What is the Ratio of Advanced Civilizations to Those Similar to Earth?



If we were to compare planets similar to Earth’s intellectual advancement to planets containing life forms on the next level up, there would be 1 planet with life forms on the same level as Earth to 1200 planets with advanced entities. Mankind is just beginning to explore its potential, which is infinite. This statement is a directly based on information from Zetatalk. Now what can we add to this idea?

   What was not given to mankind is that large moons capable of retaining an atmosphere is included in this mix. For a water planet atmospheric density is not a primary factor. For terrestrial life density determines the level of life. Mars once had simplistic life forms, but was extinguished by a life form that cared not for the environment. In there advanced stage in comparison to Earth of exploitation, destroyed life on a planetary level. Also, on third density worlds there are many separate life forms and civilizations all quarantined from each other and again this is by design. So 1200 to 1 ratio is just another number that if examined has many other factors.

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