A Quick update on Black Holes at the Center of Galaxies


Written Sept 10

  Many of you have asked, what is the relationship between a galaxy and the mysterious Black Holes that have been found in recent years reside at its center, but these facts were written over a decade ago? Astronomers, you are looking for the complex when it is so simple. When you examine our planet our earth, it maintains its satellite, the moon. Our Sun organizes planetary orbits and distances including debris into a thin orbital plane and set distances due to the relationship of interrelated masses within that plane. Now consider the same principles and apply it to a galaxy and for the brave the universe. What would produce a gravitational field so strong and create a repulsion force streaming out a sweeping stars close into a spherical cluster; further into an elliptical and further the thin spiral, rotating to organize a galaxy? This is the short story, when a collection of stars are stretched they morph from spherical, to elliptical to spiral.

   Just like the super massive core of this earth that provides the gravitational force to hold this world together, it this same principal that allows a galaxy to form. Do you not think the laws in this universe are uniform? Only if a black hole forms there is a sufficient gravitational force to hold a galaxy together. Take this brief and expand it for I have little time to teach you basics.

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