The Battle Intensifies



Written May 6

Updated June 18


   As the battle intensifies, all that is about the Almighty and His Son, which is the body of the Catholic Church, will be under attack, in a way that almost all will not see, at first. As abortion rights sweep Europe and take hold in Ireland by collusion of the leaders as this is not a spontaneous movement by the people for sweeping change.

   A woman loses her life, but the abortion would have saved it. Do you really think your medicine controls life and death? All life on earth and in the universe has one source, the Almighty. In turn life is called home by the same source, God the Father. Yes, He allows free will to intervene with hope and prayers through the gifts of medicine and the efforts of others. As it is this that brings you closer to Him through sacrifice and divine will. If a hero risks all, general population hopes and prays then, it is this hope when asked for in its pure essence in which lives are saved.

   Now you say why were my prayers not answered? This cannot be answered in human terms as the greater good is put first to save the maximum souls. But a little insight, did you call on God in a crisis only, or were always there with a connection and called upon a friend? This is the difference as there is a two way relationship. Not just you shouting the words of the Lord, yet your personal actions outside of most are suspect. Yes there is forgiveness, but it not about taking your Lord as a fool. How many times can you punch your parents in the face and say I sorry before they turn it? Do not test the Lord.

   Let’s examine the Truth, when abortion is forced upon this world, know that what is being destroyed is a life allowed to start as a gift of the Almighty. It is His child of God that you are terminating as a humanitarian right of the impregnated woman. This is not about the banishment of women who has been fooled, for they are loved too. It is about the sin of abortion and that which is against God.

   There has always been force ruling this world except a small percentage of time, as this has not changed throughout the history of time. In war when conquered women were treated as property. Remember what Japan did to Korean woman as if your nation could hide its sins? Just ask the slaves if you could or the sex slaves around this world. Just how many American women are held captive in the Middle East? For America, know that ten of thousands of just underage girls have been buried in the sands for various reasons and you except this for oil? You know now and if you ignore this warning, hope your family is not caught up in your self ignorance. Stop the sex trade now or the Almighty will as will be your loved ones that do not believe, that will pay the price!

   It is only medicine or a procedure pushed by the dark one that gives you an out or so you may think. The Almighty allows the seed of life to be created by your free will. You made a choice to sleep with a partner and now responsibility of your actions is a woman’s right? Once created, a child of God, by the Almighty, He instills the breathe of life, the living spiritual conscience into the cellular human flesh. You are just the vessel as a woman, a carrier. This is what you do not realize? The Almighty created the life within based upon your free decision except in rape, which has consequences? Did you look at the sex as he would make a good father or was it just about a good f…, don’t lie? All actions by you when engage in what is supposed to be an act of love in many cases turns to lust but, what about rape and incest?

   In life on earth, the trials affect all; some are killed, fortunes stolen, and raped this occurs always in 3rd world countries and suppressed in so called “civilized countries”. In many homes, the villain is the father, step dad, relative or close friend, do you talk about this! No, most households turn a blind eye to the Truth. And your answer when this happens is to take advantage of the unborn by terminating life as a right? You would rather kill an unborn child than stopping the act in most cases. Just ask the many women who turn a blind eye when their husband is in the bedroom with a child. Is this what you call justice, more important if you were that child and many have been, do you not wish some one would stand up! Murder is murder no matter how you spin it due to pride or shame. None of you understand the divine plan, if so then why you would use humanitarianism to justify that which you do not understand?

   Yes the Bible was given to you to guide, but shortly, few will be available, especially in Europe. Yes some rewrote certain sections to affect all in the End Times, but on the whole it is the Truth. But some of you have the gift of discernment to extract the Truth, use it.

   If you got pregnant due to your choice of free will, and a choice is given to you to preserve life above behavior, what lesson are you being taught? There is adoption or keeping a gift. The Almighty does not any soul to take more than they can handle, for once in your lives stand up for the gift of life that is part of you. The dark side knows abortion offends the Almighty and will twist in your mind as acceptable through laws passed in nations. In time this will be seen as acceptable law. Mankind has no right to change the rights of the living given from the Almighty at inception as this is a commandment of God, thou shall not murder. As a vessel of a child of God, you as a human have no right to terminate that which is created by God, unless in your folly you think you are above the laws of the Almighty, by enacting laws of men?

   Now for those leaders who underestimate the power of the Almighty, just as it was in the days of Moses it shall be today. So that you know it is the power of our God delivering this message, the Father Almighty shall a preliminary plague to be released upon mankind. Heed these words as it was seen in the past and shall be seen today for all to know who is Almighty.

   For all leaders who push for abortion and those who willing know they have terminated a life without repentance shall now feel the wrath of God. Make no mistake, all will subjected to a burning fire of their genitals, both female and male until they are destroyed or you castrate yourselves to relieve the pain. All will know as you will be a strange case until the numbers affected are suppressed out of fear. You will not have another child. You will not have sex again unless you like the pain of being touched by fire. That life you terminated you haunt you for the rest of your short life. The time of talk to change this world has ended now you and your injustices will pay a price. We start at the top, men and you will know a life that has been neutered.

   For the nations of the world a message from the Almighty, “I created life and that life was created in My image. No creation of Mine is allowed to decide whether that, which I brought into the world is terminated, because the trials of life are harsh and you think it is your body. No, it is My body. As I created you, make no mistake. To all nations on the earth, which I created you shall know My wrath shall be according to the life you have destroyed so the innocent along with the guilty will suffer. Just as you suffer now due to the original sin executed in the paradise I created for your parents. Change now or My fury will increase all fall approaches, heed these words.”

   For women, it is true that the men in your government chose to divide this nation with no consequence to their lives. It was the democrats that approved abortion under the guise to protect the woman. On the other side the republicans who care nothing for the middle class and poor wants to protect unborn life. Do you not see the subtle disconnect here? The understanding of life given to you is twisted as your minds are like toddlers in the universe and you try to understand the concept of life! Laws created to approve that which is wrong in the universe, but how should you know? You as a women know the gift you were blessed with, but know this. You only harbor life; God creates it and you as a woman needs to know this. So in your despair you are put to the test. If you choose to abort to save your earthly life or worse shame, you forfeit your eternal life. It is a test, because God controls death, but the essence of the breathe of life, not your doctor and his primitive medicine. All of you need to understand, it is not about woman’s rights, but the commandments of the Almighty, your Father. Know this, Father knows best.

   Beware Russia, China, United States, India and Vietnam your past abuses with abortions are known, but you can alter the future. Woman’s rights disguised as humanism is a trap laid by the dark one. Not one of you can justify your actions, for only God creates and takes life according to His Holy Will, which is not understood by you as a human. You are accountable for your actions and have free will. You can in many cases remove the threat with courage in incest or trusting a man you do not know because he is cute, or one less drink, stand up as a woman. With free will there decisions and with then comes responsibility. Where you could have changed the future, you should have taken that step, but for some there was no choice, think of them as motivation. Do not let the disasters force a change for it will then be too late. Life is precious and when you know the Truth many of you will fall to ground and weep, many tears shall flow begging Jesus for forgiveness. Just know when His hand is extended, grab it and all will be forgiven.


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