What if You Are Wrong

The Bible has Given Us a Guide


Written Nov. 30 11:59 pm EST

Update Dec. 11 11:59 pm EST


   As I look around at America, there is a concerted disconnect between the vision the media has and yours and my eyes. I watch our leaders both Republicans and mainly Democrats allow prisoners to be released, lower cash bail, and increase the threshold for larceny. The DA releases and your families pay the price. America, you saw your cities burn, fooled into compassion for George Floyd. He was a criminal killed by a cop who had no indifference for life. His punishment was just. What was allowed by your leaders, had it been your home, you would be divorced. Your leaders followed a narrative placed in the media by a few voices and since it seemed popular they followed it, like the trolls they are.

   The result cities burned as leaders lacked the courage to contain it, billions lost. Politicians are personalities that lack common sense. The self concerned politician thought it might look bad in the public eye, when I run again to stand up. Businesses, many minority owned, lost millions did you address that? Those cities will never be the same. In Kenosha why would a white supremacist protect a minority business? There may have been a BLM protest going on, but those caught up with Rittenhouse were not protestors, but common armed criminals with the intent to steal and burn and you call them heroes. If Rittenhouse was black, protecting a minority owned business, he would have suffered the same fate, but you do not see this. You spin every thing into race, why not tell the truth and state what is right for a change? Can you the media do that?

   So you allowed rioters to vent without no repercussions and you did not expect criminals to join the party and loot? You were fools. Now cities are now plagued with smash and grab, which your policies created. Organized, is your answer, no. You really think what is going on is organized, instead crimes of opportunity? What kind of leaders do we have? They are common thieves exploiting an opportunity you created. Again I warn you they will turn on neighborhoods, then what? They already follow the rich home and steal, soon rape, what will that due for your optics and Democratic California and Chicago is leading the way.

   They released oil reserves to bring down gas prices in America, but most of the reserves went over seas due to high sulfur content, little to our refineries and the Arabs will cut supply to maintain prices. No one has addressed home heating oil in the North East, because there is no plan for that. You as the consumer has already been ripped off any relief is only shortening the pain already here, but no long term solution. Their plans that will take a decade to put in place. They know this and the oil companies will profit and reinvest in green energy and you paid for it. But no one wants a solar or wind farm near their city, why is that? Oh and I see natural gas futures spread March to April shrinking as if they can predict weather months out. We were just on the brink and now the supplies are fine. No, first it is spring and the need for heat is reduced, second all in power know the source of global warming will increase blending a mild Winter into an early warm, wet Spring. Also the Biden Administration pushed the oil industry to stop constricting supplies of natural gas in return to opening some leases. This is your world. It not about America and its people, it is about presidential optics. How has that been working for you?

   We heard of the voter fraud against Trump, in which many are saying, he is coming back. Rumors of records that would prove it. Trump was put in place to win over America as his policies worked, on the south side, he continued by design to speak offending all. It was a planned balance. Why was that? Is there proof Trump won, maybe, but you will never see it. The point keep the base baited as long as possible as the country crumbles around you.

   What about the insurrection? When ever there is a plot against government, you only have to look to who had the most to gain as the culprit. Agitators planted in the crowd. Doors opened to let the crowd in. Calls for support never made. All while Pelosi was in a secure bunker, no citizen could have entered, use common sense. Pelosi has tempered the progressive leaders as AOC has quietly stepped to the side and you hear the words of Talib and Bush. Nothing to see there.

   You are lead to believe Trump will be reinstated in and emergency. Here is your clue. The Bible states all will be eating and drinking in the future. This is a stall tactic that should have happened days after the election. Is he part of a plan backed by the new world order, good president, bad president you decide.

   Inflation by design has wiped out all benefits of a living wage, now what, as all are quiet? Economics 101 inflation is not supply issue across all industries due a backlog of shipping containers. Has prices dropped as the container ship backlog off shore decreased? No! The word transitory is being dropped by the Feds, but the Democrats still cling. They spend trillions on social services controlled by their friends. Infrastructure built by firms in their back pocket, as this is build back better, as America gets fleeced.

   Covid again has a new Omni variant. Source confirmed, again in a country not ravaged with the original virus, but no technical data as if this is natural or modified. Plus, of course the vaccine booster is not effective against Omnicom. Why is that? If the vaccines and booster shots are not effective against the variants, then what? Then if it is not controlled by the last two vaccines, you are in endless cycle. I told you the virus, but mainly the variants were engineered coming out with precise timing and spread by design. Now, how are you going to allow your lives to be controlled? Ireland is over 89% vaccinated and they are going into a lock down where only 10% maybe affected? The numbers do not make sense. So 10% of the population unvaccinated is surpassing the nation pass infected rates when no one had protection? They are lying. If true, they the unvaccinated would be flocking to get a vaccine. Do the math and you will realize money and lock down are behind the Covid numbers. The goal is to reduce the immune systems of the world by design, but you think your leaders will save you. They want you to die. You ask why? I will explain at the end of this paper.

   In America you have those (school boards) promoting the ways of satan among our youth, our students. Exactly Democrats what are you promoting under freedom of expression. Let me send some reality to you. Send a trans with a penis into a womanís prison, she really he will rape. This is already a fact. Send a trans who was a women into a menís prison since he still has an ass and in most cases a vagina, they will be raped. You can identify, but your body invites abuse. This is where you have it wrong. Your books preach same sex, fornication, kids and adults with penises allowed to enter girls student bathrooms and in jail, rape female inmates and you call this building back better. You allow a child with immature thoughts to make permanent decisions on their lives coerced by the environment you place them in. We have Cabinet member with a child and you think the child will not have a bias towards father, father for both parents? Yes you have to right to love who you want, but know you will face Jesus. The mind of a child is precious and should know nature and GodĎs way is male and female. Your relationship is yours, but your child should know it is not the norm. Why donít you focus on improving the education systems in the inner cities, no because that would create true equality.

   On foreign policy, in the Biden Administration all pretend they would protect Ukraine, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Yes they will send and sell weapons except Hong Kong. But go to war? Small forces sent to train, advise and in the end, die, that is the plan. China is now practicing refueling planes in the straits and you think they are not preparing to take back Taiwan? Your leaders will cower, knowing the only path to stop this, is nuclear war. Biden has not addressed the SALT agreement with Russia and their new hypersonic weapons. As an offensive weapon the EU would fold in ten minutes. Under a treaty we are limited to the amount of nuclear weapons each nation can possess. All know Russia and China are in agreement to a cause. Most in the defense dept knows that Russia sent its obsolete unclear weapons to rouge nations that left the USSR. So Biden will allow China to weaponized instead of bringing in into the SALT agreement? China can add thousands of nuclear weapons in agreement with Russia. All this happening under the watchful eyes of sleepy Joe. They have in their minds it would be limited to honor cold war agreements. You ask why would they agree to that? The new world order seeks a 90% population reduction. Their current goal is just short of 500 million. Workers need not be educated. Need I say more.

   We hear on a particular site the New Madrid fault will break before early 2022, but no precursor seismic rips at the levies in New Orleans or the shallows off of Louisiana. And today the global wobble will be reduced due to technicalities. Wobble is the source of increased global quakes. You were told visibility would be confirmed at the beginning of the year. Really, I see the same poor shots, I have always seen just like the fuzzy UFO videos, when all recorded video is above Ultra High Definition. The videos are downgraded to maintain an element of doubt. We do not need a new commission to investigate what is already housed in select D.U.M.B. US bases.

   Your best warnings of betrayal will be the false alarm quakes triggering your leaders to flee DC. Why would the leaders flee coastline cities and head inland? Why would the elite in London all become unavailable then reappear with the same excuse? What they fear is rogue quakes destroying roads, where they cannot reach Military bases for quick evacuation. Yes, there are helicopters in place for rogue pickups but hundreds in the skies fleeing inland will be recorded. The New Madrid will be the source of the false alarms and their present fear. As they do not want to alarm the public of why they are leaving and they were not told. That particular site is off in timing and total initial destruction. The site is allowed to exist, as it is influenced by both the light and dark by design to allow some truth out. This is why, it is in the media. Heed this warning.

   So why am I telling you this? Because what you are face with is organized, there are thousands of tentacles all answering to 1 source, but few can connect the dots. This is because you are looking at each individual problem as just that. Instead look at each problem as a part of a macro plan to achieve one goal. So lets connect some of the dots.

   Those that lead you are only thinking of themselves. You have to ask. In any plan there must be many avenues for success and all have to seem unrelated. You for starters see an attack on Democracy on Jan. 6, but insiders put enough info on a Qanon site to incite rumors. People went to jail. You have Trump stating the election was stolen, but he is not coming back, as it would divide the nation further. So why leave it out there? You know Hillary set up and paid for Russia and Trump connection with little more coming from Durham by design. Voter suppression as if no one can get to the poles to vote due to Covid lock downs, but you can go to the grocery store.

   Your lesson was to let Biden get in, as if Trump was reelected, you would still be screaming racism while the nation was intact. You got your chance with Biden and Democrat control of both Houses and within 10 months he has destroyed the country. On the surface it looks like dems against the repubs, but it is a setup as both sink to new lows. Capped by an emergency many by design will choose something new, this is the plan. You are being herded and soon slaughtered. Dems allowed your cities to crumble. The common wealthy are no longer safe in their stores, restaurants, cars and homes. This is your tipping point, as they see them just like you. Crime is rampant, but your leaders allowed this by design. The media states we are building back better, while I see the nation dropping into a cesspool and few see the big picture. We will go to war and this Administration will allow an invasion on American land. The markets will crash, inflation shift to hyper, safety out the windows as criminals rule the city streets abandoned by the rich.

   Taiwan in the east and Ukraine in the west offer easy targets as the West stands down. Covid with numerous variants created to keep you locked in place continue. Families break up, murder is rampant and the media tells you all is well. You have fallen so far you put up statues of a criminal as your children die in the streets by the hundreds. There will be food shortages especially in the cities. You are locked down. Where are you going to go? You need to ask why on all fronts. Conspiracy theories remember are true. The US allowed Pearl Harbor to enter the war just like Lusitania in WW1. Wilson sold out to the new world order giving control of the US treasury to a private bank owned by the Bank of England. WMD was created so members of the Bush/Clinton family could control the oil reserves, because they though the pole shift looming was to occur in 2003 false alarm. Aliens are a joke yet their ships fly in your skies. Your leaders lie.

   The elite for decades knew of the coming disasters (The Greatest Secret) and hope to keep you busy chasing your tails. They are succeeding as the media idiots lead you. As for racism stirred by the same media. I told you in no uncertain terms there will be a race war, and know you created it over issues that should have been solve another way. So what are some people saying up here where I live other the usual word ni..er when they see a person of color, privileged. Address Tamir, a cop does not know the demeanor of a child playing or a fake gun. Who called that in? Most of all what Black parent gives his child a fake gun to play outside. The cop should have been fired and charged with manslaughter, a child will not respond to freeze. Few of you shut down this world for a child, but you burnt cities for a criminal. This is your world. You have little time to change it or God the Father will. My patience is gone, as this is a world quickly approaching not worth living on for any reason except to save souls, it is in His Hands.


Update Dec. 2 4pm EST


   As events in the Ukraine escalate, you were told there would be no or little military support and Ukraine is on its own. Secretary of State Blinken states there would be severe elevated sanctions against Russia and we and NATO stand by Ukraine. How would that work when in the depths of winter an attack would roll over the Ukraine and the gas would be cut off to the EU. Millions would freeze in their homes. Blinken are you going to go war to protect a corrupt ex Russian state? Just one NATO force that crosses into Ukraine, the Russian will not stop at its western border and the missiles will fly, just letting you know. You can talk the talk, but you are not walking that walk, so stop with the nonsense, as if we are stupid.

   As for China and the push back for hypersonic weapons development, the statement is foolish as the US has black project weapons decades ahead of current technology. Biden thinks he has the upper hand with diplomacy, if war starts Russia has already dismissed Biden. As all is not what it seems.

   Quick side note on Owens, the media needs to be careful with your spin. Criminal black men, not the entire race are responsible for the most murders per person today. Go talk to Lightfoot for an answer. Counting white supremacist killings from the past does not address what is happening on the streets today. You will riot in the street for the few shot by cops, but the hundreds that die in your streets monthly shot by your own men, well you look the other way, pathetic. This is why the media and BLM has lost creditability.


Update Dec. 4 11pm EST


   Finally the Intel community is releasing what the already knew and what was published here. The Russians are planning to attack Ukraine. What could not happen, is a rogue website call the attack and they get caught as if they were in the dark. Now lets call out Biden. If or when the Russians attack the Ukraine, they are willing to go to war. What you do not get, is that there is no diplomatic solution. The Russians will take Ukraine and you will back down. The Russians know the EU has no spine and Biden just a political coward. Biden, Putin is planning on beating your ass in front of the world, not in the back where no one sees the truth and you think you are going to talk your way out (diplomacy). I thought you brought a chain in the fight with corn pop, but you bring words to a fight with the Russians. We can see that story was a lie. Putin will crush the EU when he turns the gas off and Ukraine will be the least of your problems. These are your leaders.

   The follow-up on China is that they are staging practice runs. Finally those that lead our military are telling the truth about the Chinese intention, thank you. You will not be able to stop the re-patriotism of Taiwan. I told you to allow mass immigration of the semiconductor industry first. The longer you wait, the longer you advance Chinaís chip producing capacity in the future. Unless you are a traitor to world and back the new world order. Then doing nothing is by design.

   Well the liberal media has taken a hit, Chris has been fired. I did like and watch him for a counter opinion. He will not be the last or will this only involve only one network. A purge is coming beware. Thank you Symone, we know, if you are leaving the Administration after hanging with crazy Bernie for years, we know the end is near. You cannot polish sh.t. Heed this America. It is not about being labeled with Harris, but going down in flames with Biden. Symone could have side step, but? First the Covid, then the Delta, now the Omicron and next year another. They will destroy what you call the Middle Class and small business by design.


Update Dec. 10 11:59 pm EST


   America refuses to see the truth, as the nation polarizes. It is not the left vs. the right, but the elite vs. America. You are losing to globalization, but your petty local issues clouds your mind. Biden, you speak of justice in this nation, land of the free, as all are innocent until proven guilty. You stated Rittenhouse was not a self defense reaction, but a jury of 12 said it was. You stated we all should be with Jesse in the heinous racist hate crime, but it was a lie costing hundreds thousands in police man hours. A jury of 12 convicted him. You and the media are not judges, and certainly not the jury as the justice system has spoken more than once. I hear cries, we need to change the justice system, so if the evidence and the jury comes to a conclusion you do not like, change it. You sound just like the Jim Crow South, any comments Biden.

   You were wrong about Covid, as now under 120 million unvaccinated are creating million of cases, how is that? But it is better under Trump who had almost 340 million unvaccinated? I ask you, is there something shady going on? Look around, where are the temporary hospitals, closed floors in hospitals, money to be made only if they put you on a ventilator? All is not what it seems.

   Inflation is transitory if it is a supply issue, but in your case, Biden you authorized the printing of trillions of US dollars to support your build back better plan. How is that working? So 101 economics states a greater supply in money needs to be balanced by inflation. Please donít tell your advisors did no tell you? Oh, they lied stating it could be held off until 2022 elections. Today the inflation numbers just reaffirmed your wrong direction. You listened to fools. Side note, how is that money train working for you? All those construction projects sealed bids that see to be known. Someone is getting paid.

   Concerns are rising about abortion. Heed this. You are a creation of God the Father Almighty. Do not confuse the ability to create life in your womb, as a choice over the unborn. Choose this and you are no different than the animals, your choice. You create the flesh, but the Almighty places an indestructible soul that joins with that flesh at the point of conception. This is beyond your current knowledge, yet you will be held responsible. When you destroy the flesh, the soul aborts and that is not your right. I warn you what He gives in life, He can take away. Again heed this.

   Why are you sending American weapons to Ukraine? So they can give them to the Russians when they invade? Ukraine will be crushed in days if or when the Russians invade. So what is your point? Try to save face as if you tried, just like Afghanistan? The Russians invade they get a strategic foothold on the eastern edge of the EU. Crimea was about access to warm water ports with access to the Med. But you and your generals do not see this as a two phase objective. No amount of sanctions, which they have factored in, will offset the gain of Ukraine under Russian influence. But, you still play the game in the media and with the American audience. Biden, I do not want to pop your balloon, but they rolled on you and Obama in Crimea like a bitch in the jail house. The sad part, you think your same type of threats will work this time. So you invoke severe sanctions and the Russians cut the gas to Germany, brilliant plan. It is winter. America, the sanctions will slowly be removed as the Russians use the Chinese banks. This is already in place. Go ahead and sanction the Chinese for trading with the Russians and your factories will stand still or worse, they will attack Taiwan as you cannot handle 2 crisis. The EU will be prime for take over. You can not use nuclear weapons in Europe, it will be a ground war, but you will not get support there in time. The military has quietly reduced its troops in the EU to be in place for the upcoming disasters in America. You know this, but so do the Russians as China eyes Africa. Biden, you think your polls are bad now.

   In America, there are the haves (elites, politicians and the media) and the have nots (the American people). The sooner you learn this lesson, the better off you will be. The point many that lead you, do not have your best interest.


Update Aug. 11 11:59 pm EST


   Don I havenít addressed you in a while, miss me? So lets get to the point. You threw Jesse under the bus, when you were so positive, he was attacked. With a guilty verdict you knew, your support for him was not worth your job. He used you. Sad part, you should have taken an uncommitted position at first, but you were caught up and that trend is reversing. Then you used Jesse and BLM to bolster your career without regard to the truth. Now you run like a coward when the tables turn. How is that working for you?

   I am really here to address your comment on the good news, gas prices are falling. Now I always knew you were not the smartest bulb on the block, but I still watched you. So we are to be ecstatic that gas prices are 1.40 above normal and dropping. We saved 10 cents from Biden policies. So lets put this in plain English for the American public. The Biden Administration sold 50 million barrels to the Chinese and Indians with high sulfur content polluting the air for a loss. While the oil companies lowered the shaft they hand us from 1.50 above normal to 1.40 and you think this is great. So a thief steals $3,000 over a year and months later they leave $200 on the table as a give back. Your are an idiot. There is no celebration until gas drops to 2 dollars, but that wonít happen.


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