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Written Dec. 25 2011

Updated Apr 2018

   On this day Christmas in the year of 2011, let us remember the true meaning for why we celebrate this holiday, as God incarnated in human form as man, the Lord, Jesus Christ was born of the virgin, Mary. Take a moment to reflect on this and give thanks, because He is the reason this world will be saved as He died for your sins.

   A set of events are now set to occur and will now be detailed. As this is a warning to mankind when the laws of God are discarded for the rights of others or seen as humanism coupled with the Church as it unravels into turmoil. When riots force the Pope Benedict to flee the province of Rome, the time is ripe. As there will be no mistake as to its meaning and dismiss all debunking by scientists who still do not have a clue of how the universe was created and works.

   In the near future a set of comets will approach Earth with little warning catching all of mankind off guard. Hope will replace fear as many shall pray for a miracle and this will be granted as sign, the mercy of God. For the many only divine intervention will save Earth as we live to see another day, except those still in denial or easily influence by others who will arrive at another conclusion. Many explanations will be put forth without basis, but many as all seem to agree in the circles of the media, and they will believe.

   There are no orbital records of these two comets and calculations will confirm a parallel path and collision with Earth. I guess Spielberg with Deep Impact had insight (guidance) 2 comets, a Black President dependant upon elections (he won), which is in the hands of mankind through voting, secrets of the End Times withheld from the public. All of which, in its time when the film was made, touted as highly unlikely, but will now be an event on earth.

   The first problem for scientist will be after the collision which seemed impossible needs to be addressed. How could 2 comets with different orbital patterns that will eventually intersect be dislodged from different points of the same side of the mythical Oort cloud? This would point to a repulsion force from 2 unknown outside sources or one somewhat central to both objects as  a singular source pushing the cosmic objects inward with a slight outward deflection towards the Sun modified by gravity thus assuming a parallel path. How is it that only 2 objects affected and others within the ďcloudĒ were not raining in?

   The current principles of gravity on the other hand, states in order to initiate an orbit within the solar system, this would come from the Sun, the primary source of gravity as a star on the far side would little to no local gravitational influence with orbital patterns within the system. If a large mass on the magnitude of a stellar object was close enough, seen or unseen, an eccentricity would exhibit itself in what should be an almost circular orbit of all outer planets in what seems to be a single stellar system and eccentricity is a part of this system. All orbital deformities would originate from the same direction and almost have parallel paths negating a chance collision. As scientists your ideas are theory currently and should not be presented as fact.

   Now letís address a chance collision, when comets appear rarely and two on a course towards Earth with a threat of danger is beyond almost all odds. Mankind's technology has shown in some cases a projectile can be intercepted, thus a bullet hitting a bullet. So if two comets collide when all points to a collision, think. There is something greater at work here in the universe, beyond your science, beyond your ability to analyze, beyond your physical reality. The US Government is well aware of all aspects facing the population of earth and presently against Obama's personal wishes there is a slow disclosure of doom without raising the anxiety level or pointing blame in the world. Your leaders lied. Confirmation will not come forth voluntarily as events stand now. It may be the signs in the sky that let all know what is coming instead of those in your governments.

   The collision of the 2 comets in space will be by the hand of God and shall avert sure disaster on Earth. As many will display replace fear and despair with hope and prayers, in what seems catastrophic or the end of the world.  In a flash, all will feel a supernatural power unlike anything in the history of earth. All will shake to the core of their bodies. Fear will encompass the weak; this is why you must bring your elderly parents and relatives to your home from assisted living facilities. Where they shall find strength and support among family or they may die by neglect or fear as employees abandon social service jobs. All with advanced knowledge of these events will be tested. Many will think that life on Earth will surely end.

   I have told you, the elite almost all would cower in fear and many die of a heart attack as the sky rolls back like a scroll during the warning. I have told you, that those who inherit this present Earth will find little for the future. I have told you that all which are harden will be removed from this Earth, like dust blowing in the wind. Now you will know how and why.

   It is here, where all of Humanity will be given a gift as they will experience the true spirit of Jesus in their mind. For some, hope will replace for how they have treated others on Earth, as this event is truly their only salvation. Welcome it as the offer of mercy for past mistakes, with true remorse all is forgiven, no harm will come to those that already know and prepare. The experience will be pure bliss for the faithful as tears of joy roll uncontrollable from there eyes for they will have seen the face of the Lord. All on earth will know there is a God. For all who seek forgiveness with humility after reviewing their lives and the harm it caused to others, it shall be granted. All questions asked, will be answered and the meaning of life on Earth finally will become clear. Afterwards some will say it was a dream, a product of the shock, but it will be a true divine experience.

   All will be enlighten in pure silence as you only hear the voice of our Lord and He will review your life in His presence, but it will seem like a dream as a strange mist envelopes all of earth. All find themselves in a trance at the peak of the shock wave, their lives good, bad or apathetic reviewed. What is offensive to God flashes before them, which shall be seen through the eyes of Jesus, your Savior. Every event that you inflicted towards another that brought pain, embarrassment, slander, injury, theft, and even death, will be shown to you and transferred to your mind as an outside observer to your life without self prejudice. You will see sin in all of its disgust that disrespects our Father. What your faith taught you, the invisible, will now become visible as the rays of Jesus mercy activates your soul and amazingly it starts to glow in the visible spectrum, but there is pain. How can this be?

    You are now observing, through gift from God, the illumination of the conscience or soul all that is or isnít Holy that resides within your body, now becomes a fact as you gaze at your body in disbelief. Am I dreaming, is this, a trick due to my brush with what seems like a near death experience during the explosion, but you look around and others are experiencing the same thing. When stories are shared all have the same theme, but all are ashamed as to what has been exposed.

   What will be amazing as your soul glows the colors will fluctuate wildly according to its purity, and all around you will know of your degree of sins as the pain of purification concentrates your attention away from others. You will now know there is a spirit within you that does not die. You will also know your soul accounts for all your actions in life. You will know you have a Father and a judge, Jesus who loves you.

   During the warning, the rays emitted from the collision of the 2 comets, which will be supernatural in origin is that of Jesus Christís mercy. As the energy rays strike your soul, not only does it affect the supernatural particles that compose your soul that you once thought did not exist, but they are shown in all of its glory. The soul can be described as a point of reference only, as this is about God. For the layman only to gain insight, think of the soul as a computer drive. A device that records all that is spiritual you have enacted by free will through out your life as you interact with your brothers and sisters. Where your good decisions and bad decisions are marked as light and dark and the gravity of the offense or goodness dictates the amount of memory or area aligned in relation to every act.

   As the rays of our Lordís mercy activates that which is your soul, the everlasting soul glows. Although it has blackened spots related to the degree of sin is dispersed about the soul it is an allegiance to the dark or evil as everyone has sin. These spots or blemishes upon the soul will absorb the rays of mercy and burn when interacting. Does not that which is black in color absorb the rays of the sun and that which is white reflect?  This is the cleansing process for the soul, like a purgatory on earth, embrace it.

   Those that accept the mercy of Jesus will to varying degrees in absolute silence except for your screams shall be absolved of sin. This purgatory on earth will last about 15 minutes for most as the raysí burn away sin and itís darken marks upon oneís soul and thus, purifies it. Many will opt out due to the extreme pain of mortal sin and blinding light, in turn pledge allegiance to the beast as they remember his promises of wealth and glory.

When it is all over everyone will gaze upon the sky several days later as they emerge from hiding and see the appearance of the Red Cross as a reminder. This was an act of God and let no man tell you a lie. Those with faith will realize they have moved from I believe to I know. For many others the seed will be planted.

   For many of you, it is time to rationalize did the dark one protect you from the pain? Did he save you from the embarrassment of all your sins for all to see? He promised you, that no one would see your weaknesses if you pledged allegiance, but your family and friends did. What now, kill them also? You have a choice; take the hand of mercy, as the good shall be divided from the chafe over time until the Second Coming. Let no scientist discount what you have experience. Let no lie sway you from the Truth. Excuses, they the scientists now seem to have it right when their textbooks have no explanation for the wonders in the sky? You have scientific answers here written over a decade ago without seeing. It is here, you that will march forward as part of the army of the Lord.

    Do not let another take away your gift by suggestion by transposing their doubts, on you. After all, those still on the dark side will confront those of the light. This will be real life and death at stake, as the most valuable thing in the Universe will be fought over. On Earth, this would be the Human soul. Jesus is here to claim not just the righteous, but the primarily, His lost sheep. Not just the Christians and Jews, the prophesized two witnesses, but wants all religions to unite as one under God the Father Almighty. Most of all, every race, creed of man and woman is His beyond the prejudice and judgments of men and His Son Jesus shall rein over all.

   Know this; the Truth shall set you free as none of you have anything to fear now as you have bared your soul for all to see. More important you have accepted His hand of mercy from Jesus. What you will not do is to return to the old ways of sin as you will be that example of Jesus for the world to see. Welcome to the army of Jesus, the remnant army that will fight for the Truth on earth against the antichrist and the false prophet. Rise soldiers of God as we have a job to do for our Lord and say "Oorah" as one force, a word inspired by the US Marines, and save billions of souls. We work as one and we leave no one behind even the enemy as they can be converted. This is our motto. This is our faith. This is what we must do for the salvation of all souls.

   Those of you, who have now seen what they have done to their fellow brothers and sisters, shall forge a vow to change if given another chance. If you make the pledge, keep it, for anything other than a yes or no comes from the dark one. With the slate clean, you must choose to maintain the path by not returning to the old ways or fall. There may be no second chance due to an untimely death. If the conversion of mankind is great, the affects of the shift and its precursors will be lighten, the Great Chastisement prophesized in the Bible. If you reject the knowledge that there is a God, then we will see days worse than the times of Noah, where all who discounted His words may perish. The Earth in its new form will merge with what mankind imagines as heaven. Beyond human knowledge and comprehension you will want for nothing. This is the goal.

  The energy released from the comets as they seem to collide will create a white mist enveloping the Earth divine in nature; a calm envelope all a gift from your Blessed mother of Salvation. People caught outside will seem to stagger about. When it clears, the remnant of the explosion and debris trail from intersecting comets occurs at right angles, thus creating a divine sign in the heavens as a cross. It will be tinted red due to the dust cloud of magnetized iron oxide wafting in the vicinity revealing a red hue as sunlight reflects off of it. All with knowledge of this event will understand there is something greater in the universe God, and this is His warning to mankind. A sign that will stun all in the heavens is the double sun which shall precede this warning.

   As the signs in the sky accelerate in their glory and occurrence before the warning in the near future, you shall see a dawn with what seems like three Suns rising, two bright and one muted, the 12th planet aka Nibiru or Planet X, our Sun and Venus so close no one will consider it as a planet. But look at its soft colors, as it reflects as opposed to the others giving light. Do not fear, these signs are to alert you of change, something the governments of this planet and the hierarchy of the Church have not done. A double moon occasionally at night, as the dark twin sharing our orbit, closes in from the backside. Auroras beyond what has been witnessed on earth as the night sky goes crazy prophesized by the Hopis and the stars seem to change, organized spirals as energy dissipates according to the natural laws of the universe, all which will go unexplained by your scientists. Embrace it in all of its amazement as change is here.

   What you will not do, is burn your credit cards, destroy your home and family finding yourself with the lusts of life, thinking it is the end. All will honor their obligations. All heads of households will protect, provide and be the foundation for the family. As this is the basis of all love and hope needed to get through the trials of the future. A fragmented family is a weak family. All of you who choose to abuse by cheating or committing a crime of opportunity will be dealt with severely or your existence on Earth will end from a higher power. Think before you take that chance, because in the end, you will lose and this is a promise. The bankers are counting on this, you underestimating the time left due to anxiety and debt incurred from the lure that seems like free money with no strings, all of which makes you a willing docile financial slave. This is the trap as they know the changes are coming and have been prepped for decades and you think your credit card does not come with a hook. Like the small fish in the pond you get caught first.

   Many in the world with internet access have heard the rumors, Armageddon 2012, the Pole Shift, the Rapture, End Times, Revelations, but few have considered why this is occurring now and events seem to change in timing and intensity? It is more than survival camps, bunkers, insiders with wealth and the rearrangements of the continents. You were told the surprises would come, maybe the hand of God would fall on the elite and in the end it would be worth it? Both will be true. What you do not understand is that your outcome no matter what your preparation with supplies, location is not what is most important. All events are paving the way for the Second Coming.

    Earth and this system are transforming. The timing of these events is in the hand of the Almighty as no man knows. What will shock scientists, it will include the Sun. There will be a point through divine intervention the center of our Sun will become unstable as it will be hit by the primary fragments of another comet. First pulsating, and then contracting, as a result increasing rotational speed visible to all of mankind stellar matter will be expelled into space. Many scientists will expect a nova, as current textbook models conclude a collapsing star either explodes or becomes a neutron star, either way; they will conclude the Earth is toast. The elite will cower and run to the bunkers in fear. Where is the protection of the dark one now?

   What has happened in the interior of the Sun, is that heavy elements gathered within the central core now overwhelms the available hydrogen fuel shunting the Fusion Process. This temporarily reduces energy output shutting down the pressure needed to support the surface of the Sun, which cascades until the Sun darkens and collapses. As a mass, the moment of rotation increases as the radius shrinks. Compression and increasing mixing within the core brings a new source of hydrogen fuel into the zone were fusion occurs. The energy released in pulsed phases eventually is beyond gravitational containment of the Sun.

   An explosion occurs and the solar wind in the form of a shock wave expands towards Earth along the ecliptic. Upon hitting the upper atmosphere it is ripped away. The force rolls the clouds as the upper reaches move faster than the lower region again giving the appearance of a scroll rolling away from the force. The sky then seems to boil as energy overwhelms ions in the upper atmosphere and they glow and dance about like a fire in the colors of the spectrum. The heat released now burns. The compression due the solar wind shock wave ebbs and then the rush of the atmosphere to fill the void will shake and rumble all of Earth and those with no knowledge will tremble in fear. The weak of soul will flee for a worse fate.

   The surface of the Sun will turn many colors of orange, purple and a piercing blinding white light. Particle flows confusing the human body's senses as many exposed will fall to the ground. The compression and subsequent expansion will unleash a thunder that shake the inner core of every human in all parts of the globe with greater fear to those hidden in underground bunkers.

    What we do not want is those who are deceiving mankind to continue with absolute control masked as for the good of mankind and the masses in turn suffer. You have been told the Atlantic tsunami heights will be in proportion to mankind changing his ways, the EU and UK is the prophesized Babylon in the Bible. Lands flooded will be permeated with salt, nothing will grow. Weather patterns and atmospheric disturbances will render trade with what is left of Europe, suicide missions. You the voters will choose your leaders, as it stands presently they do not have your best interests.

   Mankind has always wondered if there was something greater. What is the meaning of life? Why is there a struggle of good vs. evil? All of these questions encompass the Warning and to prepare mankind to enter a greater existence. A separation must occur where the conscience choice is made by each and every individual. After all the struggles, pain, joy and just the breath of life, where will you stand? As a person who has chosen God or the other. This is the transformation of Earth.

    Now why a technical insight into a description for a divine event? Human scientist will try and give a logical explanation of why and how events that occurred is not an act of God, but they do not have a clue. They will be puppets of a more sinister plan. Their models state the Sun should have become a nova. We should not have survived the subatomic particle bombardment and gamma ray burst. What shielded us, the blown away ionosphere? It will be a miracle of God.

   As it stands the scientific spokesmen for NWO have been picked and rewarded to explain the warning. Let us see if they get to spend that wealth and excise power among their peers. When you agree know that the same God that caused the warning as you will be given a script to recite as your words of authority are broadcasted around the world all to divert weak minds. It will be you that pays a price and more important extend to your family and friends as an imbalance must be righted and it shall fall on you with all of its wrath. You were shown your future, but dismissed it and your decision will fulfill what was shown to you during the warning. You were shown mercy and reject the hand of help. Be careful about solidifying your decision towards the dark side there are consequences no matter how you spin.

   So just how will the dark one solidify leadership of the world after the warning? That which is the spirit of satan incarnated in human form along with his dark angels will ride out events on the surface of this planet. They fear nothing except God and His Son. As the dark one will increase fear among the elite to where they seek shelter underground. What they do not know and they will listen to the dark one as oppose to this warning. The bombardment will maximize particle saturation and compression of the surface strata of the earth. The influx will cause emissions from the Sun, unknown to human science to be absorbed by the surface of the earth. So what are the affects?

    The particle flow can not be reflected because of compression from the backside making it easier for the particles to infiltrate the rock strata, but there is a point of absorption to where emission starts. This will be problem for shallow and even more for D.U.M.B. shelters. Particles related to density shifting will be released. Did this not occur when you try you Philadelphia experiments overwhelming a specific zone with an intense magnetic field? The dispersion will be lateral under the surface and downward. Affects on human biology will not be repaired by human medicine. As a temporal displacement due to vibration and motion initiated by fear will overwhelm everyone. Human will merge with innate objects and die, but worse with each other. Selectively, satan will harvest many of his fallen souls by free choice as millions die underground along with many of the world's leaders. After the event, the few will survive, none shall oppose the dark one and he shall reign. Know this, seek shelter underground with the promise of safety, and know that few will go on.

   The US Government has been preparing for the public just recently under Obama, it is a start and better than Boehner's former boss who only prepared and stole for himself and cronies. Do those in leadership positions know what is coming, yes? Those secret bases, drills, movements of politicians that just donít make sense. Well stock bunkers, protected locations costing trillions of your tax dollars and you think they want you the public to know. They have protected themselves without even a warning over the last 60 years. This is why there is polarization in government, as everything is on the line and there is one chance to take control. But it is the lack of timing with a sure date that shows their intent and lack of purpose for this nation.

   You the citizen, until recently was left out. All were told, this was an event about material preparations yet there were hints of certain survival communities would not be found. The surprise, the Sun will die and those explorers in the near future just thousands of years away on their next inner system pass through, will find just skeletons of what was mankind. In the darkness, all that was built will crumble and return to the surface a dead Earth, more details to follow.

   So what about the puppet master of Rothschild heritage and his family's mega trillions, master of the Federal Reserve? All of it, if given away will not change the fate of his family, but a change of heart could. You and your ancestors may have covertly ruled the world for centuries through manipulation of wars, stocks markets, currencies and the compromise of weak world leaders by any means. But it is your family's doctrine and the pledge signed in blood that will give rise to that which is against Christ now poisoning this world. All that you built, he will destroy if allowed. Can you live with this?

   Your pawns, the Illuminati have a serious choice to make. As they have heard the rumors, change or suffer the same fate. Your master has let the weak of group be expendable, in any hierarchy the next level suffers until there is one. The Almighty hates your crimes against Humanity, but His Son loves you as His children, all of you can change and be accepted if you just ask. Yes, the past can be forgiven with true remorse and all will see you with your present actions. Look where all have gone before, the question, do you want follow that Ponzi scheme? In the end you can join us or be discarded like the dust we brush off our shoes.

   Now letís address the level of destruction in the form of the Great Chastisement as time moves forward. This is to remove evil, since by your votes; the wrong people are still pulling the string of most in your governments on earth by the power of the media. The intensity and timing is determined by the Almighty to shape the spirituality of mankind, which is determined by the free will of mankind. So events may be lessened or increased dependant upon mankind. Events will always occur within the time periods, but its intensity for the overall good of mankind varies and cannot be determined by any entity on Earth.

   After the warning, what is important, we will as one group move forward and join the rest of the Universe as God children, chosen or otherwise some of us shall fall short and be grabbed kicking and screaming towards the other side. This is what the pole shift is about, separation of the wheat from the chaff as stated in the Bible. All now see this as the epic and final battle between good and evil. The graduation of mankind in the eyes of God first must be made first, then the universe. For those who believe, get a head start and clean up your life one small step at a time. For others where this has a ring of truth, you know what to expect when you see the red cross in the skies after the warning, then prepare. For those who write this off, I can only plant a seed.

The Christians

   To Christians, many of you are so caught up in the interpretation of the scriptures, but few incorporate those same teachings in their lives. If you preach it, than live it. Can you do that? Your actions no matter how small will change more lives than uttering quotes from a pulpit in the real world. One group shuns blood, a mistake that has cost loved ones, their lives. Were the men that made this decision divinely inspired? No, but in their own self righteousness, they thought they were. This is the problem on your world. Examine the reference to blood during the past, raw blood was seen as a source of nourishment of the poor and all would drink it only to get sick and many times die. As it carried the many diseases of the host and thus should be avoided. Today conditions are different and it is up to you as a people to adapt, as some sayings in the Bible are not meant to be literal if harm to the innocent is caused. Modern medicine filters and screens today's blood supply to preserve life in cases of emergency and the decision to allow a family member to die especially a child for a cult like belief, is foolish. Never change the words of Jesus to suit a belief. Are the words of blood transfusion against the teachings of the Bible when they support the life of one of the faithful? Don't lie, compounding your mistake. It is the dark one who influences you, the weak of mind as another believer is removed from this earth by your foolish actions made by free will.

   What about the ban on drinking, when Jesus celebrated the last supper with wine? Moderation was the directive, not an all out ban, because you cannot control the faults of a few and this is how you accept members with conditions? Remove the hate from others who are different. Lower that anger and raise the level of tolerance in your home, the children see all and some cases learn by your injustices at home. You have been given a family to teach, inspire the ways of the Lord, have you? When you degrade others at the dinner table, your children listen. When argue with your wife in disrespect, your children watch. When your children grow to adults in some cases, they act just like you. Do you really want this as an achievement in your Christian home? Change starts at home and with this everything else falls into place.

   When it comes to making a decision that decides the course of this nation, remember it is actions that counts, not words. Just to let you know, when the evangelical leaders use the leave Bush's office with close advisors after being called in for advice, laughter would ensue once they were outside hearing range. How gullible are representatives of Christianity? Just by uttering a few words you can gain their support. Don't be fooled again.

The Moslems

   To all of the Moslem faith, the prophet Mohammad was sent as a gift by the Almighty. God the Father who reigns supreme in this Universe as the one only God, is known by many names. The Koran, a compilation of scriptures was inspired by the Almighty as one of many paths back to Him. The point is, there are many paths, but all would be straight and narrow. Did not Mohammad stress truth, fairness, peace and sharing as the key to a way of life? Do you think that God would instruct the use of force as a part of his sacred scriptures? Do not follow the same foolish path the Christians took during the Crusades creating death for those who would not convert or the Jews as they rejected Christ. As that quest for power was born in man from another source and not inspired by God.

   Allah, the God of Mohammed is the same God of Abraham, Father of His chosen people the Jews. You cannot change this, as they were the faithful from the beginning of time, but you can join them as equals in the eyes of the Almighty. What you refer to as a prophet, Jesus, but who is truly the Son of God, is looking to gather all who believes. For He is Lord of this Earth and it will be during the Warning, that you will meet Him face to face, conscience to conscience. Ask him about His faithful prophet, Mohammed and what caused a division on Earth? Ask him about why there is hatred for your people and you will see it comes from a source outside of men, but excised by them due to free will? Ask Him about the Jews and you will find that they are your brothers? Seek the truth and the answers will be given if most of you could just get pass the hate.

   There comes a time where the status and faith of a people matures and that time is now. You as the nation of Islam need to focus on what is just for all people. But now the excuses, all know British Empire set aside the Promised Land for the Jewish nation destabilizing the area, but fulfilling the prophecy. All know housing is being setup on land without compensation under the guise of security. What is to provide security buffer for the new settlements, more land encroachments? All know deep within that your faith is being mistreated for the crimes of a few. This you can not change, but your prayers can slow it down. Except it, for it will bring peace and the end of these excuses, for the Almighty has seen the injustices and will act. The Father represents the truth and justice for all of His children, but the first step is to acknowledge Him and know that He loves all of His children, every creed, every gender, and every race. Think of you as a father and how you care for each and everyone of your different children. But here comes the rebuttal. They are my children, my blood, my inheritance; I have no connection to those ďothersĒ. The Almighty speaks, ďI am your Father, each and every soul here in exile on earth, we are one and I have sent My Son to gather all. Do not let that which is dark keep us apart any longer. There has come a time where we will united as one Holy Family, all I ask is to accept My Sonís hand of mercy. A simple gesture of love, can each and every one of you do this as a start?Ē

   No need to waste billions on weapons that Israel has the secrets to defeat. You are wasting resources that should go to advance your people. They will never attack you, unless you fall for nuclear energy. You know the quakes are coming and you are risking your nation to radiation poisoning, where will your people go? If there is one thing you have learned about each other, it is the violence against another sect. Will you be welcome as equals or treated as slaves?

  They cannot expand if there is no threat. It is time to leave well enough alone and use the money to help your nations. Drop the anger. Drop the hate and revenge for that is inspired from another source. It is about family, faith, to treat all as equals starting with your women. Yes, the man is head of the household and the wife duties are centered on raising the family. But you must treat others like you would like to be treated and this includes your wife. You must allow her to be educated as she is a reflection of you. A nation does compete globally if half the population is discounted; embrace them as they are one of your daughters. She is not a possession or a slave to you. She is a mate, to help you solidify love and caring within the family. Does this get accomplished by dictating orders? No, it is cooperation between the mates, where what is right for the family comes first. It is not honor among men that counts, itís the honor you show God, for you have no right to take a life under any circumstance. The Almighty sees the daughters of the Moslem faith as important as the men. Men can you propagate human society among yourselves? Which is more important? You are all His equal children and you the men of the Moslem faith need to acknowledge this. You do not have a choice.

   How may men have taken advantage of women, but when the woman is part of your family, then what? It is ok to destroy another's family by your actions. It is the lust of men that preys upon women who thinks it is true love. But you won't point the true finger of blame. You just dispense justice for the honor of the family, hypocrites.

   You are all God's children and all deserve the same respect including your neighbor. You all say your beliefs are based on what inspired Mohammad and that is God. So can you make a change that will please your Allah? It is up to you, and you need to take a step towards that today. How big, is not important, just take a step towards Him.

The Jews

   For the Jews, you keep asking. Where is the contact from God, the God of Abraham and why has His voice fell silent among your people? Has it or have you refused to listen to the whispers. The warning is a gift to your people, the chosen race. The Almighty pours His grace over your nation as you have been given a second chance to except your Messiah, a second chance to form a long lost relationship with the Son of God, Jesus. Do not make the same mistake twice, by using the physical as a judge to what is God in the eye of humans, instead of the spiritual aspect of our being. It is not about what was carried out in the past because His mercy is great and what occurred was written and had to fulfill the prophecies, He had to die to redeem mankind from sin and death. For it was written in your scrolls. It just fills His heart with sorrow that you, His chosen people had to be the instrument of death in this mission.

   Now during the warning, He will come to claim His people once again, you the Jews, as one of the 2 witnesses with the Christians, the other, as prophesied in the Bible. All He asks of you is to seek His forgiveness and start a new path towards truth and justice. There will be no mistake when every one of you face the Lord in what seems a dream, but so real. All your questions will be answered, if you ask. Ask Him if He was the son of David. Ask him if He was the Messiah. Ask Him if all will be forgiven, for His mercy is great. It is up to you the take that step, can you? It has been told that no sin, no matter how great, that cannot be forgiven with true remorse. The world is about to be set free of crucifixion and financial enslavement, just like Moses set your ancestors free, will you be part of it again?

More Details

End Time Questions?

What was contained in the letter as the Third Secret inspired by Mary given to the children from Fatima?

   It was requested that the Hierarchy of Rome reveal to the faithful, welcome the End times as a change rid this world of evil and this must unfold, which is revealed in Revelations. It was written that Satan himself has infiltrated the highest places in the Church established by Peter. A plan, that has been in place over hundreds years. When the present Pope Benedict flees the province of Rome, his replacement elected will not be sent by God as he is will be a Masonic. This has now become a fact.

   It will start in Rome with his faithful sacred servants persecuted in the Lord's name. The message, due cowardice was never revealed as doubt among the faithful would hang over the Vatican knowing the fate of the Christian world. Many signs of intervention have been sent to mankind by Mary the Mother of Salvation and Jesus, but most choose to listen to the scientific explanation, which discounts what is unseen and more so, little understood.

   Look for changes in the Trinity, as the excuse will be, mankind cannot understand the concept of a Father, Son and Holy Spirit as one, but separate and distinct. The greatest will be the rejection of the Holy Eucharist, the remembrance of our Lord and His death on the cross. Watch as the new pope parades with just a cross in front of the faithful. But you must ask why, isnít Jesus on that cross as He is the symbol of salvation, not the instrument of death. Know this will come from the dark one.

   The human mind can not understand that which is God, as it was only a few thousand years ago, man thought there was only 4 elements on earth. Even worse, they presently think, the primary components of the atom are the proton, electron and the neutron, when it is various subatomic particles when combined exhibit or lack of through cancellation, the polarized charges which are established that comprise an atom.

What about the 3rd World War?

   Many have watch events with Iran unfold, centrifuges built with Western European technology. Yellow cake purchased on the covert market under the watchful eyes of certain alphabet agencies. Ambassadors called home from Iran just recently by many nations. A lost spy drone scanning the land and its defenses only to be hacked and captured with technology intact. Just what was brewing?

   The entity behind the planned mortgage fraud, banking collapse in the US and Europe was at the present time trying to increase confusion and despair in this world. Plans for a first strike was laid between many cooperating countries. This went from a plan to a course of action, knowing this could escalate. A 3rd world war was hoped for by a devoted inner circle of elite to the horror of those who closely followed as to reduce the population on earth going into the pole shift.

   Now compromised and uncomfortable with the decision that promised just to neutralize suspect sites for creating nuclear fissionable material, a change was hoped for. A warning was given and the hand of God struck a part of the world. It was seen as a earthquake in Mexico, for the public none the wiser, but it rendered useless the deep underground bunkers for the elite located between Mexico City and Acapulco as a start. The elite got the message. Suddenly, the UN revived the idea of inspection and cooperation with Iran, good choice as you saved many of your kind. But do not confuse mercy by the Almighty, halting the chastisement due to your change of heart out of fear. Only to follow your old ways later by judging the response as weak after contemplating the many angles as if you can arrange a better outcome. If so, then expect twice of what was originally planned and this will strike home. 

Update: 12/27 2012

   It seems we are dealing with leaders, who are acting like children. Your solution to an attempted development of nuclear weapons in which you allowed the yellow cake to cross borders, provided the centrifuge technology through EU countries, allowed the plants to become operational and now you want an embargo on oil. Who do you think, you are fooling? You would rather have the consumer, already under stress pay big oil a premium, allow speculation to run rampant with excess profits, destroy fragile economies increasing the transfer of wealth to the elite rather than a diplomatic solution. Create the problem, then offer a solution for profit in the name of peace. This is a joke. We have seen this many times in the history Earth and the game is stale. North Korea is a real threat with developed nuclear weapons, are there sanctions on that country that includes its trading partners like China? I thought not, you make the rules to serve your agenda. Change this now or the Almighty will, as it shall come home to those who plotted this. There is a previous imagery of, "slice and dice". Remember North Korea's launch of a satellite on 4/13 never made it or orbit by design.

What about life on others worlds?

For many this is just curiosity and is not your concern now, concentrate on being accepted by the Almighty, this is graduation into His Universal Family, pass or fail and then your questions will be answered.

Added Signs of God

Update: Nov 22 2013

Additional info on the Warning

This paper is written for both the sacred servants and scientists 

   As the signs of God present themselves in the heavens or the sky above earth, scientists will with their minds based on flawed human science shall try and disprove all that is divine, so letís fire the first shot, as little of their theories will hold water during the End Times. Some of you have been told one of the first Divine Signs will be that the rotation of the earth will increase, thus shortening the period of the day to less than 24 hours as sunrise and sunset will occur earlier and all personal time pieces will seem to be running slow. To what degree is unknown at this time, but the common man will know change is upon him. How can this be, the moment of rotation within the core increasing as the mass also increases due to space debris captured by earthís gravity? This defies your laws of motion. Your textbooks and theories have stated that rotational momentum was conserved at the time of the creation of this solar system as the earth cooled and started to spin as it contracted in what mankind thinks is the frictionless environment of space. Where is the Truth?

   They, the establishment (US Navy) will have to adjust the global clocks and hope the variance is small enough that you will not question the tweaking. Know that they are liars in regard to this point as they hope the US population will forgive their deceit. Many will for they are human and were fooled by another source. But you ask that current predictions on the web from a certain source state, ďThe rotation of earth is slowingĒ. Again, which is it as an increase in the rotational period has not even been considered?

   How quickly, all of want to believe in anything, that is greater than you, but not God. He is the source of all creation and knowledge including what is alien to this world in this infinite universe and planes of existence. Know this, no density; being, incarnate or discarnate, spirit of light or dark that is above the Creator, God Almighty. He created all matter and life, designed all worlds with their complex symbiotic relationships and subatomic particle flows. When intelligent life began, it was God that infused the breath of His spirit creating sentient beings. But His children banished on earth were in His image the only true children of God in the universe. Do you realize all balances on a stellar and planetary scale were in place simultaneously like plants and animals, rain and evaporation, life and death, day and night and it is this you do not understand, but you think your limited knowledge as if you could comprehend the idea of creation. Fools as the dark one implanted those ideas in your minds and you follow in folly.

   Evolution with millions of species on earth, but not one example, has been found to ďevolveĒ over the past 2 millennium. If a child was born different even advanced, do you really think the tribe would allow the baby to live? Fear of the unknown reigns and the baby would have been killed. Oh you say some would have to be abandoned and could have lived. Really what infant you know, even up to the age of 4 can feed itself and evade predators? Today a truly gifted child with advanced human functions just simply disappears. This is the Truth.

   Letís review the current ďadvanced description on rotationĒ. You have been told by a certain website of off world origin that the earthís core is attracted to different to magnetic, gravitational and subatomic particle pressure or null points about the universe, thus initiating and reinforcing spin by attraction, then overshooting and the process begins again when gripped by the same forces. The part initially left out, brings into focus the core spinning transfers torque through frictional contact that drags the upper mantle-crust resulting in surface rotation. Yes this is a simplistic description and far more advanced than the current textbooks on earth. Yet details were withheld as many scientists would have failed to grasp the concept due to ingrained beliefs in your astrophysics, which will soon be tossed out.

   As for earth, it is true that the viscosity of the core is key parameter linked to planetary and stellar rotation and yes the core with itís non homogenous content laden with iron, nickel and other heavy elements rare to its surface are a determinate. All of which does react to some degree to the magnetic and gravitational forces within this universe, but primarily the forces local to this solar system. There is another factor, the ambient gravity particles in equilibrium diffused in space as you see this as weightlessness within the general area of sub atomic particle field influence affecting all solar and planetary objects, moons and other debris contained in the sphere of influence of this system. Add in, the streams of repulsion particles emanating out of the Sun with a counter clockwise spin looking down at its north pole sweeping the planets in front, thus creating the rotation period on earth which you refer to as a year. Education could now be in place if to where to study the following papers related to gravity and repulsion, orbits, stellar and planetary formation, will give you a fresh and true prospective in understanding a few basics on how the universe works.

    We will now address of how a seemly quasi static field of gravitational based subatomic particles in relation to a particular spatial area vary in density in this solar system. Little is known about the interaction of gravity and repulsion particles as compression and expansion of the field is determined by a static point in space that influences vary by the flow of time and positions of mass. Look at the our solar system as a series of gravitational anomalies, where pressure points are determined by location, mass, and distance between the masses while being influenced to the gravitational, magnetic, subatomic particle flow emanating from the Sun. It is here that these differentials although subtle, affect the core of the earth. The Sunís core when in a semi-fluid state under pressure remains in a circular motion 90 degrees to its axis and how this motion overall adds rotation torque and conservation of momentum, but is controlled with a constant damping factor of heavy elements suppressing movement and the fusion process established by core composition. The heavier the elements of the core, the more effective the turnover of gravitational to repulsion particle transfer or carrying capacity are as a source of force. Now these same interactions on a limited degree within the core of the earth and how does this relate to planetary rotation? You will be given knowledge to offer new insight.

    I need you to visualize if one was to look down on the north pole of the Sun, the earth is swept in a counter clockwise orbital rotation by rotational bands of subatomic particles within the Sun emanate and it is this that transfers forces as it passes through a mass of the earth pushing it along its orbital path. The earthís core is subject to the dominant forces that reside in this solar system as a primary factor controlling rotation. As the earth is swept through the ambient field of gravitational sub atomic particles ejected from the Sun, planets, moons and space trash, movement within this solar system has been predicted. What is perceived to be a some what static field of sub atomic gravitational particles near equilibrium that the planet earth passes through this field and experiences a differential of forces along the edges of the inner and outer extremities of the core of the earth.

   The general extremities related to the 2 points or general areas that is tangent to those points along a line that pierces through the center of the Earth and Sun has a force is applied opposite the direction of the movement of the earth as the interval of time decreases value of null to get a derivative that yields rotational velocity at the outer edges of the affected core of the earth. To make this clear ďnullĒ, it is where time does not progress instead of mankindís value of zero as if time does not exist in the universe. As the field of gravitational sub atomic particles with its own ambient density passes through a mass, its independent density, shape and molecular state are all determinates that yields the total gravitational force applied to the mass. It is not the simplistic explanation where the attraction of 2 masses is determined by a function of distance, a multiple of the 2 masses and a constant. Isaac Newton was given a crude understanding in which his mind could comprehend. In turn was given a law of gravity that works in most cases, but does not really work in our solar system as thrusters are constantly needed to adjust to the variances, but few speak on it. Ask a scientist what is gravity and wait for an answer. My source, God the creator of gravity gave me new insights and it is the Truth.

   What scientists have yet to explain is how a nebula forms in a vacuum of space? The gas within the nebula expands until the pressure between the void of space equalizes with the expansion of gas contained within the nebula. It is this pressure that with its nuances of variables that create cloud like formations. Do you not see similar formations created by your clouds in the thin upper atmosphere of your planet? When a comet approaches the Sun does not its tail take up a direction according to a particle flow? Space is not a vacuum, but a very thin atmosphere between the stars. In a true vacuum of space, the hydrogen gas within the nebula and even our atmosphere of this planet would be stripped away. Can you explain the clouds you see in space or how our earth retains its atmosphere where the greatest pressure is a mere 14 pounds per square inch on its surface? Maintain that same containment pressure on the International Space Station open a vent and see who survives?

   In our solar system, there are many forces at play. Where gravitational sub atomic particle density is dependant upon factors of distance, total mass within the spatial area of the system and the natural placement planetoid objects and their related moons in relation to its star and gravitational sub atomic particle turnover of the stellar object (the intake of gravitational subatomic particles to the expulsion of repulsion particle streams), which provides a base reference of field density. It is this turnover rate that when goes to an extreme creates your black holes. That said, there is a gravitational subatomic particle density differential that incurs within a spatial area, no different than pressure isobars on your atmospheric weather maps. This imbalance creates a net force on critical opposing points about the core creating rotational torque in the opposite direction that favors the greatest particle density and in the case of Earth it is the inner point causing the earth to rotate west towards east.

   Now the viscosity of the core normally stable over the past few millenniums is now being agitated by an outside force present within the inner solar system over the last decade. With this, the internal influence applied to the core of the earth increases in volume, accumulates mass and rotational velocity. So, it is these factors that affect the ratio of driving mass of the core in relation to the outer mass of the earth slowly towards parity decreasing the period of rotation of the planetoid. You were told a decade ago it is this rotation of the core within a mass that drags the mantle and ultimately the crust, not what you textbooks, which state conservation of momentum from the creation of a mass cools, shrinks, thus preserving its moment of rotation as the radius shrinks.

   You ask, the moon does not have a liquid core yet its rotation is equal to its period of rotation about the earth. This was debunked again over a decade ago in the paper Rotation of the Moon. When there is an absence of rotation and gravity is responsible for the curved path the same side of the object is seen constantly. Our earth rotates daily which gives you night and day. If our planet did not rotate, one side would always face the Sun, like our Moon. Rotate only once a year, we would have a half year of daylight and night on this planet. It is that simple.

   Oh now you ask, Venus has a retrograde orbit explain that! I have told you that gravitational sub atomic particle density within our solar system was the key, but letís look closer at the details given to you about earth and our present orbit. Couple this with particle density due to unforeseen compression by proximity of masses with this solar system eons ago.

   A certain website states this planet was hit by our moon a trailing object of the 12th planet aka Niribu, Planet X forming the Pacific basin as this is recorded in your Sumerian and other cultures around the world with no contact. Momentum from the collision forced into an inner orbit from the debris field now known as the asteroid belt. What occurred, is that the earth overshoot its present orbit approached Venus in the distant past. It is here that compression of the gravitational sub atomic particles ensues until the earth was repulsed. The orbit oscillated outward over time to where its orbit is shared by a dark twin revealed by that same certain website and known by NASA. They will not tell you, but lie as this is part of their culture.

   Consider what this approach and adjustment did to the factors affecting the rotation of Venus? The delicate imbalance that was its natural spatial gravitational field has changed and now the greatest density shifted to its outer edge instead of inner. Would not the gravitational sub atomic particle field compressed due the proximity of what became the earth?

    It was this new differential favoring a point on the outer edge of Venusís core tangent to a line between the center of Venus and the Sun. It is here that this unnatural force now applied to the planet of Venus slows rotation, and then stops. Rotation then reverses reacting to the force gravitational particles applied to the core as rotation swept about the Sun continues. Once started, this retrograde planetary surface rotational direction continues as the earth and another gravitational source in place before earth entered the shared orbit maintains a differential, slight, but still supports the retrograde motion.

   Rotational planetary periods are stable unless acted upon by an outside force. The 12th planet aka planet X or Niribu has caused the core of the earth to heat, thus you were told global warming, its magnetic grip is suppose to slow the rotational period, so how will a certain website and scientist explain this when a day on earth shortens? They wonít, but will point to rotational stoppage which is true once magnetic influences overwhelm the changes in the Sun.

   The world will witness the Sun increasing in size and brightness some due to adjustments between the Earth and Sun attracted by magnetic attraction overcoming the repulsion force. But this will be a miracle of God another Divine Sign. There will be no explanation will explain how and why the Sunís rotation increases. Two factors I will put to rest as your scientists offer their inadequate explanations or theories. The Sun will expand and loom larger and brighter; if your laws of conservation of momentum are true then rotational torque will decrease as distribution of mass migrates away from the center. Larger, you cannot say the mass increases as your laws state mass cannot be created of destroyed. Are you stating we are going into a red giant phase? Donít go there as you know the Sun would have to burn bright for millions of years, not months then collapse only to expand to a giant. Nothing you present to the world will be the truth, just mere words to a population to believe hangs on your every word as the truth, but your words are empty.

   As this world moves forward you were told of the End Times and the signs to come, you in the media have played the game, for once think about what is about to befall this world and the massive loss of lives and souls. As a reporter you wanted to inform the world on the Truth, what changed a threat, loss of a job? Soon money will mean nothing; the bunkers will offer the few no protection. For once stand up for the human race and God. Think about it. This is not about stating the Truth on air for you will be fired or worse, but let your body actions speak without uttering a word to a select. Do this.

   Shortly (and shortly in Godís time frame is almost always longer than a year or two) a Divine Event will shock the world after the signs are seen, the warning will occur to bring all of Godís children home. All will see a white cross appear in the skies 7 days just before impact in the ocean of the western hemisphere. For those without access to priest still loyal to Jesus use this on day 1 you see the sign as all you will never have another chance.

   Lets detail the another Divine Sign as the Bible prophesizes and the apparitions of Mary, mother of Salvation revealed the Sun will spin. Only the Almighty has this power as your science states a body in motion remains unless acted upon by another force. Any force affecting the Sun would exponentially affect the planets in the solar system proportional to there mass as this force would come from outside the solar system or God.

   This will occur as areas within the Sunís core mix rapidly as this is driving its rotation. With the heavy elements moving away from the core due to centrifugal force, the fusion process will increase rapidly, thus the increase in brightness and the size of the sun as it expands. As the new available hydrogen fuses with little dampeners, (the heavy elements) the cycle of brightness will burnout after many months. As pressure supporting the Sunís surface collapses on the day of the comet impact, (arranged) the Sun will experience a series of implosions as this is the final sign to get to cover. The core compresses the moment of rotation slows allowing the heavy elements to drift back towards the center temporally cutting the fusion process. The secondary problems will the disruption and diffusion on the Sunís magnetic field which will have a temporary affect on the flow of electricity lasting a few days. The surface of the Sun will darken in spots as a series of implosions are unleashed on its surface. What mankind will not be able to explain all mechanical motion will stop for certain amount of time during the warning, but know this the hand of God has fallen.

   The birds and small animals will flee in massive migrations during the weeks before as scientists try and grasp why and then you will be told by the media a comet may hit the earth. The time of impact has been set to a point in Europe to match the time Jesus expired on the cross.  It is here that the sequence of events that follow impact will defy science. A white mist will descend upon earth and the earthís rotation will stop as darkness falls due to the water vapor released from the comet impact and rapid evaporation of ocean water ejected into the atmosphere. Again it will rapidly spread globally to the east. This is Maryís mantle of protection for most of you would perish here. As the world embraces fear and the unknown as few leaders step up to truly guide, know that our Lord will show you the true light and all will know the power of God. This event and destruction will not be the end, but many of you will move towards the light in your conscientiousness and not be able to grasp its glory. It is not time yet for some of you to leave this earth.

   Many of you who follow these words have been told the warning is about purification and this is true. Now all of you, who call yourselves Christians, where what you believed is based on the death of Christ. Our faith is based upon how this event will free mankind from sin. Remember when you remove Christ from Christianity, it is a pagan religion and belief. It is not a new doctrine which dismisses sin as a flaw of mankind. It is not a compromise of what we were taught by Jesus, now changes to attract others to the faith. It is not a mass that fails to recognize the Holy Eucharist, the Body and Blood of our Savior. If the media, atheists, and other religions embrace the faith look deeper as to why? It is here that millions will be fooled and your sins that you be judged as if you died at this point in time in advance of the Second Coming so that billions can be saved. This is why it is called a warning. I urge all to go to confession or recite the prayer of absolution. Is this too much to ask for preparation even if you doubt these words?

   The establishment will be caught by surprise as red rays bath the earth. A flare from the Sun affecting earth, when it is imploding, the earthís wobble, there will be any excuse, but the Truth. You are being told in advance as they will lie. You will not be able to explain that all will experience this. Speak frankly to each other. You will not be able to explain when you look at your chest you will see varying particles that are strange glowing in degrees of light and darkness lifting away from your bodies. You will not be able to explain how your darkest secrets are exposed and the hurt inflicted to others is felt. There will be 15 minutes of stillness in time that passes on earth, but as your life is reviewed and points for you to change to be acceptable in the eyes of the Lord, this will be in the time God. What ever is needed your soul will experience. This is a gift heed it.

   Now all that is in power will state it was a dream, but all of you in your family, agrees it happened. Only the weak will listen to alternative explanations. Since when have scientists on earth have been able to explain a complex cosmic event? They canít even describe how gravity works and you trust them? Agreements among scientists and media comments of all are to reinforce a view. Many will listen. Many will be fooled. Do not doubt for a second what you went through for it is your soul at stake. You saw your soul. You saw its condition and now on the words on men they say it did not exist! For once as a man and a woman choose your future and let no one influence you and what you have experienced. The dark side expects you little lambs to follow their words to the slaughter. Show us you are not subject, to lies that hides the Truth of what you experienced, stand up.

   During the warning the earth will experience a force not seen of heard since the days of Noah. A thunder will roar, foundations will shake as if Krakatoa exploded in your city, a will rumble reach the core of your being. The sky will roll away as was written in the scriptures and many of you will think it is the end of the world, but many of you will see another day. A wafting red light particle field will envelope all. So weird, but it is so beautiful, but you say I am afraid. Peace shall envelope your spirit, as you see and connect to your Savior, Jesus. Shock as many say are you real or is this a dream? For others, they will cry tears of joy as they thank God to see their Savior.

   As you look at your soul when prepared you are excited, but the dark spots worry you. As the red particle field penetrates your being the black spots begin to burn with extreme pain, but you notice they start to lighten. Many pass out due to the pain. Those prepared embrace it as they are being cleansed and they have prepared to lessen this experience. Many who ignored these words with little prep, sad to say many will die from fright or being overwhelmed from grief from the Truth. The comet will unleash inflammable elements that will mix with our atmosphere. It will burn and make the atmosphere volatile breathing outside will lead to death. Acid rain will fall burning your exposed skin. Lightning and thunder, like the trumpets of heaven will rage as bolts will measure in tens of miles will flash across the skies. Homes of all that is evil will be targeted as to spare those who are faithful. Tidal waves will assault the coasts of the western hemisphere in the proximity of impact. The extreme heat within the atmosphere will burn almost all vegetation. Food will be scarce. With the impact tectonic plate movement will accelerate and cities will disappear. Infrastructure will be compromised and again cities will burn to ground in fire storms due to broken gas mains still active. The shockwave will destroy all that you know and your world will never look the same. All that gaze upon the wrath of God, will be destroyed if once in the protection of your home, you are tempted to look. Do not make the same mistake Lotís wife did.

    It is the spiritual part after the warning starts that you are told the Truth from Jesus. All will hell which many believes does not exists, but apparitions emanating from the dark side that will be a major source fear and death from fright will be free to attack Godís children. All dark spirits will be allowed to roam free outside of your homes and allowed to be seen with your eyes in their true form. The will imitate the voices of loved ones to trick you into opening your door. Remember the toxic gases outside is a death sentence, so do not open the door. Have your holy water and blessed candles to ward off evil and most important pray.

   To get through the warning, in most areas the thunder will be over in a week. Calm will signal it is over. Have at least 2 weeks of food, water, a portable potty and heavy blankets for the extreme cold to come. The dust ejected into the atmosphere blocking sunlight will force average global temperatures down to -30į F with extremes approaching -80į F lasting a couple of months before moderating. Duct tape and heavy plastic sheets all windows to stop outside gases in case windows break. Use Ĺ inch particle board to protect all windows and doors. If in an open field then ĺ will do. Have things to occupy all most important to reduce fear of the unknown. Prepare a spot in case someone dies out of all the livingís sight. Cook over a wooden fireplace, but never use propane indoors including the garage unless it is vented.

   When the comet hits the crust of this earth will rupture, unleashing a series of quakes. Plagues and pestilence shall result as insects and other things yet unseen are pushed to the surface due to the continuous noise of a certain frequency from rock compression and tectonic breakage driving them to infest many homes, fields and more important the stored elite food supplies no matter how you package it. There is nothing many of you can do to stop this as this is prophesized. When you open sealed containers that you thought was impervious and spot contamination, know that this was the Hand of God. Sink holes and fissures will shallow homes. Those that reject the Mercy of Jesus may have 1 more change, but the harden sweep off the face of the earth.

   Know this; it will be the changes in the Catholic Church that will bring about the warning which initially will kill close to 2 billion people and hundreds of millions from the cold and plagues afterwards. And it will be you who shall do the penance of the non believer as Christians. You will through your prayers and atonement will save billions who made mistakes and otherwise would have been lost to our Lord. You will suffer for those who rejected the mercy of our Lord for what ever reason. Look at it as a person ventures into deep water and does not swim. You need to do what it takes to save their life or are you going to let them perish? You as a Christian a representative of Christ ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

   Remember as the world rises from the ashes all will be looking for hope, a sense of direction and stability within their governments. It is here that the new world order will offer a plan and finance when all seems lost. This is the trap and even being told this many on this earth will be fooled.

  The weak of mind will curse God as he failed to protect, but ask, why is it that only belief manifests itself when faced with death or harm? He is all loving, but He does not know you. Again mankind has it wrong as in action to the warnings sent by God. A warning is sent to put mankind back on the path of righteousness when they have been led astray by the powers to be within the world, and the Church eliminating aspects of Jesus hurts the cause.

   After the warning, those who brought this event upon mankind will offer a solution, a new religion that includes all. Where if think you have lived a good life, sin is not a factor. Politically, as leaders fail to grasp hold of the disasters, the world will look for any hope, and that solution offered will be the new world order. All will accept it as the worldís best hope. This is your downfall. This has been planned since the dawn of time. This how the world will receive the mark of the beast and many of you will think he is a gifted peacemaker, generous as he gives away billions to the needy, very articulate, a handsome leader the world has never seen. This is the Truth as the dark one will exploit all of your deepest wants in a leader and deliver it to the human race to deceive all.

Update Dec 12

The Unprepared 

   The warning will occur, because few on earth believe in God or the power of the Almighty, so you shall be shown. Remember, you brought this upon yourselves, if this did not happen almost all of humanity would be lost. When the fire alarm rings some will perish as it is not heeded with importance, without it, how many when horrific would live to see another day?

  We will address those who know there is a God, but due to the riches and power you have attained on this earth through your master, you think the Almighty is no challenge to satan your leader. Admit it, all know of you in the occult, Masons, Illuminati, and the black pope (false prophet) worship in your dark masses with sacrifices and call his name in sadistic chants. Go ahead and forsake his dark name in public and see if you live another day. Not one of you has the courage to tell the world what and where the blood and body in your black masses come from. As you try to imitate the Sacred Mass of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. You seem to take the free will of mankind as a weakness in the spiritual heavens. What fools!

   Free will means you choose the enemy of God or God Himself and any trick, deceit, lie, unlimited lusts, wealth, and even murder will be given to you to turn. Oh and how so many of you have. God created your leader with the rights to defy even Him as you have as His children. What you need not to forget is that when His patience is exhausted His wrath will fall upon this earth. Then what? He created all life and will destroy all life that defies His will. Your master of this earth has a short time to steal souls and the End Times are here.

   When, your house has crumbled during the earthquakes or lightning strikes. When you lose your money as the stock markets fails or trading is frozen. When your favorite mistress is caught in bed with your assistant and it will happen most shall harden. You become more ruthless and uncaring; hoping to impress your master, but your soul has already been taken and no need to entice you now. It is here you will fall into despair as all is taken away and many commit suicide after killing all that was close to you. I ask all of you to take a simple test; is there any one you truly love? Where your life is secondary to them? I thought not. You worship beauty, power and wealth where pride replaces love.

   As the earth shakes and fear surrounds you, cry out for your master, for he will be no where to be found. Confront him even as a world leader and you will be killed as an example, a peon who to tried to defy the future antichrist. 

   Love comes from only one source in this universe, God, the Father Almighty. It is only this that will defeat evil in the End Times. For those who see the hand writing on the wall even in the last few seconds, you can save your spiritual life. As this physical life on the present earth as you know it will end for all at the Second Coming. During the warning, when you see Jesus do not shun the light. Blinding, burning but it seems like home. Your life will flash before you and you will be disgusted. Was I that assh..e. Now be a man or woman and beg for forgiveness, accept that you were wrong and do what ever it takes to make it right in front of Jesus. He will extend His Hand of Mercy, accept it and you will never look back, no matter what you did.

   To the faithful, it is here, I need you to focus. All of have dreamed of seeing Jesus and when He appears, your joy will overwhelm you, many of you will not even feel the pain of purification, because of the bliss. This is fine, but you have a mission. Jesus is depending upon you to stand up, for the weak, for many who will refuse the Hand of Mercy and cower in a ball avoiding the light. Our Lord needs you, the spiritually strong to embrace the shortfalls of the weak. As the Red Rays of Mercy surround you they will sparkle and burn as your soul is purified, but you need to think about those who were caught off guard with no preparation. At some point with your encounter with Jesus you need to rise above self and stand for humanity. He will not call you, but you must ask, as you kneel or prostate in humility and speak these words: Jesus, my Lord and Savior, I beg you to forgive all souls including the damned who rejected Your Hand of Mercy, please help all souls most in need to be saved even though they may not know it as a Divine Gift to humanity.

   I say this; deliver the Almightyís children to Jesus, the Judge of the living and dead as you focus on others during a time which will be hard to pull yourself away from self. The time will only be when the Rays of Mercy envelope the Earth that the Grace of Forgiveness can be poured out upon mankind, not after it is over. This is what you must do. This is how souls will be saved. This will help turn the war of Armageddon sooner.

   Jesus speaks, ďI am pleased with My Remnant army, as we together with your prayers, fasting and devotion to My Word shall help the will God prevail over evil. Much is to come shortly and this is where you must trust Me. As the world changes, know that it is the old making way for the new. I love you, My children and when this is over, each of you, I will hold in My Sacred Arms.Ē

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