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The Grant Chronicles




Political Snap Shot: (New) 06/10 11:59 pm EST

June UFO Report: (New) 06/07 11:59 pm EST


The Responsibility of the Media and Activists: (New) 06/02 11:30 pm EST


What is behind the Gas increases, Lumber shortage and the border inflow?: (New) 05/28 11:59 pm EST


UFO’s Are Now Real: (Update) 05/21 11:40 pm EST


The Colonial Pipeline Disruption: (New) 05/12 9:59 pm EST


Biden’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress: (New) 04/29 11 am EST


The Russian Buildup: Ukraine (New) 04/18 10:30 pm EST

Perpetual Free Energy: (New) 04/08 11:59 pm EST

DARPA: Particle Beam Weapons (New) 03/26 11:15 pm


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