The Solar Neutrino Problem



   In 1968, the Brookhaven physicist Raymond Davis Jr. conducted an experiment to detect neutrinos produced by the Sunís internal reactions. He built a collection device, a hundred thousand gallon tank almost a mile beneath the Earthís surface filled with cleaning fluid. The theory stated that neutrinos would interact with chlorine atoms from the cleaning fluid and produce the radioactive element Argon 37, which then could be detected as an electron is emitted during its decay. Although, the results produced from this experiment has not backed current theories.

   The presence of detected neutrinos was far less than anticipated rate of fusion reaction taking place in the core of the Sun. So where did the experiment go astray? The experiment assumes all neutrino captured are from the Sun and this is false. A neutral particle once expelled from its source is said to pass through most normal matter, did you consider what happens to the neutrinos emitted from all stars? More important you assume your tanks are close to 100 percent efficient. There are immense gaps of space for neutrino related subatomic particles to pass through within a molecular structure based in a liquid form as most flow through without initiating a reaction.

   Mankind over estimates not only the rate of fusion, but the type of reactions occurring within the core of a star. In his quest to solve the puzzle, he needs to consider the subatomic particles related to mankind's version of the neutrino is used into the formation of the higher elements. The interaction of these particles is explained further in the paper antimatter. Neutrinos are a subatomic particle that is not absorbed readily, so the majority of the few particles detected were created in the cores of distant stars and not the Sun. Leading to a conclusion that the rate of the fusion reaction proceeding within the core of the Sun is only a tiny fraction of mankindís estimates and the instruments of detection absorb only a fraction of the particles passing through the tanks.  

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Mankind's Explanation to Solar Neutrinos

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