Are There Still Habitable Planets in the Universe Available for Colonization?


   With most of the human population clinging to the idea that we are the most advanced life form created in the image of God, there is an illusion of a vast universe that has a bounty of unexplored planets for mankind to conquer and exploit. This concept is far from the truth.

  The universe is populated with an infinite variety of intelligent life forms in every form, size and species. In fact, every form of life observed on Earth from bacteria, plant, insect to animal there is some form of intelligent life based on its form. Some types of existence are beyond the comprehension of mankind.

  Habitable planetary space is rare in a mature galaxy like ours. Once a dominant life form appears on a planet, they are genetically improved to host an evolving or sparked soul. Significant quantities of new habitable planetary space is only available after a localized big bang initialized by a massive black hole, has created a new galaxy or cluster there of.

  As mankind evolves spiritually, some will be introduced to interstellar travel during this century. This new knowledge and some explorations will reveal that most planets are already occupied, with multiple sentient species and on a few planets in early development, some will be unaware of each other except by folk law.


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