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Re-Written Oct. 26 11:00 pm EST


   I have watched this election process and it is a disgrace. Walker got called out for an alleged abortion, yet this is your policy and a key point in this election. This may be true of the past, but who cares. Good for you, but not your opponents. None of you know about past life challenges as people change. Hey Biden was hanging with racists, did not pay people who worked for him in Delaware, ask the town‘s people, but you won‘t cancel him. Really who cares, as life changes for all who mature. Abrams talked about abortion as a real solution to inflation, really. Prices go up due to policies without a new baby. You are led by idiots.

   Worrying about Republicans giving tax breaks to the rich and they may be racists when the Democratic party was the original source of racism. You better worry about paying your rent. Buying food at the grocery story and putting gas in your car. Your 401s are getting trashed and your children dumb down in school and you focus on racism, which sadly will always be here in one form or another, because those responsible hide as your heroes. Education is the key. This is the truth. Someone calls you a name, but you are one step from living in the street. This is your reality. Wakeup.

   I do not know what your leaders are doing, but China is punishing Americans for a new policy put in place by the Biden Administration on chips. Now, I do not want to rain on anyone’s parade, but did not the Administration just talk about a chip shortage crushing the auto industry? Yet the industry is now laying off due to lack of demand. Did not Hunter get paid. They are lying, but they get a shout out for the new chip plants in New York.

   The real threat is nuclear war and they are warning you though ads for preparedness. The threat is actual, but few are listening. Save Ukraine and a billion will die in a holocaust. Is this worth the support we send to Ukraine, as politicians steal half and then hide in taxpayer bunkers? You gave them over 60 billion before May, remember and now Biden wants to give 725 billion to Ukraine, which is almost our entire defense budget. Where is the money going, nobody knows. Oh I know into the pockets of friends and families in control of those who disperse the money and head the programs. And you are worried about the 10s of billion the rich will save in tax breaks. Oh yes watch the pennies as the dollars fly out the same door. Are you blind, because it is your lives.

   We have a Democratic president who was born into Jim Crow and hides his spots well, as he leads this nation. Not one of you calls him out and as leaders who represent this nation, who does this? Do you really think the Clintons would allow their daughter to marry a Black or Latino? Why don’t you ask how their Black secretary died on their Administration’s plane along with dozens others mysteriously even this year? He was going to rat them out like Seth who had access to the DNC servers.

   You have learned Biden had a secret deal with the Saudis to produce more oil and lower prices to affect the outcome of the midterm elections. What did they offer for that Quid pro quo? What ever it was, the Russians offered more. You were being fed a lie that the Saudis were only interested in lowering oil prices and the Biden Administration would praise the move and lift pressure off a killing of an alleged member of the press posing as an alleged spy.

   Your politicians get rich and agree to an overall agenda, those who push back lose. Look at your cities. Look at how minorities continue to fall behind in education. Not one of you changes this. Is this what you want? Black lives matter allegedly stole millions for themselves. Did they change your Black lives? No, the money changed theirs. When are you going to get it? You are being used.

   Events are going to uptick and you are the target. War in the future is a certainty, but the earth changes will seal it. White hats, Black hats all take orders from the same source as this country falls into despair. Heed this.


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