Quasars are mysterious cosmic objects that have properties contradictory to Mankindís laws of astrophysics. Current theories state, it is light and energy source originating from massive distant galaxies being amplified by gravitational lensing to a focal point where Earth is located, due to an unseen  force produced by a black hole or holes of unknown proportions.

   These unusual objects according to Earth science are known to radiate an energy footprint equivalent to thousands of combined galaxies. Other alternate theories have jets of particles pointed at Earth moving from a hypothetical surface of an accreting Black Hole, only to be expelled at high velocities to account for this mysterious energy source. Black holes are only known to start from a stellar object or galactic center as a remnant core and expand to envelope a primary galaxy and its associated captured sub components. If this true than many black holes would mimic the same energy signature, but the don't. So lets examine the mystery of the Quasar.

    Inconsistencies in todayís theories concerning astrophysics have always been known, although there are a few now questioning established principles, but will not risk their careers. However, when mankind explains a Quasar, why does a massive Black Hole only just bend light due to gravitational lensing as described by scientist when photons passes it? Scientists have created their own Pandoraís Box by stating Black holes in actuality captures all light emanating from the source. Also, is there a magical spot where all Quasars spread around the Universe seem to focus due to a lensing effect at our cosmic location, the planet Earth. The paradox with gravitational lensing is that gravity is so intense where its force bends the path of a light particle, yet the general mass within the affected gravitational area is moving away, this concept is contradictory. If light particles cannot escape the gravitational field of a Black Hole, how can jets of high-speed particles escape, if their maximum velocity can only equal the speed of light particles? Theories in field of astrophysics presented here on Earth, falls short in explaining this phenomena.

   Quasi Stellar Objects (Q.S.O.) is the result of an unusual phenomena emanating from massive Black Holes where the essence of matter is affected. In our Universe and its parallel counter parts, there are immense Black Holes that continually grow and consume the source galaxy and nearby small cluster galaxies within its field of attraction. When the black hole tips the balance from absorption to expansion, the breach of the gravitational containment shell set into motion a localized big bang. The primary Quasar is the result of this energy released seen by mankind. On a secondary level other objects that are related to the appearance of a Quasar is the result of density shifting of matter from parallel universes.

The Primary Release of Energy

   The localized big bang is the result of the internal energy of a black hole breaching the gravitational containment related assimilated mass and its critical radius. The critical radius is the point where gravitational compression is countered by the reactions of fusion initiated by pressure and it is the over shoot of the compression wave that accelerates the counter reaction force until the containment field releases in a localized big bang creating matter that clumps into a new galaxy or clusters. The energy release and residual is observed as a Quasar of varying degrees of intensity dependent on the timeline of the galaxy from its  inception.

The Secondary Release of Energy

   In our Universe, with its many parallel levels, which we will call densities, is in a never-ending quest to find equilibrium of energy and mass. Energy flows are vented in all levels, such as parallel universes. The forces of expansion and contraction of subatomic particle flows related to the vibrational frequency of matter when entering our universal plane from upper levels is not supported thus it is shed as an energy burst in the form of the quasar.

   So how does matter move from one density to another? The process is 2-way, from black holes in our universe compression at the core extracts the subatomic particle related to the vibrational frequency of matter, thus irradiating the surrounding shell, which  moves up to the next level, its position interrelated between the 2 densities remains the same, but the matter transposes ceasing existence in our universal plane leaving in its wake a void that snaps shut inside the black hole. The appearance of this matter elevated into a new interstellar medium far less dense than ours results in the compress matter rapidly expanding, thus it explodes in a similar manner of our quasars. On the reverse side, in the upper levels when under compression the black hole sends irradiated to the next level in the same fashion, but matter that lost its subatomic particles associated with vibration shifts back to our universe and releases the compressed energy stored as small variable Quasars. On our universal plane or density when matter within  a black hole loses subatomic particle related to vibration, it stays in our universe. The energy levels inside the cosmos produce differentials between the densities, the goal, equalization. Thus there is a flow of energy and mass between levels to compensate for those changes. Black Holes are compressing and expanding the atomic structure of matter and energy deep within its mass, while some Quasars are the effect of this released matter and energy expanding out of parallel entry points of our universe.

Technical Aspects of the Transposing of Matter within a Black Hole

   Due to inequalities in the composition of mass that is under compression, gravitational anomalies create pinch and null points at established stable x, y, and z coordinates within the spatial fabric of the black hole. At a gravitational pinch point, mass is under greater compression than the surrounding area. The reverse occurs at a null point, a bubble of mass, which can be the size of solar system, has less gravitational force exerted upon its mass. The variances in compression of the mass located in the bubble in comparison to the surrounding area causes the sub atomic particles controlling frequency of matter to flow into a lower pressure zone. This bubble of effected mass either irradiates the surrounding mass or absorbs the frequency controlling sub atomic particles. Once a critical absorption or deletion point inside the atomic structure is reached, the energy and matter affected in the area is then transmuted up or down into a new density levels while still under compression. The shift is completed, releasing new matter and energy into the targeted area of a new density. New matter and energy now rushes into the zone vacated by the transmuted matter and energy within the black hole and the process repeats. Once released there is no counter gravitational force to balance the outward pressure presented, when the mass and energy was contained under extreme compression within the Black Hole. This results in an instant acceleration of the outer shells of matter towards the speed of light occurring in the new density or parallel universe. The larger the gravitation compression in the black hole, the closer matter and energy that has been released approaches that densityís speed of light. Resulting in a greater red shift matter moving away from observation points by mankind version of the Quasi Stellar Object.

   As for the matter and energy that is blue-shifted towards Earth because of a 360-degree spherical release, the attenuation rate through space which is really composed of dark matter similar to the dust (dark matter is the basic subatomic particles needed to build an atomic structure) in our atmosphere is higher for blue light vs. red. Allowing the light from the red shifting to overwhelm the blue-shifted light as it travels towards Earth. Mankind assumes the larger red shift measures, the greater the distance away the object is from Earth and a the closer this objectís existence occurred in relation to the origin of the Big Bang. When it is a property of a black holeís gravitational compression of the affected mass and energy acceleration from the point of origin.

  The result is a Quasar, releasing an energy burst far beyond the comprehension of mankind in a new cosmos in targeted corresponding density levels, having the same x, y, z coordinates of the universe of origin. Parallel universes occupy the same space, but they are overlaying each other without interacting. Instead to mankind, Quasars are perceived as an enormous pulsating energy sources emanating from a location with no concrete explanation for its appearance, all related to localized big bangs and the density shifting of matter and energy from higher to lower vibrational levels.

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Mankind's Explanation of Quasars


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