FEMA and Homeland Security

   FEMA and Homeland Security have a monumental task to fulfill, but it must operate in the face of disaster without placing blame. Debates have raged in the back halls of power on how to prepare the best of mankind with all its prejudices. Ultimately, the task is to discard those outside of the selected gene pool and not be detected among the common man for knowledge of the coming events.

   This will not succeed, but FEMA and its duty to serve others in need will take precedence over what will seem as petty injustices and the blame game. The service to other groups preparing for the cataclysms have accepted the fact your agency will reveal nothing under the guise of national security unless there is a covert gain, but we expect you to help those in need when the time comes.  Roadblocks and suppression of migration routes out of the cities so the elite are not burdened is not the answer. You cannot justify stopping the movement of people to safety, because the elite wants to hoard property and supplies. The fleeing will be your friends, your families, and your neighbors who waited in panic until the last moment. If events force you to pull the trigger and you block the roads preventing migrations in this free country, but it is a false alarm, you will lose. The stories of horror will come from the professional people trying to reach their destinations that are blocked with those you hope to keep out in the confusion. The price will be heavy when those you confided in to keep your secret are placed in the common manís shoes.

   You never had the best interests of your people at heart, save the rich, the powerful, the elite all others are expendable. Under the present agenda (Feb. 2004), you cannot send your debunkers to invalidate all of our information and then expect us to pick up the pieces of a world controlled by TPTB when events mimic our words. Can you leak the word without causing riots? Yes, because most of what you call the will dismiss your warnings just like the educated have ignored ours. Can the everyday person see the 12th planet, no for the most part, but millions across the all the continents have been selected to have a clear view periodically where distress will not rise beyond the benefits. Does the common person have an understanding of physics to allow an independent conclusion, no. The underclass (middle to low income) within the United States will barely have the resources to survive the first 3 weeks not alone 3 months. Your threat will come from within your ranks, those who are on the bottom and see a weakness within the leadership. This is an opportunity to take what you have taken from others. Hey, they learned from the best.

   The result after investigation will label many as scapegoats. Trust me, the odds are not in your favor.                              

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