Crop Circles  


   A small remote probe approximately the size of foot in diameter produces crop circles that have mysteriously appeared in recent times, a constant source of controversy. This object usually drops down to a field under the cover of darkness and has its movement controlled by varying the charge on the repulsion particles affecting the probe that counter the force applied to the probe by gravity particles. This process is explained in interstellar travel and the engine responsible for movement gravitational amplifiers, tips the balance of force at any 360-degree spherical position the surface of the probe’s sphere, which allows precise movement through a field. The distance between the back and forth sweeps in which the stalks are radiated  by a variable laser in the field, is determined by the density of the stalks, the denser the stalks, the closer the distance between the passes from one side of a pattern to the other.

   What is not understood in science is that plants optimally use a specific set of light frequencies for photosynthesis, the excess is reflected back by the various colors and radiated heat subatomic particles into the environment. Many of you are familiar with the concept of the frequencies of the visible light spectrum, which can be broken down into the basic components of red, green, and blue light sources and the variables in between the primaries. Your televisions, uses the same principle to produce a color image by varying the primary colors. The technology of that creates crop circles was muted not long ago. This was to introduce a concept that another advanced life may be responding the massive Human call by creating crop circles as a response is there life on other worlds. Although the many that are uncomfortable with life on other worlds, and yes all life was created by God, the original crop circles were made in a fashion that credit could be associated to humans as an introduction this enacted to reduce anxiety levels among the general population on Earth.

   Accelerated plant growth is accomplished by providing only slices of the needed visible frequencies of light waves through a set of red, green, and blue tuned lasers emitted at the base of the globe. The energy absorbed and stored by the plant cellular membrane stimulates growth at the molecular level. Normally plants exposed to sunlight the tops receive a somewhat even exposure. Over a short period of  dependent upon the maximum burst of energy the cellular structure of the stalks can absorb without breaking down at the point of exposure, the process of growth proceeds. It is the interval of exposure, the density of the stalk, the vertical sliver, which received the influx charge, the ambient temperature of the local area, moisture of the soil and available nutrients that control the differential of growth at the node point (the area of the stalk that receives the greatest concentration of stimuli).

   Since most on Earth has been exposed to a finished crop circle, lets give details of how this is accomplished. We will start with creating a circular pattern. The probe starts in the center and slowly spirals out completing a full rotation about the center point before moving out. The probe follows an outward expanding spiral outward based on a straight line connecting the center of the probe and the center of the circle being constructed. The angle of incidence at any point where the tangent of the probe touches a an instantaneous imaginary circle corresponding to the radius of the probe at any time interval and location to the central point, which decreases from 66 degrees at the center to 0 degrees or mimics the curve of tangent line at progressing points along the perimeter of the crop circle.

   Once the stalks are irradiated on their inner sides at a particular angle of exposure the stored energy causes the stalks to grow faster at  the side irradiated within minutes the imbalance tips the stalks away from growth side and the fall causing a cascading pattern of stalks lay about the ground due to gravity forming a circle. The stalks fall from outer to inward as the curvature falls just inside of the line defining the perimeter of the formed crop circle.

   So how are straight lines and arcs formed? The process of irradiating the stalks starts on the terminal end.  The probe pivots back and forth within the column of the assigned straight path irradiating at an off angle to direction of movement forward from point origin. The stalks bend forward and drop cascading pressure assaults the front line unaffected, but due to the offset angle of exposure most stalks slide in between and fall towards the ground. The after a designated distance moves to the opposite terminal end and moves back to the origin point. Again the probe sweep back and forth within the designated area and moves forward. The growth cascades and flattens the designed path either straight or curve. Other complex formations incorporate aspects of both the circle or straight path construction in varying degrees.

   Shortly in the future crop circles will leave doubt as to their origin, but what mankind on a whole needs to understand there is a message with in each crop circle that it is not made by man. The message, you are not alone, and there is guidance  for those who seek against all odds and nothing is impossible through God who is the ultimate creator. Again this is your choice.


   In this picture the stalks from a crop circle are not bent or broken, but accelerated growth on side of the point of contact, the node bends the stalk.


   The stalks eventually tend to grow parallel to the ground without a break in the cellular structure of the stalk. This is why strange lights (the laser light source that penetrates through the stalks intermittently shine for many miles beyond the site of the occurrence) are seen in fields where crop circles appear the next morning, but usually no spacecraft are sighted. It also explains how these crop circles are completed on moonless or rainy nights and the stalks are not broken. 

   In this artist drawing some would think that actual space craft descends over the various fields to produce intricate patterns, this is not true in most cases due few reports of space craft sighted in the area where the circles appear over night. A small probe or probes remotely controlled from a distance does the task of bending the stalks while hovering close to the ground and moving between the stalks or reeds.

Artist's conception of a UFO with a crop circle. (Copyright Lee Krystek 1996)                                                          Photo Courtesy of Lee Krysteck


   The present day patterns left in the fields are far too complex for anyone to produce unless they are an advanced mathematician. Under the cover darkness measurements and points of reference would be next to impossible to achieve.  Due to the size and scope of these circles, the idea of pranksters or farmers trying to perpetuate that they are manmade holds little substance. Crop circle are a benign part of the awakening process raising little anxiety here on Earth.  


Complexity and size of crop circles has increased to a point that eliminates creation by Human hands.

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