Dark Energy


   The Big Bang has over the past decade gone under some revision as scientists have proposed that the Universe is expanding and contemplated that a force, Dark Energy maybe responsible for injecting the energy needed to maintain a universe that accelerates against gravitational contraction. The idea is false. It was placed out there is order to explain how and why the universe is still accelerating and the energy needed continuously accelerate matter. This conclusion was based on the observed red shift exhibited by the outlying objects, first recorded by Hubble. There is a distinct red shift, which increases related to the distance of the object from Earth. The problem here is that your observations establish the Earth at the center. Do you not state the further the object is away from Earth the greater the Red Shift. How can this be if the center is not established and no matter what direction the observation takes the same results are recorded?

   Dark energy was introduced to filled a hole in a  theory that the universe is expanding. The dark energy has no source yet is directional as an outward force. The greatest transfer of energy at the edge of expansion, yet defined point of origin, how is this possible? Einstein bases energy on a conversion of mass, the universe is already short of the mass needed for gravity now to consider the use of dark energy to fill another flaw in a theory to validate an event is not consistent with the laws of physics. Directional energy without a signature or source has little validity. The basis upon why this theory was built is related to Hubble and the Red Shift. It was this discovery that caused Einstein to change his opinion from a static universe to one that was expanding.  Dark Energy is a preliminary answer to an observation. If it did exist and its source was not related to a central point, it would accelerate matter in all directions about all points, the result an equilibrium established and a static universe, leading to an unproven repulsion force may exist. Scientist are reluctant to come to terms with Einstein’s early version of a static universe as correct. Even Einstein abandoned his own theory when Hubble’s proposed theory of an expanding universe and his Hubble Constant became accepted. The universe is presently in a state of equilibrium, as gravity and the repulsion force balances the distance between all universal objects. Mankind will quickly come to realize Dark Energy does not exist as a force responsible the acceleration or alleged expansion of the Universe as the true origin of the Red Shift from distant objects is researched.

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