Has There Been Physical Evidence Found That Points to Other Life Forms in the Universe?


   Besides the obvious evidence left behind by visitors, that has slipped pass confiscation by governments all are well beyond the ability of present mankind to create. Like the pyramids both built here on all parts of the Earth and a particular area on Mars. Mankind continues to bury all news regarding unusual skeletal remains recovered by scientist expect for the deliberate fakes leaked to the internet to debunk a real photos that may hit the news.

   When face with the discovery of concrete evidence proving the existence of life on other worlds, there is still extreme pressure to muzzle the find all coming from the old school established in the US. Firm words are professed from the establishment. The world is not ready, but projects like Seti give the population hope. They are looking for radio signals when advanced races use telepathy and other races mask their radio waves when they realize as self centered, they do not want to be discovered. So transmissions are diffused to blend with stellar emissions.

   The Us Government has a direct relationship with other worlds and to this day, are reluctant to reveal details to their population. What about the social disruptions that may be caused in religion and other fundamental beliefs? So a group of scientists is assembled to provide an explanation the layperson will buy (Kaku) in 2011, although this will change.

   When the skulls found no genetic link to any life form present on Earth were exposed, the only solution was suppression of information under the guise, we are not ready. The conclusion pushed in the media through the Science and History channels in the US is that the primitive tribes put metallic rings around their head extending them to the rear. Any structure in place around the head capable of deforming the skull would cut off circulation to the skin on the head. Results would be infection by rust, and with no tetanus shots, death would be assured in primitive times. Others will state diseases such as elehantitus or craniosynostosis for the cause, but all deformed children in the past were killed long before reaching adulthood. The skull and bones discovered were tested and retested and the final straw was DNA technology, which for now will not be revealed.

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