Pink Lightning (cloud to ground bolts)


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   One of the by products of the 12th planet is its red dust cloud, subtle at first, but now making its presence known due to the Earth's magnetic grip on the iron oxide dust floating on the edge of the 12th planet's natural cloud of magnetic dust. The red dust still not prominent in our atmosphere when looking up as it is still thin, but will affect natural phenomena as this dust cloud hugs the surface of Earth. When viewing in the distance along the horizon under certain conditions, some cloud to ground lightning strikes will reveal lightning displays with a new color base of deep pink after dark. The setting Sun is not responsible for the tint as it has sunk well below the horizon and this phenomena not been a part of your past during lightning storms.

   The Earth’s gravity is allowing the new dust particles gather just off the surface, their ambient static charge allows a slight float in a weaken magnetic field compared to that of the 12th planet. The attractant for these charged dust particles to gather and concentrate are the static electric charges building at first in the clouds of a slow moving non-turbulent thunderstorm. The result is a spectacular display of pink cloud to ground lightning bolts. It is just one of the many new signs coming signaling a change. As the magnetic field strengthens storms will be more violent, greater amounts of dust attracted with sheet lightning also take on this effect. 

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