Unified Sun-Multi Planetary Magnetic Field


Written July 4, 2004

Updated July 2012     

    As the 12th planet moves to the equilibrium point of the ecliptic plane, many things for Earth will change. The season due to tilt will fool the general population that all is normal when fall arrives in the present stalled Earth orbit. So what will be the clues that all is not right?

   First, there will be a dramatic increase in the strength of the Earthís magnetic field. This will catch all scientists off guard as they have predicted the magnetic field of Earth diffusing and this will continue after, but isolated spikes severely effecting all electrical equipment at concentrated flow points will be unexplained from the establishment and a decrease in the orbital spacing between the 12th planet and the Earth as magnetic forces are govern by the Sun. Second, an increase in activity associated with the auroras at the poles and extending to the middle latitudes due to the increased sub atomic magnetic particle flow. Third, there will be a dramatic increase in meteorite strikes on Earth. Fourth, an increase in minor earthquakes building to mammoth quakes; sink holes as the crust slows its rotation. Fifth, unusual noises that are emanating from the below the Earthís crust, thus, signaling that changes are occurring. Sixth, the intermittent dispersal of red dust deposits along random areas of the Earth. Seventh, displacement of the Moon from its normal orbit and resultant will be erratic tides. 

First Effect:     

   As the 12th planet approaches the center point of the ecliptic its north pole will move from its present 45-degree plus tilt or relative northeast position to where the present North Pole will line up next to the Sun. Eventually, the Earth will move from an extreme tilt to line up its North Pole with the south pole of the 12th planet as it rotates 180 degrees from its original position as it entered the solar system (What about the 270 degree rotation predicted by the Zetas: see Surprise below), and aligns with the north pole of the Sun. Who knows how the Earth will respond to the adjustments, but it will follow the vertical movements of the 12th planetís North Pole.

   The local galaxy, the dominant voice in magnetic alignment responsible for the present day north- south polar positions of the Sun and Earth has been super ceded the 12th planet as the attraction between itself and the earth overrides the Sun and galactic field due to field strength as a function of distance. When the magnetic poles oppose, a tilt occurs and the Earth increasingly now shares magnetic lines of force and subatomic magnetic particle streams with the 12th planetís core. On the other side of the core the magnetic flow from the Earth also maintains an overall links to the Sunís core and its NorthĖSouth alignment.

   Now the core of the 12th planet adds a new twist as distance between Earth and it decreases. The flow due to the 12th overwhelms the core of the Earth and spreads into its core causing new exit points due to crowding as sub atomic particle equalizes. So now, this increased flow due to coupling of the planetary cores amplifies the magnetic field of the Earth. Although, it allows excess magnetic subatomic particles to move from the over crowded bi-planetary flow stream emanating to bleed into the flow linked to the Sun.

    So what effects will result from this new arrangement in the solar system? The orbital distance of the Earth presently reduced by 10 % will close even tighter as the magnetic grip on the poles, which are a North-South-North relationship, counter the repulsion force from the Sun. This is why the Sun and Venus seems brighter.  Sun will again increase in magnitude intensity, first from core turmoil and secondarily reduction in distance. The surprises will come magnetic subatomic particles over crowd Earthís core as the charge builds at the North Pole of the Earth, the density of these particles will allow the charge to ground out at the south pole of the 12th planet. The periodic arc of charged particles flowing between the poles may be just one new unexplained affects. Update: This is occurring now in 2012.

Second Effect:

   Second, aurora activity in the fall and winter will reach new levels of activity, as Earthís magnetic field strengthens is more effective in raising energy levels in particles contained in our ionosphere, in which the solar wind by default will energize. Strange displays of pink lightning cloud to ground bolts will appear first and expand to include sheet lightning as the dust cloud wafts towards on Earth in greater concentrations as the magnetic signature changes. This has been occurring for years.

Third Effect: 

   The magnetic cloud of trash acquired during its travels between the binary stars following the 12th planet spreads, as the two planets and Sun magnetically align.  A unified field linking the Sun, the 12th planet and the Earth allows the magnetically charge cloud that surrounds the 12th mostly to its rear or opposite of the Sun to expand into the new unified field with the solar wind checking movement towards the Sun. This movement allows Earthís gravity to capture stray elements. Meteorite strikes, random, but in isolated areas will not stir public attention until a major city is hit. The administration may add new showers to the schedule, but none have included large fireballs that have hit land in the past. New disasters will occur due to these unpredictable onslaughts. The difference this time will be the number of hot rocks hitting a given area at time without long-range warning. The US well aware of the dust cloud, is tracking it with radar so short term warning of new meteor showers will cover their tracks temporarily, but showers of the past did not start fires on land, destroy windows or damage cars. This will be the difference.  Update: This is now occurring in 2012.

Fourth Effect: 

   Sink holes apart of everyday life has taken on a new trend, disappearing animals in a zoo, public works projects surveyed certified now find flaws, buckled sidewalks and roads, new crevasses, bridge and dam collapses where they should be none all down played as normal. Sink holes a by-product of stretched land as connective support for the ground fails and gaps in the under structure collapse and fill in, thus a new hole. It is only a matter of time before the frequency of these events out strips the excuses. Then observe those in control run for cover. Update: This is now Occurring in Florida and buckling in Minn.  2012.

Fifth Effect: 

   The Earth rumblings will be annoying in some areas as stretching and compression of the plates occurring deep within the crust transmits low frequency sounds to the surface. The clash of the magnetic fields and the holding effect on the Atlantic rift will slow the crust of the Earth while the core maintains momentum, thus causing stretching and compression in strategic areas. Thus, the old Indian legends of a drumming sound signaling a change for the Earth is true. Update: This is true now as many locations in the US now hear the drumming sound in 2012.

Sixth Effect: 

   The intermittent dispersal of red dust now occurring on a sporadic basis will increase as the magnetic fields of the Sun and the 12th planet will link with the Earth allowing the dust and meteors the spread into the atmosphere of Earth during equalization of the particles in the field. As stated before, the same static charges in the unified magnetic field will be responsible for the strange displays of pink lightning cloud to ground bolts will appear first and expand to include sheet lightning as the dust cloud descends on Earth in greater concentrations. Update: This is occurring now in 2012.

Seventh Effect: 

   The Moon already behaving in an erratic way, displayed an unusual low arc across the sky during the full moon phase in early July. With its positions changing and the new gravitational giant affecting Earth, the timing and length of tides will be anything but predictable. Still a low-key effect, but many who watch the harbors are now noticing the changes associated with the movement of water along coastal areas. Update: The moon is in the wrong position and the dividing line rotates to a horizontal position, which before the year 2000 was a rare event, but is common.


Space Dust Tornadoes: This will be the most unusual of the effects. The red dust with its static charges is at the mercy of particle movement, the magnetic field, solar wind and gravity. The constant movement of particles will create a motion similar to a tube while the main structure oscillates about many points. Compression of this movement peaks as the cloud nears earth due to atmospheric pressure. The result is a strange rotating, oscillating cloud of red dust with the appearance of a snake like tornado approaching earth from space in some instances as the red dust moves towards Earth. 

Glowing Atmosphere: The ionosphere with its charged particles should provide some new atmospheric phenomenon. With the coupling of magnetic fields and its increased strength of flow, charged ions moving in and out of flow lines will release energy gained from the field as an unexplained eerie soft glow that wafts about our upper atmosphere, less visible in the daytime and exploding during the night. The primary catalyst will be two opposing rotating magnetic fields of opposite polarities energizing the ionosphere as the flow between them increases the ambient charge in earthís upper atmosphere. The 12th planet core rotates clockwise and the Earth counters this. The effects totally unpredictable will stun all who gaze upon the sky.

 Strobe Lightning: Fast-moving storms with their straight-line winds will provide a visual display for those who dare to look up into the storm center. Lightning will take on the appearance of a high-speed erratic strobe across the backdrop of a bright green glow about the background of the clouds, crackling sky, totally out of the ordinary. The key is when the storm and random magnetic flows lines of subatomic particles meet along the surface of the Earth. An energized storm is produced where equalization of charge is achieved by constant arcing. 

Super Bolts: The static charges building between the Earth and the atmosphere in some areas will grow faster than normal dissipation can handle. Here the appearance of the super bolts will take hold. The change will be many bolts simultaneously occurring with the arc time moving from a fraction of a second to seconds and in rare cases, minutes while moving randomly over the surface of the Earth. Your warning will be when all people around you, hair is standing on end. Your warning is to hit the ground. 

The Magnetic Diffusion Flip-Flop: Presently to core is diffusing due to interference from the 12th planet, but when the Earth assumes tilt position associated with Fall, the magnetic field will intensify until the 12th planet moves away from the Sunís equator vertically. Scientist will first state the magnetic problem is over only to find diffusion returning with a vengeance as the Earth adjusts again to the magnetic voice of the 12th planet during adjustments passing the Sun. Update: This is occurring now in 2012 with increased wobble spawning super storms and tornadoes in places they have not seen.

Magnetic Spikes: With the increase flow of magnetic subatomic particles new problems will emerge. Random areas on Earth will experience concentrated flows of energy affecting electrical equipment in ways unknown to mankind. This will be the source of unexplained power outages.

270 Degree Rotation: For those who have a conflict between the Zeta predictions containing information that the 12th planet will rotate 270 degrees vs. Grant stating 180 degrees, both are right. The 12th planet will rotate 270 degrees from its original position due to overshoot, momentum slows passes the equalization point and bounces back. Oscillation will occur about both sides of the neutral point and then coming to rest. The primary factor in determining the dampening factor, reduction of amplitude of the swing beyond alignment and frequency is still unknown, but this will be a surprise to mankind. When it is all over its position will settle 180 degrees from normal alignment of this system. For the Earth caught in this drama as the 12th planet moves to a horizontal position the Earthís North pole will dive towards it position overshoot and find itself near the South Pole only to reverse and move back north following the magnetic voice of the 12th planet.

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