The Bermuda Triangle

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   The Bermuda Triangle, an area shrouded in mystery is nothing more than a natural event, density shifting under unusual circumstances. The area under the Bermuda Triangle is special. Allowing the transmission of a vibrational force unknown to most mankind to escape through the crust with little absorption. Subatomic particles within the atomic structure of matter deep within the Earth are released due to tremendous gravitational compression. These particles control the natural vibrational frequency according to the proportion present in all matter and energy, a phenomenon, which most theorists are not familiar with. All matter and energy in 3rd density, Earth’s natural base frequency, soak up these particles at the moment a leak occurs in the Bermuda Triangle. When a critical level of absorption is attained matter and energy is transmuted to a higher state, 4th density. This phenomenon has frozen out effected matter and energy from our existence, because there are no interactions between  third  and  fourth  densities.  Once  matter  and  energy 

makes  the transition  from  third  to  fourth  density,  there is  no

The Bermuda Triangle

chance of returning to its original density under normal conditions. Mankind has proposed the theory of escaping gases, for the disappearance of objects in the triangle. This explanation is riddled with many flaws. Escaping gases? So where are these fissures that provide openings and closures for the escaping gases? When the gases do escape, is it a gradual process of slow leaks or a build up of pressure and quick release turning off and on like a valve? How can that much gas be released in great magnitudes in a non-volcanic area? Proposing methane releases that was frozen in the ocean floor fails as reports of the associated smell and the risk of explosions have not occurred. The disappearance of a ship needs tremendous amounts of gas released, and would displace immense amounts of sand and silt. This will discolor a vast area of the ocean surface, and would dissipate over time. Waves from the disturbance would affect the nearby islands. As for the amount of gas released needed to affect an aircraft averaging 200 mph and at an altitude of 1,000 ft., this would be almost impossible to fulfill. The gases would immediately mix with air due to the wind currents and drafts. The airplane would still work, because the pressure and density of the new mixture surrounding the wing would still be lower above the wing than below, providing enough lift to proceed out of the effected area. 


  During the 1940’s Flight 19 squadron was reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle, while on patrol off the Florida coast. The planes encountered an unusual glow in the atmosphere. Unknown to the pilots at the time, they passed off their short exposure to the phenomena as weird, and event raised no alarms. The atomic structure of the airplanes and passengers had been permanently altered due absorption of sub atomic particles released from beneath the ocean floor. The base vibrational frequency of the effected matter and energy was raised sufficiently to cause oscillation back and forth in a zone where the laws of 3rd and 4th density overlap. In our reality the airplanes and pilots seem to wink in and out of our existence. Many of the unexplained occurrences associated with the flight can now be explained with the laws of physics that govern 4th density existence. As airplanes and pilots moved closer to a 4th density reality their instruments failed. All electrical and magnetic gauges were working properly, but existence in 4th density has different anchor points so the dials wandered aimlessly. Distance traveled vs. unit of time is also altered by a factor of 17  to 1. This was how these airplanes were able to cover a greater range than normal. Sporadic radio contact was only achieved when the airplanes shifted near 3rd density or Earth’s natural plane. The airplanes and crew finally succumbed to an ordinary cause; they ran out gas, crashing into the Atlantic Ocean. The pilots went into a state of shock as they realize they moved through the water in a ghost like fashion. The airplanes and pilots drifted to the bottom and into the seabed because matter and energy on the fringes of 4th density passes  through  earthly  matter  without  intermixing. Finally  settling  where a 4th density spatial barrier would overlap a 3rd density location. Debris in the normal fashion would not be found.

Flight 19 

Density shifting is explained in the document Parallel Universes and Density shifting.

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