As the Jehovah Witness’s Elders

consolidate control of their flock



Written May 4 11:59 pm EST


   The Jehovah Witnesses will now be put to the test, as their faith, and the words of men, have commingled for the past century and a half, now reveals the Truth. The signs of the End Times are now upon us, as the elders of the Jehovah Witnesses revealed in late March. Now ignoring the locust infestation in East Africa as a plague. It is in the Middle East spreading worst than the time of Moses. But the Covid - 19 virus is now not deemed a plague, as all upon this world are not infected. It affects the world. This is a reversal just months ago. But did all die in the plagues of Egypt around the world? The Bible speaks about occurrences without numbers and locations with pestilence, except what is referenced as Babylon (New York City). This was the epic center, and as promised, fulfilled.

   You assume, as if you know the Plan of God. No. Covid - 19 is one of many plagues that will befall your world. The point, no man can guarantee Eternal Salvation. You say Jesus was man. Stand corrected, Jesus is God, who incarnated into man to save your sorry asses. Just know, God, the Father Almighty gives you a choice, it is never one sided, no matter what you see.

   The elders at Jehovah headquarters near Ramapo NY, relocated from Brooklyn, are making the same mistakes again and predicted the end times. Look at their past history. This time they are right, watch out for the upcoming quake as the New Madrid fault splits. Your headquarters will be rubble. What made them step back, is that the basis of their false religion, (Jesus is Michael, the cross is a stick, just a few).

   No man can promise Salvation, only God‘s assigned servants can guide. In the Bible, you were told, all would be judged by God for your sins on earth, did you listen? You were told. Jesus died for your sins, and only God has the power to absolved them through his messengers. Can your elders absolve sin? No. So exactly how does your soul pass over the veil stained with sin? Good deeds does not cleanse a soul, only the Hand of God. I remind all of you, many when judged, will say I preached in your name, and He will say I do not know. You follow elders, not Jesus. I ask, will someone stand up and save your flock? Heed this.

   The Jehovah elders are still in control of their Christian slaves. The Jews are God’ Chosen, this is written in the Bible, and not subject to interpretation. They are now just like Adam and Eve who sinned by biting the apple of knowledge of the devil. They ignored the prophecies Torah, as it did not fit their vision of God and did not recognize the Son of God, when He came. They sacrificed Him to fulfill the prophecy that Jesus died for all sins. All is not what it seems, as you were told, even the elect will be fooled. This is written, but ignored in your arrogance.

   In the Bible, Jesus established a new and only Church. Old passes to New, not splinter churches established over a thousand years later by men. This you still not have understood. The Roman Catholic Church was established by Jesus, who is God, and you as man are going to discard this, and start your own? You say divine intervention? No, you were contacted by the dark one, who knows the Bible, and made small changes still not picked up by men, but will damn souls.

   The Almighty put His Son on earth to bring home all, not just His chosen. His Religion was established on the Rock, Jesus put in place, to save mankind. Only a Roman Catholic priest can hear Confession and absolve sins. Those are Sacraments of God. No an offshoot religion, can replace the Word of God. I will say this, Moslem brothers (the faithful true will survive, others trying to change this world will be destroyed), yes Mohammed was sent by God to bring you to Him, but think, a prophet is not His Son. You will see His Power, and then give your spirit to His Son. It is a new beginning.

   So what is the point of this lesson? The Jehovah elders have realized, now that the End Times are in play, what they have been preaching about the Rapture seems to have past them by. Their sermons energize the witnesses in their halls, now on zoom. But why have their elders moved on when pestilence of Covid - 19 part of the second plague, is worldwide? They have back tracked in fear of for being caught in a false promise. Control is not be lost.

   As events escalate, you will hear of elders disappearing, but is it a miracle of God saving the chosen elders. No it is common thieves hiding in the bunkers with stolen Jehovah Witness donations. Who hope not to be caught in the up coming confusion. You have been fleeced. What is worse, your souls are not protected. Many will die in the up coming disasters, use common sense. This is the Truth. Heed it.

   There is one Church, there is one God in the Trinity, and there is one Salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus. Do not wait to the Warning to find the Truth.

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