Draft 1.2
Release April 9, 2008

   Antimatter has been considered a new source of energy for mankind over the last several decades. Where the controlled use of an infusion stream of antimatter particles collides with a stream of oppositely charged particles, the established base of matter of this universal plane within a magnetically sealed reaction chamber. Could this interaction between opposing charged particles be used as a source of new energy for exotic interstellar transportation platforms when contained within a segregated bubble? If so, does this concept of an energy source have merit move from theory to practical use?
   A careful examination of particles contained within the visible universe would reveal that antimatter does not exist in sufficient extractable quantities within this 3rd density plane to be considered as a viable energy source. All attempts over the next several centuries to harvest the elusive anti-particles will fall short. As energy needed to gather and contain the subatomic particles will easily surpass the usable energy released in the output phase. The future technological advancements of mankind will hold many surprises, and research efforts expended on improving on the efficiency of collecting antimatter, will be abandon and redirected as other energy sources are soon discovered.
The random creation of this opposition matter in this universal plane is short lived, as quickly as reverse matter is created, dependent upon subatomic particle flows and containment pressures of the ambient area within the host mass, it immediately seeks out matter on the subatomic level with an opposite charge of its composition, a process where equalization is a goal, but never is attained.
   When one peers into the universe, are there various dispersed sources of energy being emitted from encounters that can be traced to antimatter? Of the are many bursts of energy that is documented, few residue signatures if any can be attributed to mankindís definition of a matter-antimatter reaction.
   Annihilation of all matter and its opposite components would surprise most scientists as the reaction does not result in a yield in which all matter is converted to pure energy. The mass of the antiproton to protons, electron to its antiparticle combine to produce uneven energy pulse fields affecting the total outcome. Did anyone consider the neutral subatomic particle where its mass with a null charge originates and affects the structure of a nucleus as part of the reaction. Mankind still researching in the field of particle physics will soon discover that the basic components of the atom are a collage of many subatomic particles, few of which are known to this civilization on Earth. Was there not a time where mankindís best once thought there were 4 elements? When E = MC2 was introduced, were most skeptical about the new concept at the turn of the 20th century? Even Einstein doubted his own ideas on the repulsion force, yet this force will complete the basis for the new view of our present universe.

The Misconception

   If the scientist where able to research and examine the step by step process of the energy released during a merger of matter and antimatter, it would illustrate how the energy is delivered to the outside medium is not the just a factor of a total release or conversion from mass to energy, but a constant battle to achieve equilibrium as repulsion forces created by reactions constantly rearrange subatomic particle placement and their charge about the 3 dimensional grid where all interactions take place.
   The forces applied to subatomic particles within the atom structures interact in a chaotic pattern as energy pulses and their reflective random waves bursting forth from various static hot and cancellation points and intervals of time determine position as a destination points of least resistance. As each reaction occurs within the field, all subsequent are dependent and the traditional interpretation of the process where all interactions achieves annihilation cannot be achieved and are dispersed.
   Antimatter, overwhelmingly is in the form of the most abundant element, H+, which interacts with its opposing matter H- in a uniform pattern, where the energy released in a chaotic random fashion is not the determining factor contributing to the total release of energy, but the resultant from a coherent formation of energy waves produced that reinforce each other is the basis of the immense reaction associated with an antimatter reaction. Thus it is amplification the initial pulse of many energy waves which just overwhelm area into a coordinated burst of combined energy waves, thus reinforcing the total yield as the signatures align.
   Another factor that needs to be considered is the ambient charge on anti-particle used to identify the net polarity to which the mass is related also varies in amplitude. If amplitude of charge and mass varies how does the concept of total annihilation hold true?
   All or most of the many complex combinations of matter which compose a particle, there is a significant proportion, which remains at a neutral or null static charge. This can be responsible for half or more of the mass of what is considered antimatter. It is the net total of the charge across the whole subatomic particle mass that determines polarity and most never considered probing the individual subatomic components and accessing the neutral to charged particle ratio. Upon examination, if a mass has net negative charge where the combination of all matter aligns to a specific charge, then this determines the polarity of the atomís nucleus.
   The energy yield is a complex relationship, dependent upon the total interacting mass and the balance point of opposing fields of polarity charge outside of neutral and reflective reactions which impedes coalescing due to repulsion negating reaction. Creation of a by-product of common ash will be the random neutron when gravitational subatomic particles complete the process or the aborted formations which break apart to form dark matter.
   Considered the ultimate reaction, where two equal, but opposite set of seemly equal subatomic particle groupings is annihilation. Where that is the perceived result, the true goal is to attain neutralization of all charged characteristics of matter. The reaction allows the differential on the charged subatomic particles to approach the limit value of null when gathered by gravity as a basic particle of the atom, the neutron (the basic by-product or building blocks) or now what can be considered fragmentary subatomic particles that never clumped spread about the universe as residual dark matter that hovers in gravitational null zones outside of established stellar objects. Once understood, the process concerning energy yield from the interaction of opposite polarized particles with all of its complex nuances, one can reasonably conclude there may be a misconception is that all matter is annihilated.

How is antimatter created when the overwhelming mass of our universe is normal matter?

   Antimatter formation is part of a natural process, which occurs within the core of massive stellar objects. Where many random factors must come into place for its creation to occur, survival past mankindís time frame of a fractional nanosecond would be generous under normal circumstances. In the standard format within this universal plane, creation is dependent upon the flow of the electron subatomic particle stream, electron subatomic particle substitution, charged subatomic particle attractant points and extreme gravitational compression. Details that will allow the reader a basic grasp of the principles of electron subatomic particle flow and how it interacts with the nucleus is covered in the prerequisite papers, the structure of the atom and particle movement. A secondary background covering the Universal Laws of Gravity and Repulsion is also required.
   The model being presented concerning the creation of antimatter is outside of established theories, so an introduction is needed on how the basic proton comes into existence and the processes that maintains its structure. Followed by the purpose, structure, and movement of the electron subatomic stream. Finally the formation of antimatter, the creation of a neutron particle, energy and an examination of the whole process as related to the transmutation of matter.
   At the initialization of a primary galaxy and all of its sub-celestial components from the centralized black hole (localized big bang), linked by a shared local extreme gravitational field and separated by the repulsion force emanating from the central coalesced mass associated with the remnant black hole. A collage of subatomic particles of various charges fluctuates about reference null, [Reference: Null is where the total charge on a particle or particles that comprise a mass in total approaches the limit of equilibrium between positive and negative associated charges across the total mass] expand, as mass is expelled into space at inception. The other concept that needs to be consider as part of any equation is that T (time) = 0 is only true in that all matter within the affected local region has the same reference starting point of expansion. Yet the evaluation of time on the universal scale will find an infinite amount of start and compression points along the time line, which has no end or beginning.
   Counter to all theories concerning the universe, current consensus of its formation is due to decreasing temperatures of expanding mass, collapsing clouds of interstellar hydrogen gas and gravity. It is the subatomic primary particle formation that gathers mass to form the basic particles of matter from the charge differential between all fragmented subatomic particles escaping from the initiated localized big bang or the remnants of an expanding black hole.
   The conception of all like charges repulsing and opposites attracting is the base, but it is a compromise as equalization is the objective between the charge differentials and general particle crowding that determines expansion of mass or repulsion on the level of subatomic particles. All of which is leading to a change concerning the general theories of the interaction of charged particles within a common field or containment area.
   So the first question the scientist on Earth should ask, how does the current theories related to the existence of a proton explain its creation and the nuclear force which is responsible for maintaining the structure of the central nucleus?
   The second part, establishes uniformity in the mass gathered and formation of a basic particle dependent upon its charge. The process concerns charged particles on the subatomic level as they begin to clump, the ambient positive charge responsible for attraction and neutralization is limited by the force of gravity and subatomic particles particle flow crowding, the repulsion force, which eventually defines the total average mass of each proton thru a balance of incoming particles retained vs. those expelled.
   The Nuclear Force is the process of equalization, an attraction flowing between the charged subatomic particles near the positive polar extreme of an atomic elemental core and its opposite, the ground based. It is the balance between these 2 points, which provides the stored energy in the nucleus of the various elemental atoms. So lets examine the process of proton initiation, the buildup and migration of segregated charges into hemispheres of the subatomic particle, to the expulsion of charged particles to relieve pressure at center of the proton thru the path of the electron subatomic particle stream.
   The proton, presently understood as the positive component of the nucleus is a description in its simplicity. If we were to get a glimpse of T (time) = 0+ shortly after the localized big bang, subatomic particles coalesce where charged particles due to motion are attracted to the what is considered there opposite in charge. Those that are studying the flow of electrons assume there is an absolute positive and negative, but this interpretation is will eventually be changed as the field physics moves forward. A charged particle attracts any subatomic particle where there is a differential between the interacting particles and flow is initiated to achieve equalization. As an example, we will look at the interaction of 2 positively charged subatomic particles of equal masses. They shall be placed within a sphere sterile of gravitational, magnetic, charged particles and other general fields affecting particle crowding. One particle shall be assigned a positive charge that is twice the other particle, assigned the title P1, the latter P2 so how would they interact?
   Counter to what most humans would conclude within the field of the sciences, the particles would be attracted and even fuse if both particles are seen as being positive, but only if a differential between the charges exists. The variance in the charge between the particle masses that is observed is a relative negative. So the lesser of the charged particles is seen as a potential ground for the interacting particle of the higher level to flow to. What will result is a fused subatomic particle mass that will retain an adjusted total positive charge .5 of the greater charge spread across the combined mass in theory.
   At this point we will examine the process of differentially charged particle attraction and the assimilation of the charge into the new unified fused mass and the steps associated with the initiation of pole to pole movement thru expulsion as charged particles from the positive differential charged side towards the grounding side of the nucleus.
   The consequence would have the total mass of subatomic particle P1 neutralize all charges associated with subatomic particle P2 by internal flow with the resultant charge of P1 distributed about the polar hemisphere opposites of the fused mass. Thus setting up a polar positive particle is where any particle charged or neutral within the differential will gather at the ground. The concept of positive vs. negative is not absolute, but should consider as the relative degree of difference. In contrast, mankind considers this the definition of an absolute polar negative. A new approach to the concept to the examination of a charged particle and its properties is to consider the charge differentiation between one sub atomic particle vs. another. Where subatomic particle flow is initiated on equalization of the charges associated with the affected masses as opposed to a static reference point of a zero or null charge.
   Particle self subatomic attraction flow is presently misunderstood as the strong nuclear force. This, a natural process, as charged subatomic particles formed a strong bond based upon differentials between the ambient charges of the particles fusing. The great majority energy stored as the binding force of the particle is masked as either neutral and mankindís assumed measured positive potential. This where the inflow of charged subatomic build quickly within the and the crowding that initiates expulsion, which always lags leaving a positive charge. Leading to a total differential spread across the total mass above the universal neutral charge of null.
   Equalization of charges across a unified mass is never achieved as new subatomic particles attracted by the charge differential constantly change the mix of the growing particle, thus motion due to attraction of a charge differential towards core is dependent upon many factors of which, we will cover the primary few.
As the particle builds polarity of the poles flip from base to positive as the mass tries to achieve a balance, it is only when the particle close to achieving the standard mass of a proton the particle inflow maintains pushing the positive charge across the particle higher. [Reference: All subatomic particles have a charge related to ground or positive potential where neutral is based upon the total combine charge of the universe. A point where the differential can approach this point but never achieve as separate particles.] Only in neutralization can the true charge of null be achieved in a temporary state. The nuclear charge of attraction, coupled with the intense flow of gravitational subatomic particles, which are countered by subatomic repulsion force as the momentum of the particle intake overshoots capacity. Subatomic particle pressure causes positive subatomic buildup on the opposing side. This initiates a charged flow from the proton established positive polar point into a balancing polar point on the opposite side of mass of expulsion. Initiation of subatomic particle flow due to overcrowding creates a pole to pole path of equalization via a subatomic particle stream or what is considered the definition of an electron. Directional flow choice is made and continued reinforced by the void left from particle ejection to relieve pressure and charge. They align to the general priority orientation of the overall mass and its affected spatial area.
Factor 1: The polarity pole reversal ratio to a growing unit of mass in 3rd density universal time, where the subatomic particleís charge is maintained above neutral.
As many varied charged subatomic particles are in mix shortly after a localized big bang, they rapidly coalesce. The high polar subatomic particle reversal ratio due to differentials of charge and density ensures a quick formation as charged particles gather more than can be absorbed and dissipated thus a positive charge inflow exceeds the expulsion of charged outflow. As the pace slows in the ratio reversal is replaced by a diminishing polar displacement per establish time interval as charges compromise and polar hot points settle 180 degrees apart about the spherical mass.
Factor 2: Charge centralization where a neutral charge remains in equilibrium with particle crowding and the repulsion force at its core. As distance from the center increases, segmentation occurs as differentials within the particle assume concentrations at a random point about the sphere and thus a maximum separation. This is where the establishment of opposition polar coordinates initiates. Polar separation is controlled by a balance of the outward repulsion force of like charges and particle crowding on the perimeter and inflow containment due the to the force applied to the shell of a mass particles from the inflow of gravity subatomic particles.

Antimatter Creation Phase

   The electron stream is made up of many subatomic particles with an accumulated net charge above the neutral point thus counter to current views. One of its properties is that primary directional flow of the stream that has established a magnetic field is governed by the ambient galaxy. Non magnetic particles finds a niche due to subatomic particle crowding and repulsion related to the polarity energy levels of the pole expulsion and its counter the attractant grounding base pole due charge differentials and particle pressure voids. Lets consider what happens during extreme compression within a core of a cosmic object.
   In a simplified version, the process begins as matter forced together start to share electron streams, which would never occur under normal circumstances unless the relationship of a molecule is present. The pressure within the core of a nucleus produces a primary outlet with a north to south flow and in addition a diffused equatorial to pole flow with its particle reflective bounce-back.
   The electron particle stream becomes the transportation ribbon carrying both charged and neutral charged subatomic particles repulsed by particle core crowding. As various random combinations of polar subatomic entry points and electron subatomic particle flows intersect within a zone where at some point neutral charged particles can replace charged particles in a primary electron related subatomic particle flow and change the charge on the affected nucleus.
   In a more complex version, the gravitational compression of hydrogen base protons force many attractive polar subatomic particle polar points [Reference: subatomic particle polar points is the location on the spherical surface of a subatomic particle the has the greatest positive and grounding charge variance about the particle neutral point, which holds until the electron flow is compromised from an outside and polar coordinates shift about the spherical subatomic particle surface of the as a function of charge, flow rate, particle compression, and outside subatomic magnetic subatomic particle fields] near each otherís electron streams. The determinate, is that charged particles, are attracted or stripped from the flowing electron streams that merge due to proximity spatial sharing, as charge vs. particle crowding, charged are the first to break allegiance from its source of the nucleus. Once removed, the neutral subatomic particle flows in to fill the pressure voids left by like charged positive charged subatomic particles that exited the stream. As a charged particle enters a grounding subatomic polar point there is a migration of the charge towards that which is entering as differentials neutralize, the central portion of the particle. This process switches the determinate for flow from charge to particle pressure as neutralization of the charged particle now becomes the dominate flow particles in motion within the core. Where repulsion force expands distances between subatomic like charged particles due to an influx, temporary spatial zones created by reflective pressure particle bounce back and allows neutral particles too slip into the void created by withdrawal of the electron stream. Now lets introduce the affects of a solar mass and gravitational compression to reduce the natural subatomic particle separation to where electron particle streams intersect on a random basis.
   Examination of a source proton yields what was once a core balanced by an outflow of positively charge particles stream expelled from the assigned north pole and returning to the grounding pole (south pole). Now a significant loss of positively related charged subatomic particles for equalization is replaced by neutral charged subatomic particles with no allegiance to the original flow. With the replacement random particles, the original charged electron stream subatomic particles does not return to the grounding subatomic polar point depleting the source of charge drifting towards the core of the source atom. On the other side of the nucleus during expulsion as incremental segments of a charged subatomic particles are taken away. As the total charge across the mass of the nucleus approaches null, artificially creating a neutron, which has a temporary life during a transitional phase. The flow now diffused in a neutral status rapidly shifts about the spherical particle surface due to subatomic particle pressures from incoming varying source points and particle pressure build-up as repulsive reflective pressure points bounce-back. The charge tips while still aligned the general magnetic orientation of the solar mass, the proton shifts to negative to the relative null charge once established about the mass. Reversal of subatomic particle flow occurs in a sudden burst, the dominant charge dictates a path due the void left by the vacating subatomic particle group after many random flow paths that abort back to chaotic. The nucleus flips to opposite polarity of what is considered normal matter for this universe as the steady loss of particles related to the electron are discharge from a polar point with a charge below the null point of the once proton. The filling of this void initiates a flow of electron related particles opposite of the proton as negative related particles are expelled as its overall charge and flows to the grounding point which has a charge of the overall mass above null. This new charged antiproton governed by a reverse electron subatomic particle flow quickly becomes an attractant for other protons that were once repulsed by minor charge differential and particle crowding and collisions occur. As newly created oppositely charged subatomic particles of the basic hydrogen nuclei fuses in an antimatter reaction. Fusing allows the charges across the combined mass to approach neutralization, thus, creates a energy burst and particle ash. The neutral charged subatomic particles reassemble into a new basic particle. Of the almost infinite particle formations, some default by the right combination and charged particles in balance to form a neutron as the neutral ash gels due to subatomic gravitational force balanced by subatomic particle repulsion a of a basic subatomic particles with a neutral charge, which allows greater proximity compression. The excess not used in the many aborted attempts of particle formation becomes the future dark matter of the universe thru expulsion from the solar mass during its life cycle.
   Secondary and more important the makeup of matter in the universe to this process is the proton, which initiates stripping of the charged subatomic particles from the electron stream. The attractant carries and builds the electron subatomic particle stream with a greater charge. The imbalance is so great it allows the mass of another proton to join the nucleus and temporary or in permanent equilibrium, occurring in steps this is the transmutation of matter into a new element. The process of transmutation of matter is dependent upon the stellar mass gravitational compression, the proportion of heavy elements in the core and core churn. This why some stellar systems have more of an abundance of certain element as the star is more efficient at producing a particular element. This is the analytical micro view or the basis of stellar fusion with the macro view covered in the prerequisite paper the fusion process.

Why are the Many Bursts of Stellar Energy not Attributed to Antimatter?

   Mankind has never detected an antimatter-matter induced released of energy in the scans of the universe of any magnitude. So why is it considered as a prime source of energy? Would not antimatter once created immediately be attracted to the source of the host field since it is the alternate? Antimatter in its most abundant form, the element of hydrogen when rarely produced outside of its stellar nursery does not last in this universal plane, so to perceive that quantities could be gathered in bulk for energy production is not economically prudent. Where the unusual creation begins, the overwhelming opposite side of regular of hydrogen matter quickly neutralizes the random source with the trace exaggerated energy levels of contact present in space allowing mankind to conclude a false sense of an energy source, random but not consistent. Traces of energy released, allows markers to document the brief existence of an antimatter reaction during expulsion of stellar matter all of which is recorded by mankind, but leaves many questions.

Magnetic Subatomic Particles and its Related Electro Magnetic Pulse
Electron flow due Magnetic Subatomic Particle Crowding

   Many have not considered the release of magnetic subatomic particles related to what is perceived as the complete annihilation of a charged particle within an atom. These subatomic particles, which are many, initially are neutral when pushed to a central location within the nucleus, once movement occurs due to over crowding, nudging particles outside of the zone occurs, adaptation of the polar ambient charge is achieved by a complex set of parameters determining the rate of absorption. A magnetic field and its flow to be covered in an upcoming paper is created by a flow unique subatomic particles escaping from an overcrowded core, streaming in a concentrated packets that organize thus initiating a field as a loop flow through the polar points or bleeds off in diffusion at the equator. During any reaction whether fission or fusion, a sub process of an antimatter reaction is the breakup of the nucleus, which releases all subatomic particles related to the core. So what is considered the base, a neutral charge is released and that immediately aligns with the dominant local magnetic field, in our situation, the Earthís and ultimately the local influence, the Sun. The particle burst overwhelms all local fields within dispersion zone a point where the excess magnetic subatomic particles added to the local environment is absorbed by all matter within the general area. Any mass that can not expel the new particle flow and the energy not released transformed the energy into activating heat subatomic particles. This over saturation is perceived as an EMP pulse now of a destructive nature to mankindís inventions occurs when the flow related to a magnetic field absorbs more particles than can be stored and expelled from the nucleus.
   Mankind has proposed a theory where extreme polarization of a magnetic field could isolate or at best deter antimatter from contact with normal matter. This approach to the solution may occur if antimatter is broken down into its basic components existing as polarized charged subatomic particles and collisions occurred singular fashion until magnetic ripples and reflective pressure waves subsided as a resultant. The positive and negatively related charged particles of the host matter consisting of one element would have to be segregated and stripped of the electron based field within a specialized repulsive magnetic containment field of a micro-managed polarity allowing a focused singularity stream within the primary 3 dimensional field, an injection of a concentrated stream of antiparticles of uniform charge and mass at precise segregated intervals would have to occur. The concept goes astray as a perfect spherical containment field cannot be produced or replicated from one nanosecond to the next, when repulsive magnetic E.M.P. ripples forms within the spherical containment field as a result of the collisions, would it not upon the merger of particles in a continuous stream create disruptions and inference in the energy pulse instead of a uniform source of energy?
   As a particle enters in a stream there is pressure from the rear to move forward and repulsion from the particle in front due to the energy release, so the comfort zone upon pressure emanating from the energy bursts creates a bulge which propagates in the direction of weakness of all combined particle fields (i.e. gravitational, magnetic, pressure, heat, nuclear, vibrational, repulsive, particle segregation) flowing about the stream, in a random 360 spherical differential-repulsive wave format. The intersecting stream varies in spatial 360 degree format as amplitude of the wave, angle of collisions become chaotic in the zone designed for equilibrium. There is a need to adjust to the directional stream at the interjection point as the force of the new particles spread randomly about the 2 dimensional grid. It is two dimensional representation of forces in only that as the 2 streams collide within a specific plane, negating the z axis after stabilization. The efficient reaction would require a constant directional magnetic flux to maintain and adjust variances in particle collisions instead the current technology of particle acceleration where many of the particles pass, but few that collide in the result intended. As a natural particle proceeds, repulsion to that movement takes place and produces a greatest bulge in the original magnetic containment spherical bubble in the directional perpendicular to the flow of direction of particle movement, but which the net distance away from the Z axis and the direction the particle travels is dependent upon and density of the stream, the average ambient repulsive force and the reflective force issued as a bounce back due interaction or released energy from the surrounding particle fields.
   Upon merger of oppositely charge particles, if a precise interaction of opposing streams collides. Fluctuation within a varying environment creates unusual magnetic ripples, and a chaotic exchange and a release of nuclear energy related to the atomic structure unexpected in todayĎs physics. Setting into motion a new subset forces affecting all new particles entering the field where the collisions occur. The artificially created steams of matter- antimatter would be inhibited from the theoretical point of neutralization, as the primary magnetic field driving the injection particle streams into the magnetic containment is compromised, once repulsed or diffused, particles will not have the momentum to overcome the released reflective magnetic pulse. These random pressure waves on the atomic level, release all subatomic particles related to an induced magnetic field, once organized they seek another host and overwhelm the carry cavity of the new host thru the energy release pulse. In most cases natural elements diffuse the energy slowly, but manmade components absorb the subatomic magnetic surge and burnout electronic pathways created for limited flow of electron related subatomic particle flows.
   The E.M.P. would also create imbalances in the containment field to where a breach may be possible as random weak points shift about the artificial magnetic shell.

Should we consider the existence of a parallel antimatter universe?

   In a universe where a galaxy of an opposite polarity coexists, the floating neutral point of all matter must have a greater total mass as sphere within a sphere while not tipping the balance of particle flows of repulsion and magnetic subatomic particles. The gravity/repulsion particles that separate galaxies are different than those that separate the stars and cosmic objects within the primary galaxy and maintain rotation around its imaginary central mass point. As particles bleed toward each other on the fringe they mix and neutralize. The key is to build up a neutral mass as a buffer between the galaxies where pressure or particle crowding allows the opposing antimatter galaxy to settle in a central point of equilibrium, where cancellation mass is offset by gain and erosion of the galactic mass is protected by the neutralized mass of oppositely charged galaxies surrounding the reversed polarity core galaxy.
   As the understanding of astrophysics expands, and some concepts floated out there among academia backed by clout and social pressures goes astray. In a parallel universe, matter can occupy the space, but does not interact, as the properties are different. This allows a side by side existence. Does not the 3 states of matter exist side by side each with their unique properties in the same space? What needs to be considered, is that a parallel universe maintains the same polarity only its vibrational frequency of matter changes. No different than the 3 states of matter that exist on Earth. So if a true antimatter galaxy of this universe could exist in a parallel 3rd density plane, its total mass would have to dwarf all neighboring stellar groupings as the gravitational-repulsive force is the same for all matter. Gravity is dependent upon total mass and related subatomic particle capacity of the core, which expels the repulsion particle all of which is independent of polarity of the nucleus. Equilibrium of a reverse polarity galactic system must balance the magnetic attraction force from being overwhelmed by the weaker repulsive force by shear mass. Although, any attempts to investigate would lead to annihilation of all probes and explorers when shifting between opposite polarity universes.

So what would happen to a small pod of antimatter that is created within a Sun?

   Speculation could lead to theories surrounding the July 23, 2002 solar flare that may have been cause by antimatter, but lets examine the sequence of events leading up the creation and eventual interaction with the normal mass of the Sun from a new approach.

   Creation of antimatter occurs when gravitational compression of mass allows charged subatomic particles to outflow and the replacement filling the void is of neutral status, thus the charge on the atomic structure drops to neutral and then flips polarity, intensity govern by particle flow vs. time. This is a process of transference of energy from one part of the solar mass to another, but the balance of total energy remains the same. Second, if a pod of antimatter were created in bulk, the edge of its matter would immediately react with the host matter of the Sun. A layered bubble of energy due to edge reaction would create a mass with a neutral particle field would surround and float above the newly created antimatter, pushing back the internal cavity surface of the normal matter. Interaction with the antimatter provides a protective coat preventing total annihilation. Compression occurs with the fragmentary portion unaffected by neutralization due to contact of the normal host matter. The contact surface shrinks and is stretched into an oval while being pulled to the core while losing its mass in a decreasing oscillating series of contact, neutralization, compression, equalization, contact cycles. The pod would then be free to move towards its attractant the oppositely charged super dense core of the Sun. If this sequence were created on or near the surface of the Sun, compression would yield little antimatter the result would be a small dome of energy, which would then collapse upon itself as the pod is pulled back towards the center core of the Sun leaving a pressure void on the surface. The burst would be loss of the energy output related to the fusion process and its bursts, which are the true source of solar flares.

The Myth

Can there exist a parallel universe of antimatter where the timeline of chain of events and the interactions of physically, mentally and spiritually equal living beings are an opposite of what we are experiencing?

   The answer is a straight forward no. Life is unique in our universe, where God allows all life forms to make its own choice to a set circumstances where growth of the soul is the goal without interference of an apparent dual soul residing in an opposite universe whose choice seals the fate of another free soul. Of the many random events that sentient life forms are offered as a selection of good vs. evil on this Earth, it is never dependent upon another life force of reverse polarity existing somewhere else in the universe. This is just another dream of mankind, which holds no merit as the true picture and essence of life is still unfolding.

Technology Insights


   With this foundation in subatomic particle behavior, it will allow mankind to expand apply the new concepts of physics and explore many new breakthroughs in advanced technology. The first is truly a gift from God, as He has heard all your prayers and requests for a new template to extract an almost unlimited source of clean energy and a new technology to remove toxic waste from Earth environment including nuclear waste. The Goal to provide Earth's population with a realistic solution for its power needs that is not dependent upon an exclusive controlled source of raw materials. One that uses fuel sources that is naturally abundant, maximizes efficiencies of the new process for the benefit of all.
   The first and primary application of this new concept is to immediately harness a new energy source, a simplistic version reversing mankind's concept of fusion or its new defined reaction process name, atomic or nuclear slicing.

    All elemental matter in an uniform state can be considered a fuel source with the final by product, hydrogen, which in the end can be combined with oxygen yielding water. The reaction chamber needs no heavy shielding and can be compressed to the size of a gallon container as mankind perfects the process. The goal inside the reaction chamber if one was to focus the process on just one atom is to destabilize the nucleus of the host fuel element via manipulation of the electron subatomic particle stream supporting the total structure of the atom. Mankind has witnessed the random release of energy when using rudimentary form of basic nuclear reactions. A: Establish a uniform injection stream of neutral subatomic particles related to the electron stream. Take into account back pressures from the reaction point and the random reflective points of concentration and null points and the principles of particle movement. B: maintain a charged electron related subatomic particle attractant grid. The goal to remove the charge particles related to the established electron subatomic particle flow. As a replacement, introduce a neutral electron related subatomic particles thru an specialized emitter to stabilize the stream. The key here is flow is dictated by a drop in density of the electron sub atomic particle flow. C: maintain a particle pressure equilibrium within the reaction chamber. This done by maintaining neutral charged particles to naturally fill the voids left by charged subatomic particles that exited the electron related stream. D: The goal is to lower the charge differential between the polar extremes, the electron related subatomic particle expulsion point and the attractant the particle ground. The opposing charges force across the mass now has an imbalance where mass is release in segments related to the elements the point of temporary equilibrium. A key factor here is to understand the basic subatomic particle that compose are the same for proton neutrons and electron it is only the charge and properties that differ.
   The reaction chamber primary purpose is to destabilize the nucleus, as the electron stream decreases the charge on nucleus thru the flow. The bonds that maintains the delicate balance within the nucleus, breaks down. Expelled, is the basis for the excess flow to what can be attributed to free flowing ions. This flow of excess ion in mankindís technology is charged electron subatomic related particles. There is a near 100 percent efficiency of transfer of power as the release particles from the perceived electron or ejected mass of the nucleus in a series of pulses, which is the basis of the particle flow responsible for electricity. The need for conversion of energy to mechanical power for generators is eliminated. The second and almost equally import is its byproduct, the transmutation of elemental matter. The process can be stopped at critical points to extract rare earths or any other element in short supply.

   Critical shortfalls in the supply energy needs for Earth are now here and will quickly intensify into a lower quality of life for those in the industrialized countries. All old school ideas will not fill the gap, but only provide false hopes based upon profits. You now have a new way, clean, everyone has equal access, everyone wins. There will still be a demand for fossil fuels with no collapse of current price structures over the current future as all segments of society will move in parts. By maintaining the status quo in the developing countries, the present energy industry has a chance to transform quickly and smoothly into the future. Delays will only promote an accelerated decline in customer base as alternates step in.

The Basis for Matter Replication and Teleportation

   The key to matter replication is the control of the electron related subatomic particle stream and the ratio of neutral charge particle within the stream when applied to the base mass. Uniformity of matter is controlled by controlling the charge density of the particle stream applied to the base. As the process is improved designer elements and compounds can be achieved along with the ability to create large perfect crystals not present in nature.
   The next step is teleportation, how matter breaks down and reassembled is based principles presented. Simply, matter is scanned, broken down into its basic components and dispersed at the source. There is no need to transport matter over a vast distance for inanimate objects, but to use available base matter to replicate as long as the source is returned to the universe. In the grand scheme it all balances over time. General details on the total process are reviewed in Transparent Metals and specific details will be given at a later date.

Elimination of Nuclear and other Toxic Waste

Stabilization and elimination of radioactive particle flows from nuclear waste and contaminated toxic matter:
   This is a simple matter, high energy subatomic particles emitted are caused as the mass instability does not have the energy between the inflow and outflow of the subatomic particle stream to maintain a stable mass. The energy level of some subatomic particles are raised and ejected from the mass outside of the normal electron particle stream. By falling back unnaturally towards the original nucleus mass the energy introduced is emitted as a high energy particle accompanied by a loss of mass to the total at ejection on a particle by particle summation. By artificially injecting a flow of electron related subatomic particles the mass the charge allow the mass which is in a transitional phase of elemental breakdown to can be ejected in a natural manner. Stability is achieved with the excess charged subatomic particles are harness as energy through the movement of charged particles, which mankind associates as a flow of ions.

Other Breakthroughs Coming

Replication of matter instead of mining

Designer strategic materials
Artificial creation of Food, the elimination of world hunger
Limited restoration of damaged cellular tissue
Removal of organic matter or diseased tissue through DNA tagging

Other Sources of Power Explained

Perpetual Energy Pack

   The perpetual power, is a gift to mankind that will be provide from an outside source, although it has electron subatomic particle flow limitations due to its design. It is based upon segregation and reduction of gravitational particle flow from one side to cause an imbalance as the driving force for movement of mankind calls electrons to produce an electrical current, instead of a rotating alternating magnetic fields which would be the primary source responsible for energy particle flow. The interaction of gravity particles would push what mankind assumes are free ions.
   Permanent elimination of the repulsion force within a sealed container due to compression of the gravitational particle field allows gravity to apply a force unopposed in relation to the constriction of the repulsive field. This pressure is applied to an area crowds electron related subatomic particles and pushes them out resulting in a flow as new particles are drawn due to the void left by vacating particles. A new source of electrical energy from natural subatomic particle movement in an enclosed generating spatial area with no need for moving parts.

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Mankindís Version of Anti-Matter

   In particle physics, antimatter is matter that is composed of the antiparticles of those that constitute normal matter. If a particle and its antiparticle come into contact with each other, the two annihilate; that is, they may both be converted into other particles with equal energy in accordance with Einstein's equation E = MC2. This gives rise to high-energy photons (gamma rays) or other particleĖantiparticle pairs. The resulting particles are endowed with an amount of kinetic energy equal to the difference between the rest mass of the products of the annihilation and the rest mass of the original particle-antiparticle pair, which is often quite large.
   Antimatter is not found naturally on Earth, except very briefly and in vanishing small quantities (as the result of radioactive decay or cosmic rays). This is because antimatter which came to exist on Earth outside the confines of a suitable physics laboratory would almost instantly meet the ordinary matter that Earth is made of, and be annihilated. Antiparticles and some stable antimatter (such as anti hydrogen) can be made in miniscule amounts, but not in enough quantity to do more than test a few of its theoretical properties.
   There is considerable speculation both in science and science fiction as to why the observable universe is apparently almost entirely matter, whether other places are almost entirely antimatter instead, and what might be possible if antimatter could be harnessed, but at this time the apparent asymmetry of matter and antimatter in the visible universe is one of the great unsolved problems in physics. Possible processes by which it came about are explored in more detail under baryogenesis.


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Mankindís Explanation courtesy of Berkeley Labs