Church Elders Deceive the Faithful




Written Apr. 14 11pm EST


   As the End Times become apparent, elders of certain religious faiths have promised the 144 thousand will be taken by the Rapture. A certain Christian faith has preached this for almost the last 150 years and those left behind will see the new earth. The truth, most will die.  Many that lead their churches did start out as to praise the Lord, but many were targeted by the dark side and now have self agendas. Vulnerable women and children at first for sex and now the coffers of contributions gathered over the decades. Check it.

   So let reveal the plans of the elders of one particular church. They have sold most Brooklyn assets to the Kushners far below market value and what they tell their followers and moved monetary gains overseas to havens like the Cayman Islands. Ask if you pay no taxes, then why are assets overseas? They purchased a new world headquarter location in Orange County, NY on credit, again this is a clue. The worshipers can not question the actions of the elders or be shunned. Many at the top in the Christian churches have been compromised like Francis in the Catholic Church as he is the false prophet and are aware of the Nibiru passage. They plan to disappear on earth, not heaven when the earth changes intensify, thus fulfilling the promise of the Rapture. But the 143,000 self proclaimed will still be here. This is your clue that you have been fleeced.

   They did believe, but they know for a fact the earth changes have begun and they are still here. So what to do? The elders have a plan as the earth changes they preached as figurative becomes reality. It was a lie, as their Bible is the Word of God that is not subject to interpretation. They will continue to allow the subordinates increased power by design. They will just disappear with the money to fulfill the prophecies of the Rapture, thus controlling the worshipers or as they see it, sheep. First, to buy time as they hope the earth changes will cover their theft. Second, bunkers are already built for survival on your money and faith as they do not care for you and use your faith in God to preserve their lives or so they hope. Check the books, but you will not be allowed.

   This warning will alert the 143 thousand to the plan of the church elites, and this will now fail. The sad part is the church will dissolve, but it is faith in God, not the sins of man that should be preserved. The weak will be guided by the strong and millions of souls saved. This is the Truth.


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