man? You say, it is a slave mentality, I say you can fight another day, if you are not dead. You choose. This is a fact. Not to use number, as 1 life, is one life too many. The other fact you must face, is that in one city, during one month, your own kill more Blacks including children then police do in a year nationwide. You need to march on yourselves.


Proper use of money


   Many of you who make it big in the entertainment industry are poor examples. You have millions and women throw themselves, but you rape. Through music you project the Black woman as a sex toy to be discarded. The Lyrics do not lie. What is so sad, the youth takes this as their gospel. Ask a Black woman who is professional or has just a job, how finding a descent Black man is going? Ask?

   The elite maintains control over the Black culture by promoting broken families and instant gratification through a temporary wealth. You think you are rich (poor money management), have friends (leeches) and five years later, most of you are broke. Owning a Ferrari or mansion is fine at first, but can you afford the maintenance, upkeep, or property taxes, if you are injured or your tour flops? Stop bragging and you will not have everyone asking for money. Invest in established mutual funds as the 15% to 25 % you save is better than supporting your crew and champagne, as most are there, but no one has money, but you, been there.

   When you are truly rich, they hide their money and no one knows who they are. This is how they keep it. With beauty, they all get old and the money for most is no longer there, but the drain comes from keeping up the appearances. Know when to move on. Look at the facades the media perpetuates, when it is over, it is over, a passing fad. Family comes first after God.


Stealing as the leader


   When I was growing up as a young teenager, a friend (associate as I knew no better) told me, there was a way to make a lot of money. As his friends were doing it. So I said how? He said become a young pastor and those that attend your church give money in the collection basket. I was, and still am Roman Catholic and dismissed the idea. I look around and see these mega churches, rumors of infidelity, massive homes, drives to fund private jets. Was there truth in those words I heard? Yes, just look around, but on the other side, there are many true pastors, that have a good intent in their heart. Know how to choose. Men of the cloth who serve the faithful, sometimes answer to both God and satan. Judge them by their works.


Stop being used


   I need to ask every one of you valued Black citizens over the age of 62. Are most of you better off today, especially in the effort to raise your children and grand children, then you were in the seventies? What about their future? Now Black legal immigrants need not answer. Lets start with families that were on welfare, as it was the only way to put food on the table. Your husbands denied employment, if not, offered sub standard wages. Your schools had integration, but the neighborhoods redlined assuring segregation by another legal means. Parents some without the ability to push their kids, fall by the way side, as they drop out or worse drugs. Crime out of control and drugs shipped in by design, as your own have no connection to Columbia. Do you see any rich drug dealers with homes like the Cartels? No, they are all in jail, but someone, who is American (politicians and bankers) is making the money.

   The education system in Democratic cities favor the elite with specialty and private schools. This has been in place for a century and nothing has changed. Look at the current status of Blacks on welfare and compare it to the sixties, little has changed. Sometimes you need to look at section 8 and welfare as a drug. They keep you hooked, and you go nowhere by design. Those programs were put in place as a safety net, not a way of life passed on generation to another generation. The truth will set you free.




   In order for a race to assimilate into society, there is two key factors, education and English. It starts in grammar school by the adults, with the family teaching the young assisted by the schools. Not the schools teaching the kids and the adults taking no responsibility. No responsibility leads to drop outs. This is a problem. Stop it, and this is how you get ahead. If you put little to no effort in the home, affirmative action will only put the unprepared into positions of power and everyone loses. Do you not think, that this was the intention all along? Both parties, both Democratic and Republican have done little to curb the drop out rate for minorities or offer skilled plumber or electrician apprentices to them. Remember the millions spent on Job Corp? You have yet to face, with all the Black elected officials nothing has changed in the cities since the sixties, nothing but the talk.

   You can not get ahead, if they allow illegals to crowd your schools. You can not get ahead, if demand for housing outstrips what an Administration can build. Three million additional residents per year, you do the math. You can not get ahead if the rich abandons the cities and revenue dries up. This is your future, and not one elected official even addresses this.




   As a race that has been persecuted over centuries, you should know best, that racism has zero tolerance. Yet on national TV we see Blacks attacking Asians. Why is that? This is not white supremacists, this is you. Again, why is that? If you want all to respect you, than you must respect others. Change it or God will.


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