A New Evening Star

   As the 12th planet approaches Earth from below and in front of its orbital path within the ecliptic plane, astrophysicist may get a treat, a new temporary evening star, but I must respect those loved ones who may be lost in the pole shift. When the present day Earth was hit eons ago while in its original between Mars and Jupiter by one of the 12th planetís moons, it created the pacific basin in what was left of the primary planetary mass. The impact catapulted was going to become the Earth into the next already occupied inner orbit around the Sun. The majority of the remainder remnant rock and metal-based asteroids scattered anyhow within the belt outside of Mars with some projected into odd orbits about the Sun. In the minority, the water-based objects, those able to avoid capture by the Sunís gravity were propelled in the outer reaches of the solar system returning periodically as comets. As the particle densities in what seems as empty space equalized over time, allowing the planets to track within the same orbital path separated by 180 degrees, the other always hidden behind the Sun. With the arrival of the 12th planet and a new force unknown to the majority of the scientific world, the repulsion force has not only stopped the progression of the Earthís orbit, but now its path has been reversed. This may allow an unknown planet in mainstream science, which has always been present in our solar system and known, to NASA to be studied. This will be dependent upon how far the Earth backs up or its new retrograde orbit. The separation distance needed between the new planet and the Sun to come out of its glare pushed by the Repulsion Particle Stream. A variable, concerned with how far the reflected light waves returning from the planet, are bent towards the Sun. Thus creating a phantom image, which could be superimpose about what seems the surface of the Sun. Finally and the strength of particle density field building in front of the new planet, the dead Earth twin impeding its progress. During the summer of 2004 light from this planet is overwhelmed in the Sun's brillance and long days thus lost in the glare, but as the precieved preception of fall approaches the blue star will shine peaking during Christmas. You are entering an exciting era, which will move mankind forward, embrace it.  

Update: Presently the Earth Twin has been spotted in the evening sky just after sunset first as a large yellow object, then as a small blue star. Its appearance will become more pronounce as the Sun sets earlier when we enter the fall like months.

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