Parallel Universes and Density Shifting


   In order to visualize what are parallel universes, you have to be introduced to new scales and concepts beyond what has been imagined by mankind. It is time for you to shed the shackles of present day science immersed in theories that promote those who presented it with acceptance via a presence in the media. We will move mankind to the next level of understanding with answers that are interrelated. Where all theories support each other such as the Unified Field Theory, instead of many exceptions common today in science essentially are unrelated or contradict.

   The Universe is based on major 5 dimensions, and is unknown except to a select group of mankind! You are familiar with the first three linear axis of ordinary spatial volume related, x, y, and z of standard math. The fourth is time, which insights are given in the relativity paper.

   Lets introduce a new frame of reference. First we need to setup a defined three-dimensional box, with defined distances, molecular compression, a reference value of heat equilibrium stabilizing particle movement within to explain the fifth dimension.  The natural time progression will be used, which is forward progression for the interaction of matter and energy within the box is the fourth dimension. The fifth dimension involves vibrational frequency. This frequency or vibrational rate is super imposed on matter and energy at the sub atomic level. This would be called its resonant frequency.

   In our world and existence, this would be akin to only knowing the aspects of solid matter without knowing the other forms of matter liquid, gas or plasma. The fifth dimension has many different levels. Counter to some who theorize on 11 dimensions and string theory recently changed to 9, can they make up there mind. In the universe there are infinite amount of levels that matter and energy can exist in a natural state. What mankind does not know is that matter and energy, and that which supports the essence of life, exists many different vibrational frequencies. Each vibrational level is independent from each other, but occupy the same space.

   Many have heard the rumors involving the Philadelphia Experiment and there is truth in what happen. The US Military while trying to reduce the radar signature of ships and planes, irradiated different targets with subatomic particles as an unexpected sub process of one of their experiments responsible for the vibrational rate of basic matter. Imperfect as any process found by accident, the field did not have parameters to control the synchronized the movement of matter in the 3 dimensional grid. As matter moved from 3rd density to intermediate levels below the 4th, problems occurred. With a vibrational increased basic matter separates allowing light to diffuse through, thus the ghost like appearances of men trapped in the density shift. Ultimately positional changes by the men exploring their new surroundings found a horrific result, solidification within solid objects due to the test subjects movement while on the other side was not considered when return to 3rd density completed. When controlled by an advanced entity accidents are rare. This is how reports from friendly encounters of being able to pass through solid objects is achieved.

   Atoms vibrating at different frequencies do not mix; they simply slide past each other. To get a clearer picture, lets put part of the Universe in a reference field, which contains the natural dimensions of normal space. Once established,  lets observe what physically occurs within the affected zone, and what laws of mankind's physics would apply. We will start at the base vibrational frequency for matter and energy. This would be our Universe and laws, represented by the name density level 3. Density is related to our current interstellar medium or the density of basic subatomic particles, which the basic building blocks of matter. Scientists will soon realize, this is the essence of dark matter their missing matter within the universe.

   Now a new formula and concept has to be introduced to help you understand. Density Constant =  [Time (measured in progression in relation to the base density)] * [speed of Light (C) in the specific density]. Time when progressing at any of the lower levels where physical matter resides, proceeds at the same rate for any entity living  within. What does this mean? If an entity living in the 4th density moves to the 3rd will they experience a variance in the progression of time? The answer is no. Mankind is familiar with the density constant by another name, the cosmological constant. For all levels that contain five dimensions, the density constant is the same, but T and C vary in proportion. Meanwhile to an observer in any confined  to that density level, light will travel its new rate of speed per standard unit of time for that parallel universe. Once outside the levels, variations occur in relation to separation of levels each other. The progression of time is transparent to you, because you have no anchor points or comparisons. Now, lets increase the vibrational frequency governing specific unit of the mass and energy in our universe until it completely transposes up to the next level of existence, density level 4.

   For an example, lets compare a defined unit of heat and apply it to specific mass of  water and then equate it to the principles of vibrational frequency and what an increase of this frequency does basic atomic structure of the affected matter. For simplicity, water molecules will be used in this test and introduced at -5C for this comparison. If we increase the heat per gram of specified mass, the affected water molecules transmute from a solid to a liquid at a particular point, approximately just above 0C. The water molecules or specific mass are still of the same atomic structure, but its mass has transformed in a different form of matter, a liquid. The higher energy levels consist of lower mass per defined area, thus the term density levels, and new laws of motion and properties. Ice and liquid water can be in the same area, but their molecules do not mix. They just simply slide past each other, creating an environment independent from each other. Ice is somewhat static and oppose to water, which flows almost freely within the same gravitational field. 

   Vibrational rates of matter are similar to the effects of temperature, but can vary.  By increasing the vibrational rate matter becomes lighter as the spacing between atoms increases. This introduces the ability for atoms to establish a more complex bonding structure. Particle movement is facilitated as there is less crowding, thus greater velocities. The ability to create Transparent metals is now child's play.

   At density level 4 a new Universe appears, less crowded in the number of stars, and in the density of matter itself. All information contain in this paragraph shown in font Italic was given by Zeta Talk. What else has changed? Some stars will be in the same relative positions in parallel universes, but the luminosity and mass will be different. In fourth density, the distribution of mass within the Universe is less in comparison to third, our level. Most of mankind have assumed light is a constant, but in fourth density light has a velocity approximately 17 times faster than in third density, our universe. Time is progressively slower in fourth density than in third, but to an entity in third density visiting it seems the same. When the frequency is moved density level 5 the velocity of light is approximately squared from the speed in level 4. Time slows down in proportion. 

   The concept of Time, which is covered in the Relativity Paper lets briefly review. Time is the natural progression of all particles and their relationship of location to each other, interaction, and result that is interwoven then locked at a particular point as the cycle completes then repeats, limited by the vibration of subatomic particles within the universal spatial field. It is access to this point that all points in time share to a degree all to the past and to a lesser degree as on moves towards the future that time travel is possible. The vibrational rate determines separation of the individual sub atomic particles the resultant nuclear force and the flow of particles related to gravity or magnetism within the atomic structure.

   As a photon passes through what is considered the void of space, dark matter, sub atomic particles that are the basic building blocks of matter, which composes the interstellar medium in itself does not cause absorption, deflection or diffusion as both are similar in size. This is done by the accumulation of hydrogen gas. The higher the atomic vibrational rate, the greater the separation of these particles. As the frequency related to the atomic structure rises in a universal spatial density field, the perception of time changes with a greater separation a pressure wave repulsing a photon due to particle crowding takes longer to build, in essence dark matter vibrating at higher frequency allows light to travel many times faster in a higher universal plane due to a lower resistance. Thus the new perception  of  the velocity of C, is now a variable in other densities or parallel universes. Dependency is based upon the vibrational rate of the dark matter composing the interstellar, which controls all matter on that plane level. The variation within each unique parallel universe is related to the field thinning at each new advancing level. Thus the term "density" is use coined to refer to the concentration of matter per a standard area of interstellar medium at the various different levels of parallel universes.

   Where the vibrational rate of the atomic structure increases, oppositely so does the ambient subatomic field of dark matter thin, thus affecting the perception of time to others outside of the affected area and the particle flow of sub atomic particles related to light, gravity and magnetism. It is the subatomic particle related to increasing the frequency of the mass. The key, it similar to the subatomic particles related to heat as a base of knowledge that allows the compression and expansion of dark matter overall that leads to density shifting. Once mastered the next level is controlling molecular activity within the affected area to eliminate mixing. This is beyond the current technology on Earth, and past coupled with current mistakes has curtailed black project research in this area due to the high death rate of volunteers.

   When light leaves a star in the Zeta Reticuli system, which is roughly 38 light years away. It would take approximately 1.6 months for light to arrive at Earth if both and there relative positions were in the fifth density. Each level is a leap for differentials in time and the speed of light to our universe. You are now pondering to yourself, what does all this mean? There are some potential applications that use density shifting as a base for new technology such as, traveling faster than the speed of light, making it possible to have surgery without breaking the skin, and the ability to transport matter to different locations in what is perceived as instantaneously. The capability for a mass to pass through solid matter in 3rd density when the molecular structure vibrational rate is in a transition phase moving to or from 4th density, and the ability to manipulate the flow of time are just some of the benefits for density shifting.

   To perceive an abstract idea of time differentials that is between the densities, let time flowing normally in the fourth density be represented by a sine wave completing one cycle with a wavelength of equal to the distance A. The amplitude of the sine wave will equal to a number represented by B, and the amplitude also corresponds to the vibrational rate of matter and energy in the fourth density directly affecting the passage of through the interstellar medium. Both A and B are presently constants. Now I will compare a fourth density time sine wave form to a third density sine wave and observe the differences. In the third density, the time sine wave now completes 17 cycles in the same space governed by distance A. The amplitude of the waveform is .0588B or 1/17 its original height, and corresponds to a lower vibrational rate of matter and energy in the third density (Earth Plane) and a lower velocity of light. If you were to unravel both sine waves into a straight line, one cycle in fourth density and seventeen cycles in third density both would be equal. To the entities that live in 4th density, one cycle of the sine wave would equal one unit of perceived time. Therefore one day in fourth density is similar to seventeen days in third.

I want to thank God for bestowing knowledge, but as the recipient, I know my place in humility  

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