The Pole Shift


God is the creator of the Universe



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  The Red Cross Appearance of the 12th Planet

  The Tale of Armageddon

  Pole Shift Concerns

  Blood Red Moon

  12th Planet Orbital Diagram

   The White Sun White Sun

  The Tilted Divider on the Moon

  Repulsion Particle Stream

  Repulsion Particle Stream Schedule

  Events on Earth   

  A New Evening Star

  Fema and Homeland Security

  Pink Lightning (cloud to ground bolts)

  PX Viewing Techniques

  Unified Sun-Multi Planetary Magnetic Field

  The Magnetic Neutral Point

   Unusual Movements of the Sun

  Ocean Whirlpools due to Earth Wobble

  400,000 Dead in Aceh Alone

  Atlantic Tsunamis

   The 12th Planet Oscillation Stall at the Ecliptic

   Katrina: Reduction of Wind Speeds



  Continental Drift

  Super Storm Sandy

  Insight into the coming Disasters of Dec. 2012 and Beyond









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