Unusual Movements of the Sun

Written July 30 

   The slow roll of the 12th planet will alert most that all is not right, but most of all it will demonstrate that the shift is survivable. Some people think if an event of this magnitude happens, the Earth will totally lose its atmosphere, float off into space or the crust destroyed by the turns, stops and reversals with non-survivable earthquakes, all which is false. All these preliminary events will happen, but after their occurrence the population will see hope and enter the real shift with optimism and trust in God instead of fear. 

The Steps to Expect: 

Stage 1: The south pole of the 12th planet rolls clockwise from its present southwest position towards the horizontal position or west position due to the vertical movement of the 12th planet towards the north pole of the Sun. 

Stage 2: The Earth responds by tilting its axis clockwise, in which the North Pole migrates towards its apparent south due to magnetic attraction of the rising south pole of the 12th planet. 

Stage 3: The surprise to scientists is rotational momentum due the interaction of the poles, carries the North Pole further south as the Earth is now inverted and the 12th planetís south pole passes and continues north. 

Stage 4: A pause point occurs as the Earthís movement south slows to a halt near the position of the original magnetic South Pole now has a choice depending on timing and position of the poles of the 2 planets. 

Path 1 

   The Earth in its confusion pauses near the apparent South Pole position as momentum slows due to magnetic attraction to the 12th planet; the intruder planet continues to roll clockwise swinging its north pole towards the North Pole of the Earth stationed at the apparent South Pole. The magnetic poles start to clash and the magnetic repulsion force between both planetary poles continues to push the Earthís North Pole back towards its original position in a clockwise roll, because the mass of the Earth is no match for a planet 24 times the mass of the Earth. Upon reaching the present North Pole position an overshoot and oscillation occurs until the magnetic North Pole of the Earth settles into alignment with the 12th planet and the Sun. 

Path 2 

   Again, the Earth pauses near the apparent South Pole position as momentum slows due to magnetic attraction to the 12th planet moving in a counterclockwise direction. In this scenario the 12th planet has not rotated enough to cause a conflict between the like poles and instead the Earthís North Pole is again attracted to the south pole of the 12th planet, which is moving north. The result is a pause in movement clockwise and a reversal in rotation counterclockwise towards the north. All of which will stun the population of the civilized world as the Sun dances about the sky in an unusual motion. Details on the motion of the sun in this scenario will be revealed later. 

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