Gravitational Amplifiers
Artificially Created Gravitational Fields and Static Repulsion Phased Particle Barriers


Required Pre-Requisites:

Particle Movement
Density Shifting
Universal Laws of Gravitation and Repulsion
The Atomic Structure
Properties of a Gravitational Sub Atomic Particle
Interstellar Travel

Released July 13 2009


Topics to be Covered

Particle Compression Applied to a Mass to Initiate Increased Gravitational Particle Flow
Coherent Phase Amplification

Primary Artificial Interior Gravitational Field
Interior cancellation

Force Fields

By-Products of the Technology

Artificial Fusion Initiation of Dormant or Exhausted Stellar Cores

Terra-Forming Planets and Moons

Gravitational Spherical Containment Field

Artificial Fusion Initiation:

   Stellar fusion initiation systems can be used in failed stellar systems where helium ash and other heavy elements impede the fusion process of an aging star or a companion star that never lit. This is only allowed if the ambient inhabitants of the system develop the technology and choose to do this or natural life forms will adversely altered. The primary force driving the fusion process is gravity, which unassisted, does not have the force to push together enough light element pockets limited by compression due mass. By projecting an intense gravitational particle field in small incremental steps as to prevent a nova, the life span of an unexpected dying can be extended to allow assimilation all affected civilizations relation to the stellar system to be relocated. Compression of the stellar mass is a 2 step process, as the radius decreases the moment of rotation increases, drawing the heavier mass to the outside of the containment shell. Next, the increased gravitational field reaches the critical point needed for fusion initiation. This is where field compression counters energy expansion of the fusion process, and the initiation of a sub process related to the creation of antimatter and transmutation of matter into the higher more complex elements. The star lights as the heat created overwhelms the stellar mass.
   Stabilization of a stellar fusion process is controlled by dampening the spikes in energy production by introduction of a concentrated or diffused gravitational particle flow into hot zones. Thus impeding  and eventually establishing a balance between, energy production and the gravitational stellar containment field.

Terra-Forming Planets and Moons:

   The primary phase in changing any hostile environment of a planet or moon into habitable is to artificially increase the gravitation field by projecting a series of  artificial repulsion particle compression emitters placed equidistance about the spherical surface of a planet or moon like mass' central core. As chemical reactions occur on the cosmic mass, the gases vent. Instead of escaping into space a stable atmosphere over time is established. It's creation shields, distributes and moderates extremes in subatomic particle absorption (high energy and heat sub atomic particles). Initialization of the increased gravitational field will support the establishment of a dense atmosphere to sustain and protect life forms not native to the planet or moon. Once the gravitational field is in place, one would only have to introduce the catalyst oxygen along with native available elemental structures such as hydrogen that would be captured by the artificial gravitational field and ignition the highly charged particles bombarding the atmosphere thus discharging as a electrical charge would create water which would fall to the surface.
   Normally after a localized big bang coalescing planetoids naturally release oxygen due to extreme heat and as the light hydrogen atoms are captured by a gravitational field the holds an atmosphere where the water falls, evaporates without being loss back into space. This process continues until the heat and gravitational field balances what is being loss by particle crowding. It is only where tectonic movement and mountain building occurs do some planets develop small land masses that may pierce the surface of a water planet. It is only when a catastrophic impact occurs on a planet or moon, which creates an impact basin, does a deep ocean basin allow large land masses to be exposed (Details of this process covered in Continental Drift).

   Artificial gravitational fields exploits the same process that amplifies gravitational particle flow and resultant field that surrounds a black hole. Mankind assumes a compressed cosmic mass is responsible for an increased gravitational field, but present day gravitational formulas are based strictly upon mass without relating it to a function of compression vs. the decrease of the radius of the mass.
   If we examine all parameters responsible for the extreme gravitational field, the first conclusion is to find out what would be responsible for a hyperbolic increase in gravitational subatomic particle flow.
   The key is to apply a subatomic particle core compression field. This is to pump the core of the mass by artificially squeezing out the stored repulsion particles without affecting related particles for density shifting so that new gravity particles can take their place, thus inducing an increased flow or gravitational field for the cosmic or host mass.
   Nature has always given us insight in solving the most difficult problems compression of mass in present day gravitational formulas, but does not account for a hyperbolic increase in the gravitational field. So what is responsible?

   Mass is the primary source of a gravitational field, but it is the subatomic particle field flow related to mass that creates force associated to gravity. In standard gravitational stellar-planetary models using revised theories, gravitational subatomic particles flow to the core of the mass where they are stored will be looked at through an alternate view. As they gather they expand in area within the central mass, the subatomic particle fields related to the mass are push back. A point is reached like a stretch spring, it snaps back compressing the gravitational storage area. Relief of pressure is a burst, where a web of outlet streams are based upon particle movement in the form of repulsion particles. Gravity particles quickly rush into the related to the mass to fill the void. This is the basic principle behind a gravitational field emanating from a mass.
   Now how do we modify this process to create an artificial gravitational field? By recreating the same sub atomic particle field natural to a mass, we can now artificially increase not only the inbound gravity flow but the frequency of replacement of or the core storage field, resulting in a hyperbolic increase in gravitational sub atomic particle flow in relation to the size of a mass. By artificially squeezing the core, where gravitational subatomic have settled, we subject this storage core area by increasing particle crowding. The goal is to naturally create a gravitational field of a planetoid. Accomplished  by a shortening the frequency or refresh rate of the cycle of intake of gravitational particle the ebb of storage and the expulsion of concentrated streams of now repulsion particles within the core of the host mass. With the artificially created rapidly pulsing the cycles of the core containment field, a small mass measured in cubic meters, can increase its gravitational subatomic particle flow to recreate the gravitational field of most planets during initial research. Refinement of gravitational fields rivaling a stellar mass will be harnessed only due to time inputted and research effort.

A Basic Blueprint for Initial Research

Gravitational Amplifier

   A spherical heavy metallic shell as will be used as the outer base. The interior must have a uniform coat composed of a thin film of gold forming a perfect sphere or as close as technology can produce. When particle compression overwhelms introduced from a controlled outside source, the mass of the outer shell saturates the uniform gold film. The overall thickness, density and purity of the film is critical. This will pump out a uniform field of concentrated repulsion particle streams all focused at the center of the host mass sphere. The directional concentrated repulsion sub atomic particle streams flow creates an over saturation of the core. This applied inward flow focuses many stream points about a 360 degree field towards the a central point of the host mass forcing a temporary repulsion particle compression field in the central core, similar to the atomic bomb used to initiate the fusion process.
   What principles are exploited here that amplification of gravity subatomic particle flow in and out of a mass is achieved? If we examine gravitational subatomic particle flow, lets start at a single atom on the surface of the host mass to study the process. As gravitational subatomic particles slowly flood the mass of the surface atom upon the ejection, the repulsion particles are diffused into infinitesimal streams spread equally about the surface of the sphere. Only if rotational torque is applied to a sphere does the repulsion stream favor equatorial plane about the axis of rotation. Where a force is applied away from the surface of the total mass in the direction parallel to the rotational equatorial plane decreasing as a functional of total mass, diameter, gravitational flow due to composition of the mass, and the angle of location of the atom between the base equatorial plane and the axis of rotation. So what we observe, is that more than 50% of the repulsion particles when absorbed by the surface layer of atoms due to a spherical dispersion are ejected away from the host mass. Since the a small center within the mass that is responsible for storage compression then ultimately expulsion via a repulsion particle stream examining the vast amounts of streams emitted from that surface atom only one or in rare cases a few are directed towards the host core. The rest are absorbed by descending layers in a diffused pattern. As each layer of atoms approaches the core the ejecting stream velocities and concentrations reach a level that rips through the host mass. Thus leaving only a few streams pointed dead center controlling the saturation of the core. Within a cosmic object's core the efficiency of this process increases as it gets more homogeneous, overall atomic mass and compression rises. This is the basic principle that is to be improved in order to amplify gravitational sub atomic particle flow.

   The repulsion particle stream emitted from the gold film produces a homogeneous streams with a goal to be more uniform and intensity matched. This factor eliminates the natural process of streams produced from many sources varying in density and composition of mass. The overall reduction in mismatched streams, minimizes repulsion particle loss directed at the core of the host mass. It is only when atomic mass and compression forces together more atoms that are more available sources that produced repulsion particle streams increase the incidence to flood the core. This naturally increases as the radius from the central point to the point of ejection decreases.  Due to a closer proximity there are more streams to flood the core.

   The gravitational amplifier takes advantage of this process and artificially amplifies gravitational particle flow by modifying the process. First due to particle compression on the outer spherical atoms ejection only 180 degrees away from the gravitational subatomic particle spherical compression pulse. All pulsed particles arrive simultaneously from all sides and are of a uniform nature. Instead of the random frequency of ejection repulsion streams due to the irregular storage capacities of the individual atoms of various matter, the atoms responsible for directional repulsion sub atomic particle stream bursts reach the central host mass saturation point simultaneously. All streams emitted are coherent thus reinforcing or amplifying the adjacent streams, as all are of equal density and intensity, all focus at the same central point. Instead of the naturally diffused ejection streams, a maximum flooding of the core is achieved as each incoming stream is counter balanced by a repulsion sub atomic particle stream of equal force, density and direction. The host mass of uniform density and composition receives a maximum burst that is coherent, amplified as a result of wave reinforcement by-passing the outer layers of the host mass due to the properties of the repulsion particle of ripping through matter.

   It is the collision of these balanced streams at the center point of the host mass, which allows the gravitation amplifier to increase field flow. At the focal point, all repulsion particles emitted from the spherical shell surrounding the mass collide. Repulsed, they scatter and then are compressed back towards the core instead of ripping through by the following pulse. By increasing the turnover and flow rate, the exiting repulsion sub atomic particles leaving the core, creates a draft. The resultant,  attracting large amounts of gravity particles within the general area of the mass. The acceleration of the process by placing into motion an imploding field, the ejection process of pulsed flooding of the core maintains the draft or artificial gravitational field and flow, which can be exploited. By blocking path of across sectional area where the incoming significant stream is shunted, there is an imbalance. Where the force upon the core mass is determined by the ratio of cross sectional area / to total spherical surface area * gravitational particle flow. This applies a great force to the small core mass in the direction of the blockage allowing acceleration of a mass to approach the speed of light.
   Why not a  maintain a continuous stream of repulsion sub atomic particles flowing into the core of the host mass? A pulsed coherent amplified burst allows control of the refresh rate, if left unchecked the gravitational sub atomic particle flow would reach the maximum carrying capacity, in this case of a mass small in comparison to cosmic masses. It is about control, stellar objects for stars could lead to a runaway event that contributes to that which initiates a  collapsed star or the pre-conditions for a black hole formation. he safety factor is that the increased runaway gravitational flow would crush the mechanism for the increased flow, thus preventing a uncontrolled event from ever happening.


   With any new technology there is a higher rate of failure within the complex array of new components, thus the need for redundancy of the technology and this will hold true with the initial prototypes of gravitational amplifiers. The initial configuration will consist of 3 amplifiers per closed system thus providing a backup of life support systems if caught in the deep recesses of space or to maintain the collapse of the protective internal gravitational field on high G maneuvers within a gravitational field of a cosmic object and for now Earth. The phase manipulation of the of the exiting repulsion subatomic particle field becomes less complex with 3 distinct locations or origin that will determine an amplified static particle point due to coherent wave reinforcement of phased bursts.

Force Fields

   The force field or what it is truly called (Static Repulsion Phased Particle Barrier) because, manipulation of the emitted streams can be skewed where a static point of reinforcement can be established at a variable distance from the source of emission. The compression phase is manipulated beyond the microsecond, it is coordinated where many slow diffused bursts allows a standing wave to form at a predetermined distance due to the properties of wave convergence and  reinforcement. All of this coordinated where the overall inflow of gravitational subatomic particles is maintained and balanced superimposed over the coordinated phased bursts as a factor the time measured in milliseconds. The predetermined interference wave provides a static point that prevents the repulsion streams from the host mass an easy passage through. The goal is to create a point of congestion where the flood of repulsion particles are impeded from forward progress, building an almost impenetrable barrier. The cumulative force of the repulsion subatomic particles applies a force away from the host mass. Where the flow of gravitational particles mimic that which a mass experiences on a planet the repulsion when concentrated within a small area counteracts almost any force outside of stellar objects.
   Wouldn’t you need to increase the flow in and out of the host mass to provide enough repulsion subatomic particles to stop an asteroid that could flatten a large city? Yes and this is where interior cancellation comes into play as the repulsion particles backup due to crowding there slowed where outgoing force counters the increased flow of gravity subatomic particles responsible the artificially created gravitational field. This is no different than the mix of gravity and repulsion particles mixing away from the influence of a large mass were they cancel mimicking weightlessness.

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