Written Mar. 16 11:59 pm EST


   Rarely do I address an Foreign leader not on the serious world stage, a prop, but for you, I am going to make an exception. Who are you to address the US Congress? A puppet leader of a small nation installed by fraud. I have to say great acting, yet you do have a problem with the Russians. You were told this was a test. Against NATO and I am sorry your country had to suffer and thousands in the end die.

   You were put in place as an actor and comic to lead Ukraine for the new world order by the Obama Administration, but you can not even do that right. They gave you money, power and women and you still f..ked it up. Now you come begging for support, when you had the chance to turn this around? Are you somebodyís pawn? All you had to do, was to denounce NATO, as they would have let you and your people succumb before going to war with Russia. Even if NATO accepted your nation as a full fledged member, when attacked, they would rather your nation get scorched, than have Europe nuked to protect your nation. They would let your nation go to save all. The patsy, the fall nation and you put hope there as a fool. But no as a temp leader, as that is what you are protecting, the financial gravy train might end. You were played and now you have false promise of hope. This is the truth.

   How are things going with your drug and prostitution rings? We do not hear anything about that here in our land of the free censored media. Oh, it is not well as the hoís and your customers have left. Have you told the American people of your side business, that you really are protecting? Have you told them Biden has to come through or Hunter will burn in the press as he has got paid? So all that money paid and no results. How does that sit with the Ukraine leadership? Have you told America, you sold the weapons given to protect your nation to middle east black market arms agents?

   And you really expect us to believe, leaders of certain countries are going to take a train to talk to you in Kyiv with shells and missiles flying, when there is zoom? You have nothing new to present or offer. Who arranged that? New weapons wonít save your ass as your troops run. You told civilians to fight and now you wonder why they die as legit targets? Youíre an idiot. Personally I am not impressed with your lies. You forget the Almighty allows me read minds to a certain extent like yours and Putin. Many just asked, what about Biden? Crickets as I access his mind, as he is told what to do by Blinken, who answers to another. This is why Biden states, I am not allowed.

   Now the Almighty is giving you, Zelenskyy one change to walk away, denounce NATO concede your losses with the disputed territory for the Ukraine people. Can you do this? Then Putin will have no choice, but to leave and both of you save face. Now you can be a pussy for the West or be brave and beat on your small skinny green shirted chest to stop Putin by giving in. Have you been working out? Putinís current plan is to delay a little longer and take credit for peace. Both of you see this and in the end, who is the coward? You live to fight another day.


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