World War III

The Unthinkable



Written Sept 19

Updated Oct 10


   As signs of peace have seemed to blossom in the Middle East, what you are being told are lies, as there is something more sinister behind the scenes. Many leaders of the worldís nations are infested by the dark side and do not have the best interest of its citizens or this planet earth. So letís make this clear right now, Obama is not one who has or will betrayed his country at this present time, look behind the scenes at those who are trying to ascend for a clue. This is to inform with the Truth, not to increase fear. Without a warning all of you would be unprepared.

   You have been told more than once that conflicts in Syria and Egypt will escalate then embroil this world shortly into a state of world war rapidly spreading into the four empires that will bring the use of nuclear weapons and fear will shake the core of every citizen of this world. This has brought sadness to me, because efforts on earth have saved billions. The faithful and others have tried to prevent this and even our prayers cannot stop the prophecy.

    So details are needed to spread the Truth and so you shall have it. Political plans in the United States morph to adapt to these words as mankind is warned through the Word of God. As now Obama care is no longer the focus, in light, interest rates is the agenda. Thank you in the media, the Republican outcasts as you are standing up for this nation.

   Now in this world, the four great empires yet to evolve to their ultimate power will empower men and woman who will betray their countries, the US, Russia, China and Europe will consolidate regional power once the world is informed of the pole shift. Cooperation behind closed doors has already carved up the world, but this will not last. The US will take control the both Americas. Europe will take Africa. Russia will control the Middle East, their former states from the USSR and western Asia including Pakistan and Afghanistan and China the rest of Asia including Australia and New Zealand. Yes you have been sold out, protect your women as they will be targets. When this agreement was made China did not believe Australia, South East Asia, the Philippines and Indonesia would sink. Coupled with Japan being rendered worthless by earthquakes, Russia will see the Middle East oil reserves sink into the ground as earth changes open fissures and in areas where compression occurs the oil explodes and burns, thus worthless. The resentment as these words become true will turn cooperation into war with the catalyst, the Mid East conflict so easily arranged. This is the plan of the dark one who knows a version of the future and you trust him, fools.

   You ask, why the nations would allow themselves to be subjugated? Once the world is informed either visually by the second sun, some other phenomena or an announcement leaders of small countries will seek help to crush or contain the population, thus the alliance and expansion of the empires in all 4 regions of the world as the public due to the treat first bank runs and then riots is the enemy at first, instead of each other as nations.

   The empires are aware of the coming famines and imbalances throughout the world. As supplies shrink and the needs of the wealthy are not met, alliances will be broken. The dark one will increase turmoil in the Middle East, which has already polarized the world. The plan is to plant a rouge nuclear device causing events and the situation to escalate so quick diplomacy will not have time. Once nuclear weapons are used, Israel will not wait for approval from allies as they will see their nation in peril. The world will not care who or why the event happened, just that it did. Thus, this will divide East and West leading to war, as this is planned.

    Fear will overwhelm the industrialized world, as 3rd world countries are use to facing life and death in the same day. The picture is painted, but few understand what they are looking at. The financial banking system of the EU teeters on default and forced austerity upon its population. The default of the debt ceiling in the US looms as everyone points fingers, the goal is to destabilize the governments in world markets, and make your leaders look weak in the minds of the common man. If the mainland US is hit, all of you will be in tears saying, how could this happen. The signs are here, but you refuse to see them. In your mind no one could be that sinister, but all of you, forgets one thing, it is satan incarnated as man. And not one of you politicians will stand against him as you cower in fear. When the Truth descends upon you, millions will be dead and sadly some of you reading these words as your mind cannot comprehend true evil.

    What you do not know is the war once started, the empires will hit selected targets dictated by the antichrist. The missiles will fly, but at first hit Africa and South American targets destroying the weak a decapitating any leadership as millions die as a plan to depopulate the earth and cut off migration routes. It is here the West will hesitate to negotiate as home still is untouched. Remember those in power will push a full response from Israel under the guise of a threat, but they were not hit, thus creating a global war, but again this is directed. This short war will hit targets in all empires and the people will beg for peace at any cost. Again create the despair and final destruction and then offer peace with an anointed leader. Once more how easily fooled you are as the human race.

   Will anyone step up and bring peace? This is how the antichrist will rule the world, as it will be handed to him through a set of circumstances prepared since the dawn of time. It is he that will broker a deal between Israel and Palestine establishing peace. It is he the will bring the empires together in a false peace. It is he that will reign over the EU or whatís left of it. He will consolidate power and given control by you the people so fooled over all empires and your democracy will hang by a thread as it transpires. Russia will control Israel and with this genocide on Godís chosen people will be greater than WWII as the world looks the other way. This could change Jesus speaks, "I King of the Jews will never forsake you My chosen people. When I came to you the first time your priests, like the Catholic priests today did not believe it is I, the Messiah. I will forgive the past if you come to Me and ask, Jesus it is I your humble servant, please forgive me for I have sinned and I will wipe away your tears. Talk to Me and I will listen to your concerns. I can not save you if pride prevents you from asking. You know I am in Heaven if you say I did not come. You know I am in Heaven if your Pharisees killed Me. Take My hand and let Me bring you final peace and love as your Messiah, because My lost one, you are home." Hang the Seal of Protection in your homes and temples just like the time of Moses for this is your only hope during the persecution soon to befall the Holy land, heed these words.

  Obama make plans first for your escape (use the seal of protection) when things go south as you will be betrayed if this happens on your watch and then for the defense of this nation. You will not stop them, but will minimize the lost of life and more important souls. Divine intervention will disable many of the warheads protecting the US and redirect some at the strongholds of the NWO. Stay out of the bunkers as they are using you to protect their asses. Know this, although some will get through and may God have mercy on the souls lost.

   With pre-selected targets in bread basket countries and radiation affecting what is left of the dwindling food supply in the 3rd world countries many will die in a matter of months where the strong, sin and murder reign increasing the harvest of the dark one. The empires will then focus internally as some of their cities will be leveled. If faced with death, never beg for your physical life as a coward; stand up for Jesus and you will be saved. This is the trust of faith and is the Truth as you are going to die anyway.

    To you leaders of the United States, nothing will prepare you for what is coming. You have never been challenged by true evil, satan incarnated as man. He has no fear of man, for you are mortal. He senses your thoughts and preys on your weak desires. Engage and you will fail, like many in Congress and the military has done. The dark one will strike through friend and foe, the sad part, the intelligence community will verify this. You can not go public as who will believe you. For every warning there is a counter move and then another, you know the drill. Now for those who think this is just gifted writing or nonsense. Read all that is here, the Grant Chronicles as events written about that were to occur in the future have passed. This is the Truth.

   New plan, focus on the perceived result for this will never change as the paths to achieve this, will. You know Syria is a false peace as the rebels have been infiltrated and Putin is a puppet out of the loop. The peace as he presented is true on the surface, but those behind this will betray him and point the finger of blame towards the West and Israel. Suitcase nukes provided under the orders of the antichrist provided by the shadow Russian government and this will provoke Israel in self defense, but Israel some in your government already know this is a plan already in place. The Moslem world will see this different.

   You in the media will be in disbelief, in what seems like a regional war now comes home. You have been betrayed by certain members within your governments as the debt crisis was planned to destabilize the financial stability of this nation masked as fighting to control the debt. As I address the Tea Party for once in your pathetic lives, investigate who our interest rates are owed to. Can you do just that without getting seduced by words of the media?

   As words lead to actions and mistrust grows all some parties know they have been shafted by land and resources that will not exist war will break out among what the world was lead to believe were partners. Again the US will respond with limited strikes once a politically aligned target is hit, the focus military targets at the request of Obama when given no choice and the old Soviet regime will respond in force on civilian targets. Some of the missiles targeting this country and certain EU countries will be intercepted by weapons this world has never seen, but some will get through and hit civilian targets. Millions will die. Is the US at risk, yes, although I do not know how many or the target cities, but the northwest would be their prime target by sub as this would open up an invasion point towards Denver. This is the plan of the antichrist, but will offer a peace plan again just like Putin where no nation can refuse. With the threat of foreign troops on American soil you will have no choice. Prepare now. If I were you, I would introduce low levels of potassium iodide into the salt distributed to the US population, just incase.

  Now the sinister part, many of our leaders will give the antichrist power in this nation. All will adore him, lay accolades of awards upon him for bringing this world from the brink of destruction of this world, which was planned. This is how the New World Order will rise. The hope now states millions instead of billions will be lost due to your ignorance and inept leaders who will cower in the bunkers. The plan has been known for over 2000 years and presented in the Book of Revelations, but few have the wisdom to see beyond the veil of deceit. Just to let you know, leaders of the world as I speak the Truth many of the missiles will be redirected to target your bunkers as karma. Do you think you could kill the innocent without retribution? If you emerge, you will have a death sentence. This is the wrath of God.

   As I speak to the world, few of the leaders in power have your best interests. As changes are made that seem to support the general public, no matter how the media spins it. You know the message may be tainted, but look deeper. It is subtle. It will be shown as for the good of the country. It is meant to deceive. Very soon all of you will know the government has lied to you. There is a threat against the planet. This is true, but how they paint the future is false. The agents of the dark side are undermining the political stability of the world. Introduce a false flag event of a nuclear magnitude and the world will not have time to investigate. This is the plan.

   Israel, Godís chosen race, sons of Abraham heed this message as the spirit of Moses guides you. Your leaders may use nuclear weapons as Arab nations rise up in their homelands to seek freedom, but the leaders of the empires will present this as a threat. Release the weapons first, then negotiate from a point of power, as they assume. They see land and oil as the prime objectives to release weapons of WMD not the safety of their nation. This is a set up and planned to entrap your nation, but you are protected by Michael the Arch Angel to reduce the genocide. All know Israel must protect its sovereignty, but at what cost to the world? Once the missiles or bombers are released, the world will change in spite of the false flag events planned. As the Western nations will go against the East. All will see your nation as responsible for war crimes as this is how the antichrist will control your nation, beware.

   As the Holocaust killed over 6 million, but that which is the spirit of satan in a man adored by the world will be given control of your nation to achieve peace when millions die. No world power including the United States will stand up for you as untold souls died from WMD. Did you consider convention weapons? Know that the plan was already in place. The population betrayed by the leaders, your nation will have no option but to comply. The sad part few in your nation will respect this message and even fewer will live to see the Second Coming.

   We have all been told a third world war would escalate in the Middle East. All see the signs, but not one of you seeks a true peaceful solution. Do you think the Russian ship with the capability to destroy another ship will just stand by as the US launches? Letís roll the diplomatic dice.


To the Media


   I know sometimes these words seem like fiction. Where are the devastating earth changes as they are extreme, but is within what occurs on earth? But you have been told of a threat in secret by the elite in your field, ask and watch their facial expressions for that do not lie. Events are progressing according to mankind. There is hope now where there was little if events had been allowed to progress decades ago. Most of mankind would have been lost. Be thankful for the mercy of God as few of you would be living today.

   There will be great destruction after the warning. After the Second Coming, those left who are hardened will be destroyed. The few undecided will live out a miserable life with the only hope to call out to Jesus. Insects, hunger and disease will torture you to make a choice. Those that think they are in control of their lives will be snuffed out as an example to save others. This is what you face. If or when an announcement is made, the world will look for leadership. Some men and woman will look for a false love. Abandon families for opportunities of lust, rape, murder, politicians who hide with your money; is this a world you want? The financial markets have been rigged for decades and as they say the horse has left the barn long ago. You refuse to believe that your politicians have provided for themselves at the expense of this nation. Look at their actions as they seek long term solutions, when all are preparing for the end of times. They have lied to you and what is worse, how do you explain this to your family?


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