Technical Insight:

Manipulation of a Mass within a Static Gravitational Field



Written March 9

Revised March 10


  As this country is forced to admit the alien presence through shows on cable, this has intensified, ďifĒ they come clean in ďan announcementĒ, as this is there most viable option as they would dictate science to the world as its master. This has a 2 fold agenda, first to provide a partial truth to the upcoming affects preceding the pole shift. Second is to discredit the wonders and the Truth of God as He walked this earth as man, but it will be said that we were engineered. If disclosed confusion will reign among those who have no relationship to God and even the faithful, but believe the words of so called educated men.

   Know this; all knowledge in the universe comes from God as He created all. Now you ask, what is the point of this? As this government releases information they will exalt themselves as the pinnacle source to guide this world to explain the unknown and calm the public. So again where is the Truth?

   Letís give this world some insight on the technical details on Off World gravitational amplification and their space craft that approaches the speed of light in this density. You say, why now are these details being revealed knowing this will focus research in certain Black Projects with unlimited budgets? This could tip the scales of balance on this earth in geo-political circles.  Really as all alliances seem separate, but in truth, many of all governments and corporations across the global spectrum answer to one voice.

    First letís address the US Black Projects and their highest secret, greater than the H Bomb, anti-gravity. Their gifted scientists have come up with dazzling technology in some cases a hundred years in front of what you see now, but with anti gravity it has been slow and painful. Upon examining recovered craft, all knew the craft manipulated gravitational flow of sub atomic particles. Yet movies and planted technology stories like Lazar to lead researchers in the wrong direction, the bending of space and time. How gullible are you the public that a scientist escaped under the threat of death and it is this that provides an edge to make his theories legitimate in the eyes of the public?

   The US Government has made great strides in anti-gravity technology and can mimic extremely large ships that float silently in our atmosphere. But all is not what it seems. If they present ships, know that it is what they want you to see. The secret to creating an interruption in the flow gravity thus a force applied to the mass in the opposite direction has been muted. Yes they have achieved over 90 percent reduction of the weight of the total mass in a static gravitational field by enveloping specialized plasma streams on the outer sides of the craft away from the primary source of attraction. These are baby steps.

   There several key aspects you the scientist, media and public needs to know when you are hit with the BS. The ratio of mass affected by an inefficient gravitational sub atomic particle flow to the total mass of the ship is too high for ships engineered by the US, thus the total force applied to the ship to counter the force the gravitational field of earth falls short. Did the Nazis have an edge yes as they where totally committed to satan and delivered genocide to Godís chosen.

   The structure of the craft, power plant and shielding is almost in parity with the mass that controls gravity flow, thus it is needed with the aid of quiet thrusters to compensate for the short comings of the US anti gravity technology and flight velocity is achieved with standard thrusters although advanced to standards on this planet. These ships with all their pomp cannot achieve interstellar travel. It is on thing to achieve a simulated levitation, it is another to achieve acceleration as they have not been able to counter gravity 100 percent.

   Now you are being given this insight to know that all knowledge in this universe, no matter what entity, comes from God, the Creator of this Universe and all parallel companions with all of its life. This is where my knowledge comes from, praise the Lord. You as mankind are still working on anti gravity, so letís educate you as true development that you could exploit which will not be realized before the Second Coming no matter what you learn, although it may seem so.


Gravitational Amplification:

Step 1 in the process of interstellar velocities


   Many of you who have followed this site and are familiar with the behavior of Gravitational subatomic particles as they a apply a force when they flow through a mass encountering push back from a massí density, yet your scientists still talk about how two masses attract each other. When you are told there is a mass in the inner solar system was earth attracted? No and how could it pass within close range and not rip earth from this solar system as part of its tail like so many moons caught. They lie.

   The basis of gravitational flow is inherent process of all particles and mass. Counter to human science, gravity is a particle that flows to a center of a mass not an attraction dependent upon the mass of the two objects and the distance between them. This was a formula that worked in order to explain a phenomenon. Scientists worked the formula to fit the affected event and that explains the force. Definition: Gravity is nothing more than a flow of particular particles applying a force against secondary objects as they pass through and are attracted and ejected from the core of the primary mass. Yet your technical books cannot describe what gravity is and how it work except on simplistic levels of affects.

   Gravity a separate sub atomic particle when emitted or absorbed by any mass travels in a wave format like almost all particles in the universe. But this is not the key for amplification, although phase shifting from several sources allow the basis supporting the principles of a force field (static wall of repulsion particles built when anchored within a gravitational field repels any manmade force or mass including light on earth). So you as scientists have longed to great a crack researching off world technology, now you have your chance.

   In your labs start out with a sphere composed of 2 molecular dense materials that conduct separated by a semiconductor. The key is to apply a charge that is neutral, but large in amplitude and flow to the outer shell shifting to the inner core is needed to start a pumping action by creating a draft in the particle flow, thus escalating the flow. When the current shifts away from the outer core, these particles are attracted to the inner and temporary draft occurs. The key is the when core shifts as the current is shut off in fractional pulse, the carrying capacity of what was the neutral charge of the core is severely reduced and repulsion particles now crowded are blasted out of the core along predictable lines.

   This is the basis for increasing flow of gravity particles and dependant upon the carrying capacity of the designed core dictates the turnover (ejection) or flow rate of gravitational particles into and out of the core based on the frequency rate of peak and null amplitudes of the neutral charge applied to the individual segments of the core. With this process a relativity small mass could attract a secondary mass at the same rates of planets. Now you ask how?

   Look at the inherent nature of matter and its common thread down to the atomic level. What does all mass have in common? It is neutral in charge as the charge is balanced with the electron-proton match and if you add neutron, the weight of the mass increases the gravitational attraction. Do not neutron stars under compression, this same mass, gravity flows to the point of creating black holes. This is the key to your understanding gravity as it is this charge or as you see lack of that is responsible for the flow of distinct particles applying a force against a mass.

   Now you will not be given the metallic combination, optimal mass ratio between the layers, thickness or the molecular makeup of the semiconductor somewhat insulator or how to shift the neutral charge between the layers or the frequency rate. This is called research.  A tip, place a secondary mass with pressure sensors between the primary mass, when it increases you have made progress.


Step 2 Removal of the Counter Force of Gravity on the Amplifier


   Once an increased gravitational flow through a mass is artificially created many options are open. First is the potential for speed of light travel. This is simplistic as you have to look at a gravitational field outside of a primary force is in balance or weightlessness. So your task would be to eliminate a sliver of flow thus creating an imbalance on the affected mass to accelerate or hover in your of choice. Look at the sphere that is amplifying, think how would you consider blocking a flow of particles across 180 degrees of the sphere and also controlling the position of this arc about the sphere, coverage in width and the frequency of interruption? Now compound this problem as to not only control velocity and direction of the craft, but also provide an internal gravitational field and if needed a repulsion field (force field) for protection. Thus, the complex need for multiple arcs and frequency rates, sweep of arcs about the sphere and intensity and width of the arcs.

   Think of small cylinder that passes through the center and intersects the surface of the shell of sphere, where this cylinder can be rotated in any 360 degree direction about the sphere. The edge of this virtual cylinder though narrow as to the position of the center, is will be a point to energize a flow of repulsion particles.

   By introducing a small polarized charge precisely at a point on the sphere on the perimeter of that virtual cylinder where flow interruption is needed a subatomic particle flow. An arc is temporarily created first initiating an exit point as polarized gravitational particles build in that location pinched are emitted at what is considered a polar position. The stream of polarized gravitational particles thus seeks a ground on the opposite side of the sphere. The stream is terminated by target the exit point thus neutralizing the flow. The gravitational subatomic particle stream about the sphere has its density and width of the arc and its position about the sphere as a variable in multiple phases. This allows change of direction while maintaining an internal gravitational field.

   The arc of polarized gravitational particles interrupts the flow of gravity particles passing through the mass by deflection. Thus, what was a balanced of gravitational field, now there is an imbalance of force that is created. With gravity particles being shunted in a particular direction when attach to a lightweight mass (space craft), it can achieve right angles and acceleration from 0 to thousands of miles per hour in milliseconds.

   By setting up a secondary arc sweep of 200 degrees counter to the floor (frequency and sweep rate will not be revealed) an artificial gravitational field is created where g forces when engaging a primary gravitational force is negated. Technology revealing phase shifting and repulsion particles stacking through complex algorithms, the primary elements needed for force field technology will not be revealed.

   For you who thinks outside of you peers, sink several hundred of the devices ten miles below a surface of a moon or small planet, you could synthesize a planetary atmosphere thus terra forming a world that seem dead. This your potential, but this will not be realized on earth as it is about to be transformed. Again you are being asked, which side do you stand on the Creator of the Universe or a life form, human or off world, which He created?

   This was a quick synopsis. This is a gift from God. I am speaking to you scientists do not be a part of what is to come. Make a choice as they do not have the power or the answers. No one on earth reveals the secrets to anti gravity and lives. Know this; I am protected by God in only that I do His work, what about you? Who do you answer to?  All of you in the National Laboratories, Universities and in DARPA who have followed this site for almost a decade or more have looked for an edge as why should those involved in the Black Projects have all the fun, with this insight you will quantum leap all others. Remember your key to success is to throw out all that you have learned in astrophysics and start fresh and you will never look back.

   This paper was written to show you those you look up to with all the degrees, awards and now some with TV shows have no real answers and are only props for the elite. How sad. The only answers given will be to lead the public away from the Truth. I am planting a seed for soon you will have to choose as there will be only one winner in this war, God.

   I will tell you this. Some of you with true hearts will be allowed to proceed with limited success in gravitational technology as this Military will need something new and quiet to prevent a West Coast invasion during the Chastisements from the Russians and Chinese. The key you have one master God. I ask all of you, who will stand up for the human race. Who will stand for the secrets of the universe? But most of all who will stand up for God, where at a point you will know all that you ask. Otherwise make no mistake as earthquakes cripple your bases, your satellites blinded, communications spotty at best others will see this as an opportunity. Heed these words.


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