The Beginning of the Great Tribulation

  The last months of the year 2012 will bring many emotions to the surface amid mankind, with all that has transpired to this point. Many will see it as the year of the Mayan prophesy, others as the end of times foretold in Revelations sparked by mounting disasters all unexpected and for the few. This will be the last of the final dates to transpire so that man and his predictions will end and life can move on.

   For those in the know, they are beyond panic, turmoil, as the beast of the unknown dispels all logic applying to events occurring in that year. You have been told this is a struggle to choose a path, but in your position as an elite, you and your ancestors have never lost. Where the polarization of souls is the goal of the Earth and social changes, some are in jeopardy. Certainly not you, who has influenced the destiny of the world while its occupants or as you refer to, the serfs who live in utter blindness. For those of you at the top and leaning to the dark side, the attitude is let them die. Which means, you are the ultimate prize. The Earth changes are here and as the best of the worldís scientists try to explain the rapid chain of events occurring around the globe, maybe you have noticed, forecasting and apparent causes are not hitting the mark.

  Most that are aware of the changes to come have aligned with the elite to take advantage of a perceived short-term transition. Hoping that all atrocities created by men of greed will be erased in the disasters yet to come. So did you think there would be a quick string of calamities affecting all areas simultaneously and after it passes all would be well for the survivors on top? This would be true if a massive loss of life occurs in a short span, for they could tell no tales. The wise one should expect the unexpected. It is not going to be that easy.

   Changes will affect all areas of the Earth, some severe, but not enough to upset the balance of human choice. For the third world countries, death in the thousands is already daily occurrence locally, will they be informed that the whole country is under siege? No, that will be the least of their concerns as the fight to survive another day is foremost. All looking in from the outside will get reports of deaths with the numbers that are tweaked downward to reduce panic in the western world. The truth about this is that only some will care to know about the true suffering. Warnings will go out, but few will listen as selfishness makes a choice. I would rather make thousands to millions in land deals near the shore than move. Nothing has ever affected this area on a grand scale; it is just a cycle, so why should I care? I will kept my position and follow the status quo, but if the public was to know that you as a trusted civil servant, elected or not, knew of coming events that would endanger the common citizen, and you did nothing? Would you hold your head high in the same position with dignity in the end or dodge questions and with itís responsibility for tragic events? The right choice would be to resign and walk away in silence, but play no part if asked to betray mankind like so many brave souls have chosen. To the elite who fears panic, you dictate to millions worldwide within your sphere of influence what they need to know and they should have no fear in the doctrine of silence. How many times in history has silence benefited those in control while all that follows suffer to some degree? There is an option out where everyone wins including you. Would you rather be seen as builders of a new just world backed by God or a supreme leader of a dying world under your current master, who even in the end answers to the Almighty?

   Skills possessed by the few ruling families on Earth could have benefited the many in a utopian world far beyond your dreams and you possess knowledge of technology millions of years ahead of mankind. Your option, rule the feeble and weak not knowing who wants to take your place. Be aware that alliances made with the advanced, upon separation of orientations, your protection from God ceases and the strong of your like kind survive up to a point, because you have made a final choice. If you tell your family who raised you, I want nothing to do with them; you know you are on your own. There will be no hedging positions to cushion an unexpected loss; it will be all or nothing. Now I am not a betting man, but even you know bargaining power will erode as some on Earth are parceled out to the dark 4th density civilizations. No one needs to be truly evil to win. There is good in all beings it is up to you which part surfaces and takes control. If you disclose the truth, you fear the masses will no longer obey, why should they if they follow your lead of doom and gloom? 

   The Earth will slowly shed its life-supporting shield, is this your grand future under your false master? Most of you at the top are following the series of events worldwide, providing a spin to the public in hope you maintain control to the end. This series of events that has started and still to come is not about control, but freedom from it, the shackles of financial enslavement of mankind. Some have seen the many wonders an advanced civilization and volunteers on a mission can bestow on all and you are living the result of a civilization based on greed.

   We all know the ending, so why play out the power struggle on Earth? Your hope is that you maintain your status and power based on lies and the sufferings of others. As each privilege gets stripped away until you are bare for some they will cling ever so harder to the power or die trying. How do you know that there is not something greater than ruling all of Earth? You believe in acquiring wealth, knowledge, and solidification of power over cultures, yet they seem to think their in complete control of their own sovereignty. With a stealthy approach over many generations this has succeeded, as the tentacles of banking has infested all of the corporate world and governments slowly over time through influence and legislation not in the interest of the citizens. Many refuse to look at the big picture. If there were no protector, God you and this world would be slaves (far worst than the veil you presently have over mankind), to the powers that have assisted your quest. What would stop them, not respect for you.

    Donít fool yourself in thinking you have control; there is ďno need for a middlemanĒ. It is God that protects you and will win in the end. You, His creation will return to dust. Let go and promote a unity to where some of humanity who choose to, will survive the shift prepared and with dignity, for then you shall receive far more than your plans of control and deceit. There are many examples of control in public view, but few know why, are they succeeding or are those perpetrating crimes of opportunity scratching and clawing at the walls as they fall into the pits of despair? So savvy as to fool most of the world into the thought that all is free with our choices, that free markets is truly without rigging, so be it, because you provided order and discipline to a chaotic world so the rewards are just, keep them for they will hold no value in the future.

   Hoard gold, why when it will be available in vast quantities near or on the surface of the Earth due to plate movements? Food will hold more value and gold, just another petty rock, so much for your plans of keeping the troops in line. Maintain control of oil when free energy will be given to all without your controls? Now make the next step, move humanity towards God, your creator. The greatest rewards will be given to those who need no signs, and for those who donít, the path will be just a little longer, but to start and reflect, what have I done to make this a better world for others, anyone can take, and then build. How will you choose?

   It has been written that no man knows the date to where preparation will give an edge to some including  late 2012, which will pass in the turmoil of severe escalating Earth changes that seems like the end of the world for some countries, but just the start of the Great Tribulation. Have you not learned your lesson in 2000, 2003 only to repeat it in on a grander scale at 2012?

   How many of you have invested in a stock that was the darling of Wall Street hype? Those with a particular discipline will hold an investment until your stop loss point is hit and will walk away even with a loss and others feel the investment of time, money, and what you told your family will not be lost at any cost as there is always hope and the hollow words of the reassuring broker. So they ride it until the value of the investment is worthless. In most cases the insiders knew the stock was worthless, but a willing public needed to believe as all under control of management and are directed to do their job without question. Thus, hype promoting greed so that those at top would win is maintained. In our present case, the Earth changes, where the stakes are high, billions lives could suffer loss and the few could win, as insiders, they are selling early due to flawed research, from their scientists. All refuse to invest when change is coming, as all assume their acquired wealth will dictate a new position in the pecking order of life after the shift and so the world depression that started in 2008 continues.

   Those in control shape all your minions in privileged universities, feeding them theories now shown to be wrong. You tell them only what they need to know and you expect them to come up with a real solution when you tie their hands? Grab all you can at the expense of the public is now the doctrine of all who hopes to replace you, because no one will be around to hold the thieves or worse accountable. So letís drop an information bombshell that I hope will make all reevaluate their and your existence and purpose on Earth.

    Mankind has never observed an object that can accelerate, slow, accelerate, then crawl almost to a halt, then for no reason start, stop. All motion defying all laws of mankindís physics. This orbital path will be a tight screw like-circular forward motion moving along and through the ecliptic affected primarily by gravity, repulsive and magnetic forces. Containment maintained by the subatomic particle flow leaving and reentering the Sun. So how will the present stalemate be rectified?

    The rogue planet as of 2011 has broken out of subtle oscillation pattern about the ecliptic plane. During exit, it confronts the combined repulsion force of the Earth, Venus and Earth's dark twin. The 12th planet moves forward towards Earth, its acceleration is determined by the distance from the Sun, how far above the ecliptic it rises. The twist is that its north pole turns away from the Sun due to the influence of its magnetic lines of force. Thus, the 12th is pulled towards the Sun as its south pole exposure is magnetically attracted to the north pole of the Sun. The imbalance of forces between magnetic and the gravity based repulsion force equalizes as the 12th is drawn towards the Sun  and with this motion vertical forces increase pushing the planet towards the ecliptic as the return flow of the solar wind concentrates. As the 12th is pushed towards, the ecliptic the magnetic lines causing the its south pole to tip towards the Sun's north pole alters alignment to a side by side in the magnetic neutral zone. With the magnetic attraction removed, the repulsion force has an imbalance that equalizes by accelerating the 12th at high velocity towards Earth. The encounter with the planetary group creates a rattling bounce back and the process repeats as the 12th rises above the Ecliptic to avoid the group. At a point, the group breaks and escape the combined clutter to where the drama is just between the 12th and the Earth. After clearing the subatomic particle back flow towards the Sun in the ecliptic plane, the 12th does the 32 degree pop out of the inner solar system and the shift occurs. Only the Father knows the true date and time. So estimates will come and go until all who wanted to ride the wave power above the masses are passed over. Such is or maybe your lesson.

   Mankind is the destroying the Earth and your childrenís grand children would be the final generation if all were to proceed along the current path of denial. It is pathetic that we, so called masters of our Earth are providing a Band-Aid solution in the name wealth created only in the minds of man.  This course of action would eventually ruin this planet and all of us are responsible as we waste so casually. You canít always blame the elite for providing; you must take responsibility for excesses of consumption.

   When all in control are given a date or a final point, everything goes on the line. Why have you listen to those who said, this is it. If it sounds to good to be true, then it isnít and so you shall find out. Do you remember the phrase, " fool me once"?

   God in His wisdom speaks to all on Earth, especially to those who are outside of His direct influence. His message is that the Earth changes will proceed and will accelerate so that all will make a choice. The changes will be dispersed over time, alternating with times of calm to leave doubt, a strike here or there, but some will never be able to form a definitive opinion on the cause, man or an event sent by God. Did you really think the Earth would be handed to you? I am not here to preach, but to advise on a choice, which is up to you, there is a rumor that His people will inherit the Earth, but all are His people. Some have told you death is the end and how do they know? Men of have always been wrong and the next leap in knowledge leaves another sector hollowed text and writings as just words.

   Look to your Black project scientists that your corporations control, they will tell you a certain unknown radiation associated with density shifting is increasing on Earth after piercing the galactic plane in early 2013. The plan, all that are not within the future destiny of Earth, will pass in a manner to leave all those left in doubt. No offspring of the same nature of those who used others will be born here after the shift. Your choice is to make this a better world and God will reward those who change truly in heart a far better life than if they were number 1 (the puppet master) on present the Earth after pole shift events. The Earth is changing and evolving, not ending. This is necessary for all.

   Those who are contemplating the fence position, the disasters will expose all. You will not be able to stand down like Katrina, for all will ask why you did not lead. False promises of a better life to buy time, while all around you including relatives look in your eye for hope and you turn away so as to not violate an agreement. As resources dry up, the pool of haves will shrink establishing a rigid pecking order, in almost all cases with ruthless results. You do not want to roll the dice on your life and even more so, your family to hopefully live in this alternative? How will scientists and astronomers explain they have no knowledge of a rogue when it appears to all, when they as a unified group have gone on record with denial of all existence of the interloper on the web for the last decade or more? They used excuses such as global warming, the Sun, but has the truth has been exposed on the internet and hints in some media outlets. Many in the scientific community have been pressured to downplay events, those not cooperating have had their voices silenced. Knowing the threat to humanity, which has the potential to reach extinction level for many areas of the globe, you must ask the question why?

   You have been warned that the great oil reserves of the Middle East will sink into the crevasses of the crust as the African Rift expands over time, so much for Iraq repaying the bulk of their debt for freedom or protecting perceived assets that will soon be worthless. On the other hand, oil will be forced to the surface of the Earth in unexpected regions (the Gulf of Mexico) initially beyond the control of status quo. Demand for resources will decline as disasters culls the population and damages infrastructure. Did you really think the bulk of damage would occur during the shift or transpire at a slowly increasing rate as to not raise the anxiety level of human kind? The shift, when comes will be seen as a blessing for some, as misery for masses that have truly believed that there is a just future and suffering will come to an end. The passage will not initiate the fall of all infrastructures, but will sweep away the debris of the cities long laid waste by the previous disasters.

   Panic, what the elite and their faithful sheep fear is over emphasized. If you told all in Miami to leave their homes because a killer hurricane is coming and it shall, will all care with the same sense of emergency? The natural disasters of the near future will be meant to segment communities into helpers or opportunists as strike here or there brings out the best and worst in humanity. The key here is to identify intent of the person to humanity. With the strength in destruction increasing on a exponential scale, but at a pace where mankind can adapt, most in the west will view it as the end of times. Only when the last days of the current time are upon us and most on Earth have perished as the ďnormĒ will you realize that there was a plan, Godís Plan!

   The coming events need not be so severe, this depends on orientation and prayer coming from the population of Earth. What will tip the balance of orientation shall be when there are more of those on Earth seeking answers and help from Him than man. The choice is yours, and the combined group of all mankind counts, because God does put one man, woman, child or group above another, although His chosen, the Jews, He shall favor.

   This is not a time to harden your heart against another, but to unite, gather and share resources so that all the various like minded helpful groups will survive. Would not the richest be better off sharing as an equal in a civilization thousands of years in advance of now than ruling over a sickly, feeble mass of humanity where all of the past is lost wandering about a soon to be dead planet?

   There is no need to force a situation to a crux where either youíre in or out you, time will allow all to make a choice, evaluate and then make another change until you get it right, but most of all donít let some else or an event make that choice for you. When these words were written in 2007 you had time, now in November 2011 you have little. For many in Southeast Asia, Japan, Central America, the Caribbean, parts of the Middle East, coastal South America, North Africa, the Great Rift, Western & North Australia, India and Europe, it will be too late by early 2013.

   In Godís world we have all made mistakes, for some small and others larger. It is not our place to judge, it is Godís and only He dictates that judgment of mankind is through His Son, Jesus. So for the new leaders on Earth that will replace the inept, judge them by their present deeds instead of harping of their past life mistakes exposed by others who are jealous of their new power and position, for the otherís talent is to divide rather than build.


Some continents will reposition by up to 6,000 miles from point of origin.

Oh yes, one of those 8 of 10 events held back in Zeta Talk.


Australia will reposition near the new North Pole.

For all that bought bunkers and favors, I hope you like artic conditions.

Did you really think that if the plate containing India is subducted that Australia would not drift to the west to fill the void?


Oil, gold, and current precious crystals will abound upon the surface of the Earth, like the water and rocks of today, in your tomorrow they will hold little value.

The Anunnaki mined here for over a half a million years, yet little evidence of deep mines, why because after a pole shift, vast new quantities of heavy metals are pushed to the surface. Were you not warned about lead? Paper holds no value, now gold, just how will you maintain a monetary system with nothing to offer, while those who protect you, now realize they are the power? Your food will be infested and you can count on it, no matter how you try to protect it.


The new continent that will rise predicted in Zeta Talk and Antarctica have been now designated as service to other refuge and no country on Earth with all their might will set foot on these new lands. Any present surface encampments and the black project deep underground bases there will be lost, send them home. It is a futile suicide mission, but you that are power hunger will order the troops to stay. Troops send your letters in advance you won't get a second chance. If this is not your choice, there is always hope, just ask.


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