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The Grant Chronicles

Established Feb. 2001


The Fusion Process*

Jupiterís Red Spot and Bands*

The Big Bang and the Black Holeís Role in the Universe *

The Origin of Comets and the Oort Cloud *

Particle Movement *

The Bermuda Triangle *

Solar Hyper Jets*


Universal Laws of Gravity and Repulsion*

The Mechanics of Gravitational Fields

And the Relationship to Density Shifting (New 2022)

Properties and Origin of the Gravity  Sub-Atomic Particle

The Planetary Orbital Plane and Motion*

The Capture Theory of the Moon *

 Saturn's Rings*

Stellar and Planetary Formation & Orbital Spacing *

Extra Solar Planets *

Parallel Universes and Density Shifting*

Quasars *

Eta Carinae *

Hourglass Nebula MyCn 18 *

Interstellar Travel *

Technical Insight: Manipulation of a Mass within a Static Gravitational Field


   What's New

Rebuttals to the Site

A Perspective Thought

A Demand for Proof *

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Revised *

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   Mankind has always wondered about the many mysteries of the cosmos when peering into the Universe, but when given the answers, most are still aligned with current popular theories. Few would dare to challenge theories that have stood the test of time when professional acceptance is at stake. History has taught us one lesson; there is a strong resistance to change. Most theories, which seem to be etched in stone, gain strength sometimes, not from validity, but from the passage of time and acceptance pushed by the hallowed halls of higher learning. But as the future unfolds new scientific discoveries the old ways and theories will fall as discovery after discovery advancing mankind paints a clear picture of how the universe works. Grants are given to finance research at the universities for those who choose to stay within the norm or provide an edge to a corporation. The academic leaders in the field of astrophysics use their prestige to solidify and back new theories, but if a newcomer presented those same theories, non-acceptance would likely be a result. Fear of change to the comfortable theories accepted in the learned circles of doctorates, are the focal point to perpetuate control over those who are the forerunners in science. Very few, among mankind are out there to present theories on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge, due to fear of non acceptance and ridicule. At times they may lead to a breakthrough, or may present an element of truth years later. So it is now time to take a fresh look at the many new ideas presented within the Grant Chronicles, which will provide new answers and explanations to observed cosmic phenomena. Comparison against mankindís best ideas and descriptions of how the universe works is no longer necessary as all presently fall short in theory or are embroiled in contradiction. The key factor is consistency across all explanations, not a theory based on special exceptions. I want to empower the individual to arrive at his own educated conclusion, as I compare my new completed ideas on particle movement, gravity, the unified field theory and many others to the the many various resources throughout the world. What impresses me is that change is now occurring during the transformation process here on Earth. Lets continue to move forward as a whole to where all share knowledge for the betterment of all.

   I would like to thank God for bestowing upon me the ability, wisdom and spiritual responsibility to present and share these new and alternate concepts in the fields of Astrophysics, Geology, Chemistry and Biology for all of mankind to ponder. For without Him who is the source of all my knowledge, I am nothing, thank you.

                                                                                                     Peace and faith in God,




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Let the spirits of Newton, Galileo and Einstein guide us.