In Your Arrogance


Written Mar 7 

  Many of you know who follow this site in defiance or covertly, my stance with justice on this world; as I stand with the Almighty and His Son Jesus. I do not waver from this position as this is only what I know, not the tepid response, I believe. This is for the weak in spirit who are still searching. Now letís get to a point.

   To the elected leader of this sphere, I will give a word of advice with no disrespect. I see you as a pioneer with few friends. It is time to stand up; you owe no one, anything. When you lead this nation and you know what it faces, there is some compromise for those who voted you in. There is no shame when you cut against the grain, for you know this. Now once in the position to lead the world are there doubts? Look to you companion, who does not waver no matter what is thrown at them. No compromise, it is about saving this nation at all costs even if you have to fall. This is the Truth.

   You feel the outside forces changing this government, but you are one man alone in your quest. You were told this would be an almost impossible quest and you accepted and now you know it is true. Cowards run, not you. Do not allow this country to fall to the influence of the powers to be. Do not let the Supreme Court change our laws. Your legacy is to God not man, and this nation of all people, not just one group with an agenda expects you to stand up for them. Be brave, be strong and most of all what is right for this nation in the name of God. Remember when you spoke those words during a ceremony in front of millions? You are being held to your words for when you invoke God all must follow through.

   As a nation we need to rise above the media spin as men or women at the pinnacle of becoming potential leaders, speak many times the truth or will of the people. The mistake is when they who are marginal want to ascend to a new level of power. This is the path. This is what captures America. This is what offered always as a hope of change. This time it is different. This is where you are chosen and offered a path. Did you really think it was your idea?

   Once there, for many they succumb, your speeches and policies are prepared and carry the same theme, but the media is finally starting to notice. This is why many candidates seem to say the speech, but when compared, ask who or what group is directing and funding them on the national stage? These are not their words to be spoken, but a script handed down from the powers to be, the New World Order.

  You speak of immigration when you want cheap labor for your businesses, but push the social services and education towards the democrats. It is here you divide America as a plan, but few see the Truth.

   With division there are doubts. With doubt comes acceptance when presented a threat real or manufactured where all accept of a loss of rights under a guise of false protection and an eventually compromise of our Constitution, is this what you want? By time you realize, you will have few rights and state how did this happen. You are being lied too, wake up. Stand up proudly for your country, the United States of America.

   In your arrogance, the prince of darkness will crush all of you who still think they are in control this world as the son of satan has risen on Dec. 21 2012. Like ants beneath the foot of an elephant your power once great and promised by him shall be reduced to a random cloud dust as other past where you once stood proudly.

   All in power with links to the covert elite Masonic sect know as a fact, which is now at the helm of power that rules this earth. We are not talking about the Masonic temples placed among the public with no power, craftily infused with the commoners to bring doubt if and when absolute rule on the public is enforced. Watchdogs providing info on their neighbors as they think the pledge to Masonic laws means something, like peasants who really think the king needs them.

   Make no mistake as you witness politicians follow a prepared script and policies that seem suspect as you are given your orders. Why the sudden reversal, havenít I heard these same words before (republicans on abortion and same sex marriage). You now know they have been compromised. Since when does allegiance to a party come before the will of the people? What you need to know is there is only one way out, death as an example. Be careful as there is another choice and with it a seal of protection.

   Remember, abortion is not a womanís choice as you are not God with the power to create life or destroy it. Your body is a vessel that holds and allows life to develop regardless of how the events joining the sperm and egg results. Know this, they were joined by the actions of man, which your Father, God Almighty cannot interfere with as His children with ďfree willĒ.

  All of you in elite government and industry, the Vatican, and black project scientists fear these words as you know this is the Truth or are just fools as oppose to most of the public who have no clue. Change as this is your only choice. 

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