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Political Agendas: (New) 08/03 11:59 pm EST


Taiwan: The Pelosi Trip: (New) 08/03 11:59 am EST

The Message vs. Reality: (New) 07/18 11:59 pm EST

CERN: (New) 07/12 11:59 pm EST

Where Does the World Stand Today?: (New) 07/07 10:59 pm EST

The Uncomfortable Truth about Racism: (New) 06/21 12:59 am EST

Clarification of the Word from the Almighty: (New) 06/07 11:59 pm EST

America Divided by Congress: (New) 05/26 11:59 pm EST

As the New World Order Tightens its Grip: (New) 04/13 12:30am EST

The Mechanics of Gravitational Fields and the Relationship to Density Shifting: (New) 01/12-30 11:15 pm EST


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